Top 10 Reasons Why Today’s Youth is Afraid of Commitment

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A youngster would more solemnly work by himself rather than share his/her salary on a partner he isn’t sure of a future with. It isn’t like good old days, when your father would hook you up for a life time with a girl you haven’t ever met.  Unlimited tantrums of today’s young generation and their extreme attributes have driven a line between their choices and the ones chosen by their parents hence now when they get to choose they make sure they do not make the wrong one.Nowadays people get to judge, understand, observe and decide as to which partner would be perfect for their life or not. Today’s youth’s mind is flying across different portals making it difficult for them to decide whether to commit or not! Following reasons make them stay away from making heavy promises and a lifetime of dictator ship once they get committed hence they choose to enjoy life being single on their own terms.

10. Fast-Forward

fast forward

This new generation is running behind the unknown, always striving to run harder not knowing where they want to reach. This makes their life moreover complicated as well as deprives them of emotions worth changing their views. They are fast, sure and running, as for love it needs time and lots of hard work to maintain a relationship. In the fast forwardness of today’s world emotions die down behind ambitions and deadlines.

9. Demands


A youngster demands for almost anything he/she can put his hands on, with the world growing selfish each day the most perfect person to you is, ‘You’. This in return devoid us of cherishing the beauty of others and acknowledging their quality above ours. In search of the best or fulfilling our imagination we fall into an endless well of dissatisfaction and discontentment. We wish for 100% when we don’t have the time to cross check the 100% that is in our hand. A relationship bound behind ties of demands make us scared to believe that its the best Gift we have from God. A life time spent in fulfilling other person’s dreams and wishes make us question as to what shall happen to our plans hence we decide to make a line so that our judgment isn’t faded behind the haze of emotions.

8. Scared of Responsibility

scared of responsibility

Commitment is considered proportional to responsibility. A state where your truthfulness and full honesty shall be demanded in order to maintain a healthy and prosperous relationship.When you are committed, you are believed to be responsible for the other person’s happiness, sadness, anger or success. Suddenly the word , ‘I’ changes to ‘We’ while we start to feel the loss. The person who was a free bird till yesterday is suddenly bolted inside a door of commitment where he looses is freedom and accepts a life term of expectations. These notions make them run away from the word, commitment.

7. Committed to Peer Pressure

committed to peer pressure

When your heart says the first half and your friends the other, you intend to belive your friends due to their frankness and faithfulness. You’ve seen couple go by and go over, this makes you vulnerable to fall in the list of committed relationships. We start believing that what happened to them could happen to us, moreover we wish to give friends the benefit of doubt of experience rather than the originality of our partner.

6. Fickle Minded

fickle minded

This young generation often mixes bananas with sex, such mindset proves a state of dis-balance as well inequity of their plans. A youngster who is fickle minded automatically shrugs off those who are experienced and makes themselves get confused in the plots of commitment. A committed person is proud of the responsibility whereas a fickle minded person is never able to decide the correctness of their choice.

5. Highly Ambicious

highly ambitious

Today’s generation works for money and power, they are less emotional and more practical. This makes them highly ambitious to the newness of challenges rather than the dullness of relationships. Often occupied by work, they indulge in shortcuts as well as go bizarre about earning money quickly. The busyness of their schedules makes them cut off on the relationships in their life. They have a misconception that relationships will hamper their growth and tie them in knots binding them to not live the life they have desired for.

4. Self Centered

self centered

Gone our the days when you would give up your dreams and ambitions for your parents happiness, your husband’s demands or wife’s expectations. Today, the tables have turned, this generation is pre occupied in their thurst of achievement. Moreover, someone who is dull and lazy is also happy with their life and demands no interrogation. While our professional life’s have become extremely happening, the scene back home is one of silence and loneliness. We do not BELIEVE IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF GIVING. This makes us devoid of the importance a relationship holds in our life, how commitment can make us responsible as well concerned about our future. This in return could automatically prosper our professional life.

3. Freedom


One major reasons why our youth is afraid of commitment is their fear of losing their freedom. We live for a good 20-25 years alone, in a world of our own, structured by ourselves. This when hampered by the interference of another person makes us uncomfortable and often form a position of retaliation. No one wants to loose their sense of freedom to someone else, making us hide our feelings and sit in the closed box of freedom. Often youngsters get extremely anxious, rude and outburst when they are stopped from enjoying their life as they want, similarly when committed the fear of running on someone else’s wishes makes them run away from being involved in a relationship.

2. No Interference/ Space

no interference

How often to we ourselves closing doors and chatting for hours? And how often do we sit with our parents and talk? The prior seem to have won the game. We have our own surrounding and we believe it to remain the same forever. Each person has his/her own space to which no one has a right to interfere or question. However close we all require that little space of our own, where we deal with feelings on our own. Couples who understand this space and respect it often remain happier for there is a sense of belonging as well as a no interference zone making it comfortable for the partner to not feel suffocated. This shall happen through due understanding, the ones who fear so also fear their space to be hampered hence feel staying away is a better option.

1. Liabilities


When in a relationship two people belong to each other. They try to keep each other happy, content and emotionally satisfied. Though a relationship also comes with liabilities like kids for the women and financial support from the men. This makes both the community shrug of from the fear of liabilities they might have to face if the relationship doesn’t work. There is a fear of not being together only in relationships where love lacks, often being the case in today’s time couples decide to maintain distance as well as enjoy their life. The fear of having to bear the other person if they separate makes them feel binded and therefore often decide to stay in a live in rather than getting married.

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