Top 10 Reasons to Thank College

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None of us can ever fully fathom or gauge the impact of years spent in college on life. Very few people realize that college offers a chance to take control of your life and chart a path where you wish to go. In these wonderful years, the rest of our life is shaped. In college, the canvas is unadorned waiting for you to paint it with a few strokes of brush. These years offer a new thing each moment. You just have to recognize your calling, accept the challenges, be willing and courageous and embrace your journey with a smile. College does not mean just a few more years of books and exams. College is an enriching experience to be assimilated with every inch of perfection and flaw that it encompasses. Leaving the comfort of school life and to be able to truly appreciate what college life has to offer often proves to be a difficult task for some. However, once the first step is taken; life starts seeming like a roller coaster ride. There are a plethora of things to do in college, a lot of vibrant people to talk to with every new interaction leading to something new. A completely different life opens up. All that is required is your willingness to embrace it with enthusiasm. College is extraordinary, riveting, breathtaking and amazing. And for these reasons I would like to thank college!

10.  Learning from Mistakes

learning from mistakes

In school, the teacher teaches you a lesson, corrects your mistakes and then puts up a test. In college, you commit mistakes, learn the lesson and then go for the final test. College is not about books and lessons; you are deeply mistaken if you feel so. There are numerous other lessons to be learnt beyond the classroom and college life makes you learn precisely those. College is your territory; it lets you make mistakes and does not make you pay too heavily for them. There is no better way to learn anyway. College provides you with teachers par excellence whose lessons outside the classroom will be learnt and remembered longer than those taught inside the classroom.

9. Meeting Diverse Kinds of People

meeting diverse kinds of people

College brings you in touch with all sorts of people. Some that you may adore, some you may not. Some you may cherish, some you may idolize. People around you show you where you stand, what you want to be and what you will never want to end up as. They cross your path and unknowingly teach you some important lessons of your life. They play a significant role in making you what you are. The colorful attires, bright smiling faces and unparalleled energy oozing from each student add to your energy as you prepare for this journey to unfold. There will be people from every nook and corner of the country as well as abroad. College seems like a melting pot of traditions, customs, languages, mannerisms and cultures of India and abroad. In this diversity, there is fun, knowledge, experience and a sense of togetherness.

8. Never Giving Up

never giving up

College life showers you with successes that make failures insignificant. At the same time, it encounters you with failures that make successes bleak. At times you might feel disheartened after losing a writing competition or a dance competition. You might want to give up your field of interest just because you never won. However, the college environment continuously inspires you to scale greater heights. The next moment you might just win. Success and failure are a part of life. Nothing lasts forever except you, your ambitions and your desires and you should always strive to achieve them.

7. Opportunities


People usually thank college for the myriad of opportunities that it provides in the form of doing what you want to without anyone interfering be it singing, dance, writing, dramatics, social service, event management, etc. You get an opportunity to explore your hidden talent and rise above all the difficulties and obstacles. You get a chance to create a new you. These opportunities allow you to stand out from the crowd. You are free to break the rules and chart your own destiny. College makes you understand that no passion, no liking ever is silly and provides an opportunity for one and all. Opportunities allow you to try your ideas out.

6. Living in the Moment

living in the moment

College life teaches you what it really means to live in the present. The unimaginable freedom, fun and carefree attitude that accompany college life make these years amazingly wonderful. College is cherished for a lifetime because there is never a time before or after college when your convictions are stronger and your motives are as unaffected. There is absolutely no other time or way when your sculpture can be exquisitely molded. The college festivals, cultural days, fashion shows, competitions all engage you and give you a sense of living in the moment. There will probably never be another time when you can do that.

5. Confidence


College life is the exact opposite of school life. One phase of life gets over, and a new one begins. You enter a completely new world with a fear of the unknown residing deep down in your heart. You might be nurturing a great fear of speaking to people. Your self confidence might have vaporized in life. Your college years instill you with great confidence to face any challenge and be ready for any consequence. College life makes you triumph over the monster-fear. It creates a reservoir of confidence in you which only grows with time. Here, you cannot survive without interacting with others. You have to learn to be free from your own demons. And take progressive steps with full confidence in your ability to reach out to your goal.

4. Falling In Love and Standing Up Again

falling in love and standing up again

Many people succumb to love during college. Young, carefree and completely clueless they tend to weave dreams of togetherness and a ‘happily ever after’ life post graduation. In the initial days of euphoria, little do they realize that they are slowly losing themselves. All actions are based on intuition and lead a person to unfamiliar crossroads. After graduating from college, we learn some lessons in love and life. We graduate to a higher level of thinking. We learn to stay true to our inner selves and stand by our own principles and beliefs.

3. Independence


It is an undeniable fact that college life guarantees independence like never before. It makes you the absolute ruler of your life and you make the decisions for yourself. It is not easy and it might not always be fun, but you reach the other side with a load full of resonant memories, amazing lessons and unending stories that fill up your life. Hope, ambition, expectation and trust are evident in the small steps that we take to make ourselves independent. The transformation from a young girl to a self assured lady who can shape her own destiny starts with the first small step of taking admission in a college.

2. Friends


College friends last a lifetime. You grow up in the best time of your life with these friends. Later on, no matter how infrequently you meet these friends will crack the silliest jokes and give you some hours to smile about. College makes you believe in the power of friendship. If you have an army of friends rooting for you in your lone battle, things are certainly going right for you. They make you live through college life with tears in your eyes and laughter in your stomach. In these completely insane and stupid moments, don’t let the laughter stop.

1. Believe in Yourself

believe in yourself

To quote an adage, “Wishing to be someone else is wasting the person you are.” College life brings you at crossroads with what you are and what you temporarily wish to be in order to fit in. At times, we try to change ourselves succumbing to peer pressure. College teaches you that if you try to paint yourself in every color, the result might be an ugly painting. Standing up for your beliefs and convictions is the right thing to do in this phase of your life. You can either lose yourself or mold yourself. It doesn’t matter where you come from. All that matters is where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

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