Top 10 Reasons we Love the Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang is a comedy sitcom airing weekly on Star world. Its storyline revolves around four friends, all of whom stay and work in Pasadena county, their work, and their equally interesting love life includes Dr. Leonard Hofstader who is a Physicist by profession, and is paired opposite Penny, who is his next-door neighbour. Penny is sexy, hot and still knows the rules of the road, since she was born and brought up on a farm in Nebraska. She is an actress by profession, and is currently on the lookout for some serious work! Dr. Sheldon Cooper, also a Physicist by profession, has an equally intelligent partner as his lover. Her name is Amy, and is a Neurobiologist. Amy takes a keen interest in her work, is often shown to be performing experiments, and applying the same in everyday life. Leonard and Sheldon are roomies! Horward Wolowitz, is the next one in line, and he is an astronaut. He has Bernadet as his lover, and she is a cute and bubbly, yet petite girl, who sounds equally sweet. Dr. Rajesh Koothrapali, as the name suggests, is an Indian. He is single, and is always on the lookout for his love. The fans now are waiting for him to land himself a babe who fits into this queer group of high achieving academicians and Penny! . This sitcom is the favorite of millions of people across the world. No wonder then, it is currently running its seventh successive season. We love this show, for all of the following reasons.

10. The Weird Dr. Sheldon Cooper

The wierd Dr sheldon cooper

The Bazinga Guy! Sheldon is a personality you have never ever come across in your life. He loves himself tremendously, wants to be the best amongst the lot at everything, and not being there at the top, hurts him the most. He hates physical contact, even as much as a handshake! He has rules and regulations set aside for just about everything! Weird as it may sound, he and Leonard have, what Sheldon calls, a ‘Roommate Agreement’, where all rules of sharing the room are listed down. Having an overnight guest is allowed, but only after a notice period of a day, and that too via email! Sheldon also has a ‘Relationship Agreement’, with Amy. He has a specific time to do his stuff, right from what to eat on which day, to what game to play on a day, and also, a time set aside for his “morning ablutions”. Yuck!

9. Penny,Penny,Penny

Penny penny penny

One of the most adorable characters and the only non freaky genius of the gang. A free-spirited girl, pun intended. She loves to live life with her own rules, and knows she can. She is attractive, and has always had the guys drooling over her. No wonder she has had more than few boyfriends before Leonard swept her off with physics.  She is fashionable, works as a waitress, and always has been a charm in this show. Enjoying all the attention as the only female lead till Bernadett and Amy came in. Now the ladies have a thing of their own. The gang adores Penny, well who wouldn’t ?

8. Horward’s mother

Howards Mother

This lady has a voice of a hawk, and is almost never shown, physically, in the show. However, we can always hear her shouting alarmingly hoarse in the background. I reckon she must be spitting out bottles of saliva, as she speaks, oops, shouts! From whatever Horward describes of her, she is extremely fat, and has layers and layers of body fat. When Howard goes to space( yes, He is an astronaut) he claims that his mother ruined space for him, after a particular taxing conversation. He also wants to keep his mother away from his new car to preserve the ‘new car smell’.

7.  The Comic Book store

The comic book store

The passion of reading comics of super-heroes is something that all the heroes of Big Bang share amongst themselves. They love the Comicon Festivals, where they can dress up as their favourite super hero, play games about star trek, and speak in perfect Kling-on. They head to the nearest comic book shop occasionally.. There are also prizes to be won for the best dressed super hero gang, which the gang wins as they are the only one with ‘real girl’ aka Penny.

6. The Big-Buckle Belts of Horward

The Big-Buckle Belts of Horward

Horward has a quirky sense of style. His is the leanest figure of all the men, and he is also the shortest. Although not quite short. He can been seen in the show, wearing pants of all colours and shades. We’ve seen olive green pants, red, and even mustard yellow ones. As if the shade of his lower half was not out-of-the-world, he pairs them up with equally big and loud belt buckles. They come in various shapes and sizes, and are the first thing to strike you when Horward enters the room. He has quite a collection of them, and going by the popularity of this show, he will have to wear many of them in the coming months, and probably even years!

5. Raj’s Problems !


Dr. Rajesh Koothrapali has the hots for women, but sadly, he can’t talk when he is around them. So he needs to take the help of alcohol to get him going! Although in the recent seasons, he is shown to have overcome this problem and is quite comfortable around women. But now he talks too much. He is on the lookout of someone, “extremely hot, only 8s and 9s”! Good Luck!

4. The Broken Elevator

The broken elevatorr

The building which houses the two best Physicists in Pasadena County, has an engineer and astrophysicist as frequent visitors, has a broken elevator. And it has been so since time immemorial! Surely the guys make enough money to pitch in the funds and get themselves a new one, but they’d rather pull themselves up, all the way to three floors. The secret is ( spoilers) they are the ones who broke it in the first place! This broken elevator, means, all the others too, Howard, Raj, Bernadet and Amy need to climb their way up. Cant complain, can they ?

3. ‘3 knocks’

3 knocks

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, has a weird and quiver way around things, and everyday life. It reflects even in his knocking skills! He knocks 3 times, and every knock is accompanied by the person’s name who stays in that house. After his routine of the knocks is over, he patiently waits for the person to answer the door, and voila, it almost never goes unanswered. In the event that there are three people present in the house at a time, Sheldon’s knock will be accompanied by the saying aloud of all of those 3 people. So it’s “Amy, Bernadet, Penny” and sometimes, Sheldon goes, knock, knock knock, “Human Resources Department”!

2.The Canteen Table

The canteen table

In between their respective works, the guys do take a few minutes off for lunch break. They come together with their trays in their hands, and always find a table, with a seating capacity for four people arranged for them, where they happily catch up on each other’s work and also love live. The amazing thing is, if they have a visitor, in the form of Amy or Penny, or any other lovable character, the table automatically has extra and the right number of chairs surrounding it! How lovely!

1. The Laundry Room

The laundry room

And just like eating, there comes a time when the members of the show have to be shown doing their laundry. The building which resides the two Physicist roomies, and also the struggling actress Penny, has a warm little Laundry room, where you go with your washing detergent, and a basket of clothes, let them wash, spin, and tumble dry, after which there is also a neat little side board where you can also fold your clothes, and they are ready to go right back into the closet!

Apart from these, the many lovable features and characters of Big Bang Theory include Sheldon’s inability to drive, the welcome-change in the form of Priya, Raj’s sister, Sheldon’s Christianity and Jesus-abiding Texan mother, Bernadet’s bulky and ex-cop dad, and the innumerable guys strutting their stuff in and out of Penny’s apartment! All this, and much more, makes Big Bang Theory, a must-watch sitcom.

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