Top 10 Reasons to Apply for a PhD Degree

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Whenever you tell someone that you are planning to register and join a school for a PhD, the first question they throw at you is, Why? Aren’t you interested in normal life, family and don’t you want to marry and settle down in your life?  Even people who know a little or totally nothing about what a PhD really start suggesting you not to go for it. So standing at a crossroads thinking what to do is not really fun, finding no good reason to apply for a PhD you will surely be confused at what the next course of action must be. But do not worry here I will give you 10 solid reasons that will inspire you to go and apply for a PhD, so read the top 10 reasons why you must apply for a PhD:

10. To Take up the Challenges

Doing PhD is just not everyone’s cup of tea or not a walk in the park that anyone in the world even with normal brains can do. It requires long term commitment, hard work, and the burning desire to learn new things and explore new horizons on the student’s part. Given the fact that at least 4 out of 10 students drop in the middle or unable to complete their PhD mirrors how challenging doing PhD is, so apply for a PhD to take up the challenge, but only if you have it within you to handle the pressure and live up to the expectations of the friends, family, professor and most importantly your own expectations.

9. Freedom

This one is the best of all, because you can do something that you like and love for some years as a PhD research and guess what you will be even paid for it, this isn’t a bad idea because very few people get to do this kind of work that they like. While doing a PhD you are your own boss searching and researching and doing things in your own way only supervised and mentored by some guide. Here you need not be listening to any orders or following some others stupid plans. This doesn’t mean PhD is something that is earned easily, the rigor it asks for is extreme not to forget the sleepless nights and weekends that you need to work to meet deadlines, but here unlike others you would be doing this at your own will and you will be free and happy about it.

8. Passion for the subject

Is there something that interests you? A subject or a topic that you find amusing? And you just love to read and read more and never get bored by it? If there is anything like that then you have got a perfect reason to go find a school and the appropriate department and apply for a PhD there, so that you could make use of the faculties, state of art facilities, and latest technology to know more and more and work for 3-5 years on the subject you like the most and ultimately become an expert in that particular area or the field.

7. Respect and Good Job Prospect

If you think how? The answer is quite simple these days we find loads and lots of people armed with a undergraduate degree with many of them unable to find an appropriate job suiting their profile and wants, but a PhD can take you a long way and it can also help you settle down in a job of your dream, because PhD will surely give you an edge over your other counterparts. The respect that the people having a PhD command and the Dr. prefixing their names on the name plate is what everyone will ask for but only a few will get.

6. To develop transferable and interpersonal skills

Doing PhD for quite some time will surely increase or improve some of your skills and the most obvious ones are your interpersonal skills like the way you communicate will be better by giving lectures and presenting papers in seminars, you will write better, and it will also improve some of your other skills like problem solving ability, finding the information required, meeting the given deadlines, managing your time accordingly and using it properly, prioritizing people and events and not to forget the most important thing it will give a huge boost to your technical knowledge also.

5. To make Excuses

Well this point comes in handy for all those who are applying for PhD or those who are already doing it, well doing a PhD so it makes a nice excuse for looking tired and worn out, not remembering birthdays of friends, not attending those boring and monotonous marriages and engagements, not coming on time for a date, and not able to spend more time with family. When a question comes at you, Why? You can answer straight away I’m enrolled as a PhD student hope you understand and surely they will.

4. To improve your contacts

There is a wrong a misconception that PhD is all about writing thesis closed in a room for an eternity, with no friends or family for a long-long time, but it’s absolutely wrong considering the fact that we meet many new people during our course of PhD, we may not be perfect all the time so once you get struck at a particular point you have to contact and meet proficient people and professors from around the world seeking their help to make some quality progress and you may also lend a helping hand similarly to someone else thus increasing your contacts.

3. Drive for research

If sitting in front of a laptop closed inside a 4 walled cubicle, and typing constantly working for a client living in a country something which is alien to you is not what you want, and rather if there is a project or theory that you enjoyed doing or found worth reading during your undergraduate school days then chances are high that you will be excited to work on it and gain a deeper understanding on it. You will be lucky enough to carry out research as a specialist using cutting edge research facilities under some of the best brains and experts of the field from around the world.

2. Travel around the world at others cost

Now coming to the most important part seminars, conferences, meetings and workshops are all a part and parcel of PhD life, send in your paper that you have written after a lot of experiments and research and wait for the corresponding people to respond and if the response is positive asking you to come make a presentation at the conference then that is the least that you could ask for, of course writing something worth presenting is commendable so there will not be any problem in finding a sponsor. And also all the hard work you put in takes a back seat and there won’t be any complains when you have a look at the locations of the conferences.

1. To be a part of something world changing

The modern world is plagued with so many problems that if we go on writing them the list goes on and on. There seems to be no affordable solution to solve many of the current social, technological, cultural, geographical or economic problems but who knows your PhD research can bring about the much wanted change that we are hoping for or at least a ray of hope that a change can be brought upon in this crippling society would be appreciable.  Your contributions can also be recognized by different societies and you can be awarded or/and rewarded and no surprises even if a Noble Prize is bestowed upon you.

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