Top 10 Reasons why Mothers are the Best

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Right from the wee-days of the embryonic development, the cord of love starts to grow along with and by degrees as the baby bump starts to show, all the concern to keep the unborn infant secure pours out from the unconditional and irrational figure, called the Mother. The Supreme power has given some of His powers to the mother to have been so divine and profoundly an epitome of perfection when it comes to her children. A child once born on this earth opens up his tiny eyes to his mother above all and this indeed reflects the eternal bond a mother has with her child. We are all able to see this beautiful world only because of our mother.

With all the hellish pain that she goes through while delivering a baby and giving us a chance to see this world after nine months of immense turmoil, even the whole life seems inadequate for us to thank her. She is the one who compromises her pivotal issues to feed and protect us right after we are born. She is the one who stays up all night whenever we are sick. She is the one who has utmost impartial love for us and her care and concern for us even gets manifested in her scolding from time to time. She is the best thing that can ever happen in our life. She is our support in times of failures, our pillar of achievement, our love and our life. When the rest of the world walks out of our life, we will always find her standing by our side through thick and thin.

Words would run short in her appreciation but surely thanking her every morning for giving us a life can be counted as our small gratitude to her in contrast to her innumerable sacrifices and constant untold blessings that she showers on us every second of her life. Out of the many reasons, here are a few of them which make our mother- The Best.

10. She is a Good Reader-

she is a good reader

So you are depressed for some reason and you fake a smile to your friends saying all is well and your friends tend to kind of believe you, right? But do you think this fake-a-smile thing works the same way on your mom as it did to your pals? Certainly not! No matter how perfectly we put up an act in front of our mother, we still remain an open book for her and this inbuilt quality is what makes her truly adorable. She gets us even before we sneak out of our mask and fathoms with profound concern and attachment. Sometimes, it feels like they are magicians, don’t you think?

9. She is the Best Cook-

mother best cook

You try out a multiplicity of dishes and experiment with the new ones as soon as your foodie friend or Google Uncle comes up with one. With a melodious delight that you grab up Pizzas, Burgers and Momos or get a crunchy bite of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the whole world seems to be at your mouth. But doesn’t your homemade food do wonders both inside your mouth and tummy? Sure you can’t deny that. We all love and undoubtedly adore and cherish the delicacies of our home and nothing can get any better than the meal cooked by our mother. She cooks with all her love and care blended along which is the reason why we lick our lips in the end and suck up our fingers until we give out a burp. A magical game here again!

8. She is our Alarm bell-

she is alarm

Well, the above subtitle might seem a little weird but nevertheless true. I mean, just reflect on your everyday event and what do you spool? Are these the times where you find yourself waking up early in the morning at your mom’s wakeup call to get ready for classes when you just skip your electronic alarm tone? Are these the times when you wish to sleep for a few more minutes before an exam and your mom just wakes you up to revise your lessons? And the times where she reminds you of those silly things that you forget after carelessly throwing them off somewhere? Definitely mothers are like our constant reminder and each time we start showing our slothfulness toward any work, she is there to push us ahead and nag us and in the process, we get disciplined! It seems like she even beats technology (alarm clock) here.

7. She is our ATM-

she is our atm

Alright, so before it takes you by surprise, just ask yourself where you got that pocket money from to buy food items from your school or college canteen. Do not tell me that you never asked for money from your mother. All of us do. I am sure you still go or went about asking for some money from your mom whenever the need arises or at times, to spend for piffle reasons. And there stands your mother who is ever ready to provide you with the much needed bucks even though at times her yelling can take away a penny less. But nonetheless, we do not hesitate going to her for anything we need, let alone money. Hesitation might persist while in front of our fathers but with our mom, she is like our Any Time Money, provided that this ATM can grant us with anything and everything and despite her refusal, we never stop seeking!

6. She is our Google-

shez google

Ever wondered how did your mom bear with all those endless silly and inane questions that you kept on asking her right after you have gained consciousness and learned how to speak? And even as you grew up, the series of questions remain unabated and each time you find seeking answers to those questions from your mother. No matter what age you reach, you will always have a way with your mom and the belief that she is the “all knowing” even though she might be oblivious about certain things, remain intact. The best part is, she never gets tired of answering and we never get tired of asking. But whatever the reason maybe, she will always be our search engine and somewhere down the line, we know that she is always right.

5. She is forgiving-

she is forgiving

Your friends might hold a grudge on you, either for a brief aeon or for lifetime. Same can be applied to other members. But the one person in this whole world who would forgive you for your mistakes, no matter how great or small they are is your mother. She is the one who has a heart made up of an extraordinary wall that allows the faults of her children to melt inside. Our mother may turn up grumpy on us at times but did you ever remember that spleen lasting long? You would deny that, wouldn’t you? She is a divinely figure with a heart that is one in millions. One moment she will scold you and the next, you will find yourself getting encapsulated by her warm hug.

4. She is our Best Friend-

she is best friend

We have friends, friends at school, in college and a few others whom we tend to meet on our way. Some are friends for life while others turn out to be traitors. It might so happen that the so-called “best friends” on whom we count with all our being walks away over a trivial issue or maybe something big. But our BFF or best friend forever is none other than our mother. True. She appears to be the best friend of our life with whom we can share all of our ecstasies and sorrows. Nobody can be any more understanding and caring than her. She turns out to be an effective listener and takes in all our babbles with utmost sincerity. Who needs a friend when we can have a friend in the form of our mother?

3. She is our Backbone-

she is backbone

You cannot expect the constant dignified and a strong support from any other people in this whole world other than your mother. She acts like an inspiration to us, always guiding and motivating and even when we happen to lose hope, she keeps the flame of whimsy alive. Whatever we do in our life or any decision that we make, she is there to help take it up to the notch. The optimistic vibes that she induces in us ever since we were kids never lets us die down. Mothers are like a life supporting system, pumping blood to keep us alive. She is our strength and we are hers.

2. Her Sacrifices-

her sacrifices

Making sure that her kids eat before her and in plenitude, buying clothes for her children without bothering to satisfy her material needs, cutting short her sleep in the nights in between to check in on if her kids are sleeping well, staying up all night whenever you fall sick and taking care of your ailing body, etc, etc. Can you actually take a note of all the little everyday sacrifices that she makes for us?  No one can ever measure the extent of sacrifices she makes for the sole purpose of seeing her kids happy so that they lead a better, healthy and prosperous life ahead. The fact is, she keeps sacrificing until her last breath!

1. She is our Safe Haven-

safe haven

A depressed and doleful you, when you walk into the safe arms of your mother, nothing can seem any more blissful. For a moment, all of your stress simply drains off and you find yourself at peace. It might have occurred to you that when you receive a scolding from your teacher back at school or you do badly in your examination and get yourself all tensed and hyped up, you run into your mother’s lap until she puts you to a peaceful sleep. She is our shade, our shelter- a safe haven. Any threat or impediment if stands on our way and we seem to find no way to get out of it, a conversation with our mom does the entire trick and we become sanguine. She is our protective shield and there is no denying that. With her by our side, we can move mountains!  

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