Top 10 Reasons to Pamper Yourself

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You might be one of those people, who are disciplined, do not spend money on stupid stuff that they don’t need, and one of those who define themselves by the bulk of responsibilities on their shoulders. But sometimes it is better to just stop and smell the roses. It helps you come to terms with the world around you and understand yourself better. It also helps to refresh your mind and prepare you for the battles ahead. So however busy you are, a little bit of pampering will only do you good. There are quite a few other reasons why you should allow yourself to break free and forget the ticking clock. Here are a few of them-

10) Everyone does It

its healthy

If you think that you are the only one who is weak and cannot follow the rules, well you are completely wrong. Each and every person in this world has a few things that help them keep their sanity and it’s different for different people. Some people find solace in fishing, some in charity and some find their happiness in a little tube of lipstick. No method is wrong as long as you are not hurting or causing harm to others for your benefit. So go ahead and pamper yourself by buying that dress you can’t get out of your mind because it looked so lovely but didn’t buy it thinking it’s expensive and you do not need it. Trust me, you do need that dress. So go and buy it now and even click a few selfies for your satisfaction.

9) Be your own Prince

be your own prince

All girls while growing up hear stories and tales of a Prince you come for the lost girl and make all of her dreams come true. But as we grow up, realisation dawns that life is unlike a fairy tale. But no one tells you that you can be your own saviour. So this is your chance. Break all the traditions and do what you feel like. You do not need a prince to journey through the obstacles with you. A nice journey by yourself in Thailand will do the same and the best part will be- you won’t have to share your bed!

8) You’ll look Good

look good.jpeg

So if you have to walk the rough roads of life, you might as well look good while doing so! A trip to the spa or salon or the $60 Marc Jacobs Eye palette can surely make that happen. I bet, when you have people complimenting you throughout the day, it will give rise to a positive energy around you, which in turn will help you work better and be more productive. So spending a few dollars will easily earn you hundreds in the longer run. All you need in patience.

7) Happiness is Everything

happiness is everything

I had once read that one should not count their age by years but by the tears of joy and smiles that they have experienced. It is probably true that when you are old and sitting in your rocking chair thinking about the good old times, you won’t think about the hours spend at your desk or the time spend doing the job you hate just because it pays the rent. It is more likely that you will be reminiscing about the times when you actually felt happy and content and blessed. Pampering yourself, will heighten all these emotions; hence giving your more happiness to count on.

6) Its Healthy

everyone does it.jpeg

If you think that working 24/7, working yourself out and not giving a break to yourself is good. Then you couldn’t have been more wrong in your life. It has been scientifically proved that obsessive behaviour can often result in burn out and the exhausted brain often breaks down. Hence it would help your mental and physical balance to sometimes be bad and chuck the responsibilities. The best remedy is calling in sick at work while actually you aren’t. It’ll remind you your childhood days of bunking schools and hanging out with friends or just simply catching up on some much needed sleep and eating out. Trust me, it works wonders.

5) You deserve it

you deserve it

Oh common! Even you know that you deserve to be pampered. After all you have worked so hard and your body needs to be rewarded. And the brains could also do well with a little break from all the stress of assignments and deadlines. So why kill your want. Just pamper yourself a little bit and everyone will be happy, including you. So what are you waiting for? Buy a nice gift hamper and present it to yourself. A little slice of celebratory cake will just be lovely, wouldn’t it?

4) Self Worth

self worth

If you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect anyone else to! So don’t be a doormat and keep waiting for someone to appreciate your hard work, that’s not going to happen. We live in a very demeaning world where if you are vulnerable, people will leave no stand to exploit you as they please. So understand yourself worth. Buying yourself things is the first step that proves that whether you think you deserve good things in life or not. So once in a while to pamper yourself with good stuff; because you deserve to have good things in live as well

3) Motivation


There is research supporting this claim of mine that pampering yourself once in a while actually makes to work harder the next day. First of all, there is the guilt factor. You feel so guilty for taking a break and being a bit naughty that you end up working with a vengeance against yourself. It acts as the motivating factor and hence gives you the required push to do better. You might have often noticed that most of scientific innovations were a result of an accident. Well that is because scientists working in labs in closed doors can’t solve the mysteries of the outside world. You have to come out of the lab to understand the bigger questions of life. And also there is nothing more motivating than life itself. So take a break and live a little.

2) Feel Fresh

feel fresh.jpeg

Feeling fresh and rejuvenated is something that is everyman’s every day dream. And pampering yourself is the door to that dream. Spending money doing something you love satisfies an inner craving of want in humans and hence this content you feels brand new. If you want to feel fresh than pampering is the way to do and you will even have fun in the process.

1) Love Thy Self

love thy self

This is the motto that one should live their live by. Loving your own self is the most important thing in the world to be happy. If you love yourself, it is only then that you can love someone else. You need to complete being who you are. Pampering yourself is a way to keep reminding your heart it’s complete. Your mind, body and soul can be one only with love and relaxation. Showering yourself with lovely things or a vacation to your dream land will help you get closer to your own being. Therefore, pampering has only good effects and you should wait any longer to get ready to toast a glass celebrating you love for you.

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