Top 10 Reasons Why Pessimism is Better than Optimism

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Pessimism is a state of mind in which one anticipates undesirable outcomes or believes that the evil or hardships in life outweigh the good or luxuries. The definition of Pessimism clearly works on the principle of ‘Belief’, if that be believed I too can start my way to the wonderland believing that nothing, ever would go wrong and that things are going to be soon alright. In this state I forget a devastating side to the context that truth be told, things might get worse than what they are at the moment and I might be shrugged down badly because I wasn’t ever prepared for the same. When you are prepared for worse your mind is stable towards mysterious loses which might otherwise bring you down.

Due to this many youngsters have now given up the old concept of positive thinking believing that it won’t work. This might on the other hand divert their energy from hardships, working to a dream which is way too imaginary to be real. It turns into day dreaming which might harm their performance.

If I am not ready for the game, how will I be able to play it? If I do not endure and accept the tough games life has played with me, how will I be able to plan my next step?


10.You Learn

you learn

Getting a way out of trouble is the easiest way to surrender, but if you deal with your problems, accept them and play your way through it makes you strong as well as prepared for different atrocities of life. Audrey George wrote once,  I lost my husband to suicide I had a two year old baby girl and I began to drink myself almost to death. I had no job, no house and all our debt. For my girls sake I went into treatment, i decided to stay on the narrow path and never stop. I’ve been sober eleven years now, I’ll graduate with a bachelors degree in accounting soon, I’m remarried with a son. I walked through tough times, and now I shine the light for others who struggle for their sobriety. My favorite quote, “when your going through hell, keep going!”

 9. You Accept

you accept

It is difficult to accept a  difficult situation. While an optimist would excuse it as a temporary caution or a speed breaker, a pessimist will accept the happening, would not wait for time to help the troubles fade away. This would make him more accepting and undeterred by the ills around. An approach that debars us from imagination, into a world of the known and expected.

 8. You Test your Extremes

you test your extremes

If you think, nothing is wrong you will never know when you reach the dead end. Rather than being ok with what has taken place a pessimist will judge the most negative outcome of the situation and be prepared before hand.

 7. You Need to Know the Problem, to get a Solution

know the problem to find the solution

If we shy off, we will never know what was that one thing which was the root cause. Waiting for time to take its lead, the more sensible solution would be to accept that what has happened is bad, it can be worse or if it gets OK it is still not a bad idea to be prepared. A pessimist learns to deal with problems rather than dreaming of things to get OK with time.

 6. Be Down to know the worth of What’s on Top

be down to know the worth of whats on top

An optimist idealises stuff, to him there exists an ideal situation and any obstruction is a result of some bad timing, a superstitious back power or God’s will which would soon reside whereas a pessimist knows the down trod feeling of reaching the bottom, works hard to rise up and takes nothing for granted.

 5. No Expectations

no expectations

It is said, ‘The time we stop expecting, is the time we start working. !’ A pessimist believes in his potential or doesn’t but he/she sure doesn’t leave the results on luck or his imagination. This makes them vulnerable to life’s tough tasks as well as prepares them to win over them. A bad situation can lead to two stages, one it might better which the optimist is prepared for, worse which the pessimist is prepared for. The advantage a pessimist has over an optimist is he/she wouldn’t be shattered in case the situation doesn’t favor them anymore. He/she is aware that if it gets better nothing like it, but if it gets worse, he was prepared before hand giving him an edge over the broken optimist waiting for things to get OK.

4. Satisfaction


When you have imagined a state of optimum goodness, believed that its true, when it really happens you aren’t taken by surprise. What took place is known and obvious decreasing the excitement, happiness and spontaneous outpours it brings along. Whereas a pessimist always imagines the worst criteria before hand. If luck favours the bold and the unexpected happen, a pessimists happiness brings along lots of positivity and bundles of joy.

 3. Present


An optimist resides in an imaginary world of ‘All Good’. Whether that situation is practically attainable or not, they are satisfied. Whereas a pessimist lives in the present, believes what he has is the best and therefore is satisfied by the present. He/she rather than qualifying to the dream world, is content with what he has and believes it to be better than something some thing worse which could have taken place giving him a sense of contentment.

 2. Alone, Not Lonely

alone and not lonely

A pessimist is alone by choice not lonely by decision. Whereas an optimist is lonely because he hasn’t accepted his plight and hardships. A pessimist would stand alone, accept his problem and do his best to solve it whereas an optimist might confuse it with timely occurrence and be disruptive about his views. Those who might explain him the same would cause him to build a wall of views, not ready to surrender therefore making him feel lonely.

 1. Unaware


An optimist isn’t practical enough to accept. He is unaware of the issues, their actual vulnerability and views that are deprived of logic. A pessimist on the other hand is analytically , practical and sure about the pros and cons of the situation. He/she never takes stuff for granted and therefore believes in expecting for the worse. A person when prepared for the worst case situation has only two ways to go – either he/she will stand strong when the tsunami hits or will be taken aback by a sweet surprise of indefinite and unexpected good luck. Either ways that person will always be satisfied, content and undeterred to negativity and dire situations making him strong, confident and sure. An optimist though expected to be positive often ends up bewildered, confused and unprepared.

Therefore a pessimist outlook towards the happenings in life can make you reach a relatively confident state that a positive outlook. Be the one who makes you ready for problems rather than a view which makes you feel worse than the situation actually is. Never be unprepared because that moment we become more vulnerable to bad situations, bad becoming worse and prior notions creating hesitance in our decisions.

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