Top 10 Reasons Why Makeup is Overrated

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A good face needs no paint, however in the given circumstances when skin issues are at the rise, our face needs to be pampered a bit. Makeup helps in concealing the blemishes, today it has been become a necessity to such a level that people have started losing confidence in appearing in public with no makeup. It has also created a huge rush at the dermatologists’ door where people are trying to find solutions for skin issues caused by these chemicals. The ingredients that go into the makeup products are harmful and carcinogenic, despite this fact people are being fooled randomly by tactful nomenclature like “for sensitive skin”, “100% natural” by the marketing management.

10. A Joy for Ever


Generally make up is regarded as a beauty enhancement. If you know how to carry it the proper way, it is a feast to the eyes and a joy forever to the onlooker as well yourself. However some people look bizarre not knowing when to stop applying makeup, it looks weird unless you are on a Halloween spree. With the increased number of makeup tutorials, people think it is necessary to apply makeup and without makeup, there is nothing called beauty or beautiful.

9. Status Quotient


Well! made up look fetches one a stature these days. The loud and the weird one look with the beauty products on, the odd and the low one is depicted. Well, a Lady Gaga fan should excuse them who regard sober colours as classy and dignified choice. With the price, as in the case of all products, the quality differs. One remains unaffected with the price when it comes to aspect of quality of the item. Paradoxically, quality suffers on one end when it comes to cheaper products; on the other hand both the ranges are going to be the catalysts for skin issues. Time has come that one’s stature is determined by the brand one uses, sounds miserable, but that is a fact.

8. Social Media


No matter who you are, it matters how your face looks! With the popularity of social networks, the society has become more conscious about their looks. Thanks to Face book, Page 3, Twitter and so on, even the common man wants to look no less than a cine star. Even the notion to look “natural” at marriages and other family functions has changed. What makes sense today is to look stylish and dashing and people are ready to shell money for the overpriced beauty products, salons, spa and so on. To mention one, Page 3 confessions have made socialites alert to this level that even for attending funerals, they have started to maintain dress codes and makeup. To an extent, makeup has casted an artificial ambiance to the whole social arena.

7. The Race Begins


There is a sudden increase in the pace with which the beauty brands are flourishing wide across the globe. If a brand comes up with a water proof blush, another would be introducing a sweat proof foundation. In this mad chase, most of the organizations are forced to compromise on their good will and use cheap ingredients in their products. Even the quality check institutions are bribed and threatened by asking not to blacklist such products. It is high time for us, the consumers to validate the actual quality of the products we use; in that case the chemists shall be having the busiest times nowadays.



A major share of makeup products being overrated goes to the expensive Brand Ambassadors who endorse the range of beauty products. The remuneration paid to them as well as the crew of the advertisements account for the price hike of the products. One cannot put the blame on the company as it has to work on a profit basis and the loss that it bears in the form of tax is levied by determining the price of the product. Another factor is the trust quotient; people believe the celebrity endorsed stuffs over anything else.

5. Old V/S New Outlook


A decade ago the natural was the beautiful, however today the natural is not that popular, rather the natural look giving makeup is the preferred choice. You can hear the grumbling grannies whenever an advertisement appears on the TV screen about how to get a wet hair style without actually having a bath. Earlier people needed an occasion to beautify them, now we have daily wear makeup which actually gives a fresh, natural outlook.

4. Acne/Blemishes


A time was there, applying tulsi on acne or pimple was the best way to treat skin problems. At present such advice sounds outdated and rustic. The so called skin specialists market harmful chemicals assuring people that it would cure skin issues within a stipulated time. When scientifically analyzed, one finds that these products do a greater harm to the skin than pollution. Speedy results and tactful marketing gets these beauty products a better place on earth. Lack of time to experiment with the age old natural cures plays a significant factor in depending too much on the easily available beauty products. If one does not have time for curing the acne, concealers are always there to hide the blemishes for a long time. The high the price, the better the result. The irony is that concealer hides the skin issues, on the other it accentuates the infections

3. Brand Names


The makeup products are priced high so as to maintain the brand name. If we closely observe the marketing schemes, we can deduce that the new brands that are introduced recently are all over-priced. It also creates a divide among the customers as the economically backward society cannot afford to buy them. The clients of such brands are from the financially sound class of the society. Thus, the brand names are maintained. This also affects the genuine products that are charged high, as they tend to increase the price to maintain their market. Additionally the catch line would be “imported” to justify the price and also not so known extracts’ names that takes the customers attention and trust to them.

2. Expensive is the Best


If we perceive from the customer’s point of view, the mantra is: the more the cost, the better the product. If we go by the chemical composition of the beauty products we shall come to the conclusion, most of them are the same except for the crimp and the odours. Most of the people are fooled by this mantra as it instills in them a false belief that only if a product is high priced products, one gets the desired requirements.

1.Desire to be the Best


One has to ponder over this question many times that if they actually care for themselves; if they had thought so, they would have understood the factor that they are paying and getting themselves harmful products that could make them look worse than they could have become by not using these products.  The anti-aging beauty products can actually ruin the texture of the skin in the long run. Prima facie, the results will be astonishing, however there have casualties reported because of the side effects of such stuffs. Our body has an inbuilt curing pattern, needless to say that makeup accentuates the good looks, and it also tampers this natural curative power of the human body. Consequentially, studies show more and more people are approaching the dermatologists with makeup after effects problems. Hence forth time has come one must muse over what harm are we doing to ourselves. If we start thinking of our health, most of the brands would have been vanished by now. We can make something turn beautiful but never create beauty as the real beauty comes from the heart and not these toxic chemicals.

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