Top 10 Reasons why Sports Should be Encouraged in Schools

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As one could debate the beneficial applicability of the education system where textbooks and extra-curricular activities are involved, some yet don’t remain behind in debating the rather more needful use of sports as an important part of that same education. Yes, we need much more than just notebooks and pens in our lives. The little sense of confidence, well being and a healthy lifestyle comes only through sports. Sports do not only help us remain active mentally and physically but also teaches and instils within us some morals which remain with us all our life. It garnishes us as a person and makes us believe in who we are through our losses and victories. They develop children’s minds and thought process and make them stronger to make up their mind to make able decisions. It grows them as a teammate and as a leader. There are numerous reasons as to why school authorities need to introduce more of sports activities and encourage sports as a subject altogether right from the start.

10. Learn to Coordinate in Groups

Learn to work in groups

To sustain in our future careers, one most important attribute required is to coordinate well with your team members and with those around you to manage healthy relationships. Most sports such as football, basketball, soccer includes people to play as a team and thus helps them in building those qualities we need to establish healthy and proper relationships with our team members at all times. It makes us more supportive to those around us and helps us in reaping and benefiting more when working with them cooperatively.

9. Learn to be a Decision Maker

Learn to be a decision maker

It is again one of the many important life skills that we, as adults would need later in life that is decision making. Working in groups and as a team keeps them in constant habit of discussing and their strategising their sport and thus make good decisions for themselves. Sports are that one activity which can keep you in that habit of making decisions for yourself as well as for the team. It nurtures the decision making process in children in a great way, thus making them capable of solving problems on their own.

8. Build Healthy and Long Relationships

Build strong relationships

The relationships you build with your fellow sports mates and other team members will surprisingly last you a lifetime. A person into sports knows the meaning and the strong bond behind every relationship they establish with their team mates. Team members being the strongest support for any sports person, the bond between them last a lifetime. Therefore, children need to indulge into sports activities so that they can connect better with people around them and so that the friendship can grow into a healthy and a prosperous relationship.

7. Helps to lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Lead a healthy lifestyle

Sports help not only in exercising your muscles but makes sure that you eat properly and your diet is completely in control. When a child is encouraged into sports, he gets ample number of hours to exercise and burn down those extra unhealthy calories by the end of each week. It strikes a healthy physical and emotional balance in a child’s life, which is extremely necessary to accomplish our future goals as well. To do anything in life, one of the foremost things is to make sure you are healthy and fit, and then comes the rest.

6. Increases the sense of Self-confidence

Increases self confidence

Getting involved n sports activities and getting that sense of appreciation after a game’s victory does not only give you the best feeling, but also helps you boost up your morale and self-confidence. Even when a sportsman loses a game, people still come up to him to appreciate and congratulate him on his play. That increases the confidence within oneself and encourages him to play more and even better the next time. To succeed in our lives, we all require that amount of self-confidence so that we can fearlessly face the world and excel in all our endeavours.

5. Learn to Respect People

Learn to respect peopleLearn to respect people

In sports, every sportsman and sportswoman is taught to respect the opposite team members and always appreciate their hard work and effort put into the game. Irrespective of whether you win the game or lose, it is always important to respect your team members and also the opposite team members and players so as to maintain the worthiness and gentleness of your sport. Unless and until you don’t show respect to people of your field, you will never be able to excel in the field of sports alone. Working with people as a team and respecting their habits and opinions will help you gain more victories, which will later make you realise that the more you give respect, the more of it you get in return.

4. Know your own Strengths and Flaws

Knowing your strength and weaknesses

Indulging children into sports gives them the ability to be able to know their strengths and weaknesses. Be it a particular sport or the problem of interacting with coordinating with team members, sports activities help people to look within them and find out their own flaws and bonuses. It helps them figure out as to why and where they are going wrong in case of unfavourable outcomes in their games. And realising their strength helps them harness that skill better and go ahead in the same field. The ability to be able to realise the qualities within you and work towards it comes through the habit of sports, which helps us to excel better in our future lives.

3. A Positive way to relieve Stress

Sports as a stress buster

Sports is considered to be one of the best and most common stress busters for kids, other than reading or listening to music. Getting indulged in sports activities does not only help you shake off all that academic tension and stress created in your mind, but also helps you to freely exercise and move around thus releasing all your stress from your body as well. Sports is required to give children that one chance to take a break from all their books and get involved into doing something more exciting and stress free.

2. Helps in Time Management

Time management

As much as sports are important, academics come as a prime part of our lives as well. You cannot simply just rule out one for the other. One a child is encouraged into sports; he gets a definite idea of how to play along the game and helps him to manage his time and resources in an efficient manner. A sports person becomes more systemised because he knows that he has to manage a lot of things in his life other than just sports. This way, children if taught into sports activities at an early age get into the habit of managing their time between their sport and studies, thus helping them to manage their daily activities more effectively in future.

1. Never give up

Never give up

Sports are all about practice and how much you are determined towards your game. A child when involved in sports realises that life is not always about victories but one has to face loss and dejection too. And it is important to take all your losses in a healthy manner in order to be able to play your game at a much better level. Life is not always fair and a sports person through his games and innate quality of practice realises the fact that it takes a lot of effort to make a mark for yourself in the field of sports.

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