Top 10 Reasons to Switch off Your Cell Phone Once in a While

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Question of the century: Have you ever turned off your cell phone?

I know…I know…this is a tough one ! In a world where technology is so predominant and communication on the go is like ecstasy in a rave party, turning of your cell phones is like unplugging your cerebral cortex! We take our cell phones wherever we go and the need to be constantly connected spreads like a contagion. So, people are like “how is it possible to even imagine a day without hand held technology!” That fear of losing updates, those shiny little buttons that my fingers so furiously long for, that fashionable back light screen holding notifications for me…uh…this is too much to bear! Ever had that feeling when you think you have a text message and you check the phone inside your pocket to find it was nothing!

10. The Escapist


Forgot to submit your assignment, turn off your phone. Some creep keeps texting and calling you, turn off your phone. So, you look like Adam Levine and the girls in town borrow Taylor Swift’s lyrics and start texting you, but you’re that one in a million Ryan Gosling guy who respects women for what they’re and stuff like that, turn off your phone. Turn off your cell phone to make your boyfriend chase you (Don’t go too far, it might break his heart.) Trouble with your Ex, then turn off your phone to avoid that ugly nightmare b’coz 90% of he/she have doubts whether their magical relationship has come to an end or not!

9. Please control yourself !


There is this gross habit of taking the cell phone every time one goes to the bathroom! People do all sorts of things there! Texting, browsing, reading emails, making phone calls, tweeting, – c’mon this is not the place for multi tasking. Do what you gotta do and get the hell out of there! Who knows what else people are doing in there? No matter what happens don’t turn on your phone and also don’t ever take your cell phone into the restroom … like ever! If you know what I mean…: P

8.  Battery lasts longer…that simple!


Not planning on answering that phone call. So tired gonna doze off, then turn off your cell phone. If you aren’t planning on using the phone at night or if you’re stuck at a no-reception area, turn it off!  Give the poor thing some time to replenish its energy and rejuvenate while you do the same. Now that I have given a simple yet valid reason to turn off your cell phone, please do adhere to and spend quality time. As for the proof, there’s unlimited scientific and visual confirmation that switching off you phone increases battery life. Mutually beneficial: Good for you, good for the mobile.

7. A Typical day in a parallel Universe

Mother Father Son and Daughter (8-11) Having a Picnic and Chatting

Let’s call it a day shall we –
Take a hike (Picnic)
Walk your dog
Clean your room (Like that’s gonna happen!)
Outdoor games
Get cordial with neighbors
Visit the places that you normally pass-by and find the differences that you missed while you were busy texting.

6. Spend Quality Time


The greatest advantage of throwing away a phone is you can go ahead and do what you always longed to do. Don’t like my advice. Go ahead-

A random text from a girl to girl-
I got a new brown short skirt
And my top is also new
Can’t wait to show ‘em all to you once back!!

I told you to stay away from your phone, now look what it has done to you! A mini heart attack grows into a nonstop murmur that ultimately stops only after this girl comes across that goddamn skirt! Instead you could have spent the whole time doing things that make you feel you!

5. Realization- b’coz Ignorance is so lame!


It is amazing how you can get fixated to a tiny metal thing! When you’re obsessed or addicted to something, you by-pass all its essential features and lose sight of things that are easily visible to the human eye.  It’s as simple as this- some people have no idea what turning off a cell phone means! Most of them either set it to Offline mode or turn their ringer off! That is so stupidly funny! And this is what realization feels like – “You mean there’s an Off button, so it is possible to shut up this damn thing. Cool man!”

4.  Secret to a happy life


According to a popular report, there’s a secret to leading a happy life. Oh,yes…cell phones deprive you of convenience, self-reliance, punctuality-attention and if those scientific journals are true, add cancer free skull to the list. Mobile phones are to be turned off inside the happiness zone and stop worrying about those annoying updates in the virtual world. Getting distracted has reached a whole new level and your thoughts are fluttering away from the people who are closer and affectionate to you. Fight that urge to check messages and concentrate on the world around you. Get a hold of reality, meet up with friends and plan a get-together. Spend time with your family and help each other.

3. Be Productive!


So, you have decided to be productive. Then, it’s time you sacrifice ‘the phone’. Distance yourself from everybody. The trick is to become unavailable but you can get easily distracted by phone calls, text msgs and email notifs –suddenly a gloomy figure appears and directs you to look at your inbox and there you go tumbling inside getting lost in it! All you got to do is put the phone to slumber so that you can remain invisible, this way your time frame for productivity increases. Put the damn phone away and learn something new. Pick up a hobby. Read a book, start writing,  bake a cake,  try various recreational activities.

2. Give it a rest…seriously!!


Today, cell phones are more than just commodities and toys. They’re must haves b’coz the power of texting, talking, surfing no matter where you’re seems like a wish granted by the Eternal Dragon arising from the 7 dragon balls! But that doesn’t mean you can go on chatting like ‘‘the world’s gonna end so I should end my balance!’’ Whenever I see someone on a phone, it’s like “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow and Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho!” And then there’s texting, freaking buttons and fingertips…Oh my gawd!! Too much texting can cause injuries. That’s right- it’s called Texting Thumb and it affects the thumb and wrist area causing pain and inflammation! According to therapists, cell phone texting injuries are on the rise.

1. Avoid accidents + awkward moments


Stop texting… stop looking at your mobile…stop it. If by some Russian psychological experimentation, we try to separate humans and cell phones, we can avoid grave accidents like car crashes (That’s bad!) and embarrassing moments like laughing at funny msgs at a serious meeting, not looking where you’re going – stepping on horseshit or rather falling into a pothole, missing your train stop, bump into a random guy, hit an overboard, the list goes on! But on a serious note, texting while driving is too dangerous and lives are at stake. You can’t live your whole life knowing you have blood on your hands and it being not your blood!

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