Top 10 Reasons to have Trekking as a Hobby

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To travel where the rocks are rough and unyielding, the waters deep and vicious, is to travel to the thick heart of everyday life and face the physical manifestation of all that rumbles, tumbles troubles you. Riding the congestion of that endless commute to expected satisfaction, being part of a chaotic world but never seeing all of the chaos, and not finding time to ask the questions you really want to ask can all add precariously to unhealthy living and an irritating lifestyle. Liberation is something we all seek, but despite the countless number of marches and freedom fighters, we remain trapped between awkward, lucky layers of comfort, automated schedules and vending machines dishing out the fast life. Finding yourself against the backdrop of nature is one way to rid yourself of these demons; add to this the element of adventure and fun living and there you go. Trekking has for long been considered an activity of exorcising the scent of the morose and instilling new life. Here are a few reasons you should consider trekking-

10. Fresh air

fresh air

A breathe of fresh air is something we all need from time to time. Living in the city can be rather boisterous and so can living indoors among the clutter of walls, wall mounted screens and recycled air. Trekking can be quite the solution to easing the loop of industry’s hangman. Grab your trekking shoes, pack your bags and walk out the front door till you’re basked in sunlight and cool breeze. If reading Blyton’s open country descriptions can get you to feel uplifted, imagine what a breath of fresh air can do!

9. Exercise


Are the pages of your book and the buttons on your remote  a bit too wet and soggy from that last few weeks of eating potato chips?  Seeing a bit too less of your toes this spring? A little bit of exercise can do wonders for the sloth in you. A relieved and relaxed body is one the key ingredients for a healthy, creative mind. Even if you have a 9 to 5 desk-job or a heavily regimented work schedule, don’t let it stop you from finding time to explore and conquer the wild beast of wilderness. Exercise makes you the boss of your body, mind and soul. It makes you the master of time and energy.

8. Inspiration


A pinch of quiet time and a bit of the unperturbed scenery can go a long way in instilling ideas and evoking the creative genius in you. Whether it’s an incomplete short story or a mathematical equation that’s been bothering you, nature usually always has the solution! Besides, the new idea for your novel is probably right up that second cliff, and the drive you need for the problem you’ve been hesitant to tackle is probably behind the bush down by the rapids.

7. Meeting new people

meeting new people

Trekking can be quite the social activity if one wants it to be. There exist several groups which undertake regular treks to different places throughout the year. Being part of such groups will help you interact with more people, be social and find people who share similar interests. Such groups will often involve few new people joining every now and then, hence opening you up to a whole window of unlimited possibilities. Such gatherings will often open you up to other groups and acquaintance which you may come to see as rather enjoyable.

6. Seeing new places

seeing a new place

One of the biggest advantages of trekking is that it is never ending. The destinations are countless and the inspiration unlimited. The world is full of places you haven’t seen and each place holds its own secrets. Trekking opens you up to new places every time you decide to travel. Such exploration can do wonders to you and make sure you never tire of life and whatever it throws at you.

5. Something to look forward to

Young businessman looking into the uture

The week traveling you may be troublesome, it may turn out to be vile, hectic, unexciting or disappointing. Your boss may swear at you, your work may have been denied appreciation, and you may even be fired. But when there is light at the end of the tunnel, and something you enjoy waiting for you at the end of everything that has disappointed you, life isn’t all that bad. With trekking as your hobby, you have something that’ll never fail to excite you and enrich you awaiting your company.

4. Staying young

staying young

Better than covering the wrinkles on your face is to accept they are there while doing things that can reduce your mental age. Not allowing your body to slow down and crumble away wastefully is one way to do so. Trekking can be quite effective this way in helping you feel young and unstoppable. The feeling you get as you walk up a steep slope for several miles, clear a dense forest and come to a clearing to watch the sun set is incomparable. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that you may usually find very hard to achieve in the course of everyday life.

3. Setting new challenges for yourself

setting up new challenges

The best kind of competition in the world is the one where you challenge yourself. With trekking you can set up your own goals, have yourself challenged and keep working until you outdo yourself. Trekking allows you to have physical milestones for everything you find hard, vicious or unbeatable. By continuously winning over such milestones, one can better themselves and slowly translate such achievements into things that you normally find difficult to do in everyday life. Perhaps the next time you try to beat that weekend deadline you won’t find it so hard in the light of the valley you conquered a few days back.

2. Self confidence

self confidence

Self-confidence is one thing that seriously affects the course of everyday life- be it at work, at home or with your friends. It determines your likeability, the number of things you achieve and the respect you hold for yourself. Winning that amount of trust to be comfortable with your existence is crucial to the process of succeeding. Trekking helps you be more confident by instilling in you the feeling that you can conquer what seems to you to be unassailable. Every time you travel to a new place, succeed, survive and learn something new, it adds to your progress and your domination of that fearful and restricted self.

1. Time to think and be with yourself

time to think and be with yourself

With the world spinning as fast as it does, nothing beats a few hours of quality time with yourself. Your work may be piling up, your boss may be yelling at you or your girlfriend may have just broken up with you; what you need is to take some time off to wander the wilderness, think things through and achieve a sense of liberation. Spending time away from clutter can help you to organize better, prioritize better, understand better and ultimately live better. It helps in deciphering your actions as well as the action of others without the background noise of unnecessary tension and useless chatter. It will give you time in resolving something that made you angry, probe your anger for reasons, and find reason and logic in what may appear to be the senseless chaotic dance of everyday life.

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