Top 10 Reasons Why Gossiping is Good

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‘Sitting at the dinner table, Jennie, my friend leaned in to tell me about her husband cheating on her. Nothing more was needed for the look on her face conveyed it all. Knowing her I knew it must have taken great courage to say all that out loud. I knew I must help her, calm her by my words or soothe her telling things are going to be back on track! The third eye watching the pair of us would call us a bunch of gossip-girls, we didn’t care because if talking might save her then hells to the yes!’

We women love to talk! We love sharing our day-today activity with our girl-friends. Men gossip too. Sometimes it does more harm than good but most of the times a packet of gossip is what we need. Truth be told, this is one habit that is passed out from one generation to another. Gossiping is bigger than “just-talk-when-bored”; the delicate art of idle talking is considered a crime by many. Biggest liars are those who deny about gossiping. No! If you claim to be a non-gossiper doesn’t mean you sit on a horse higher than us. Gossiping is not just about spreading rumors or talking trash; nobody is asking you to be Georgina Sparksa healthy discussion about lives does no harm.

10. Reduces stress:

Reduces stress

“Hey! You know Angelica is getting divorced.”

“No! Oh that’s not good! I am glad; Mark and I aren’t in that bad of a phase, just a little bump in the road.”

For some weird reason that I cannot fathom, hearing something unpleasant about somebody actually brightens our mood. Knowing my friend scored 20/100 doesn’t make my 30 look that bad now. Thanks to theory of relativity, there is still a new low for me to touch. Though finding happiness in someone’s misery is bad, it’s natural to human kind. So while, you are not precisely happy about someone’s unpleasant circumstances, you are thankful to Devine and less stressed about your rollercoaster of a life.

9. Feeling belonged:

Feeling belonged

“Did you all know what Marcus did this summer?” 

Surrounded by many yet no one to talk to is not a feeling we women are a fan of. No person loves being a loner, the sense of security and feeling of others having your back is always welcomed. The best way to be a part of “the group” is to be in the know. Information is power as they say. It goes the same way as all Maths’s nerd hangs out together because they know the know-how of it and so does the gossipers. By confiding into someone you are hinting that you trust them enough. A shared secret can be cementing. As Alison DiLaurentis likes to say “Friends share a secret that’s what keeps us close.”

8. Making new friends:

Making new friends

“Oh! What the heck is she wearing?”

“I guess she forgot to see herself in something known as a mirror.”

“Remind me to gift her one over Christmas”

There is nothing more fun than having a common enemy. I have seen people bond over common dislike of shoes. Silly it may sound but it’s true. Dark secrets shared over coffee can do the magic trick. Even if you do not end up being “bffs”, during those troublesome hours, you know you have a buddy to turn to.

7. Processing experiences:

Processing experiences

“Yesterday when I was coming back from dance class, something weird happened.”

One of the basic reason people gossip is to talk something out. Be it a big interview or just a random incident down the road, we want to tell it all. It’s so natural that most of the time we don’t even realize when a discussion about leather has turned into a gossip about shoes that your friend gifted you. Being able to see the situation through somebody else’s eye might clear our heads out. Having a different perspective on the same helps people dissect and digest the done. While some people think this to be a demeaning trait, it’s wise to shut such people out and discuss the problem bubbling under the surface.

6. Seeking approval:

Seeking approval

“I told Shelly to butt out from the Mackenzie project. Was it wrong of me to do so?”

Talking is the primary technique to get out of confused state. Even if the damage is done, seeking validation for your point of view is important. Having a confidant to turn to who can affirm the action is what we look for. Again a new pair of eyes look things differently, thinks differently, getting a perspective on the state to rethink the done is why the talk.

5. Great way to network:

Great way to network

In this selfish world, where everyone has an axe to grind, having right friends at the right places is important. If small talks lead to that, is gossiping really harmful? When done smartly, being bonded over to similar tastes can boost up you status. Now-Now! Nobody is asking you to jump in front of a known personality and start quizzing him. Getting to know people of every description over drinks has its own perks.

4. Getting to know about surroundings:

Getting to know about surroundings

“He did not say that to her!”

“She did what?”

“Oh! They are going to Hawaii for the summers. Good for them.”

First thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word gossip is talking behind the back. It’s sad that the definition of gossip has narrowed down to backbiting. But truth be told, it’s a great way to know about what’s happing in the surrounding. People read newspapers to know what’s happening around the globe, for the local news, gossiping is opted. Now don’t judge me through your thick glasses, deep down you prefer the same. How else will I know my neighbors? It’s important for survival because life of loneliness is not what I am aiming for.

3. Traits picked up on the way:

Traits picked up on the way

“OMG! This Panini tastes amazing! You must tell me your secret to this!”

There is more to gossiping than just talk when bored, variety is the part of life. Discussion about someone’s bad cooking can turn its course to you being learning how to prepare the same. Your husband keeps complaining about your hospitality, long arguments and fights are killing you, even if you are right at your place, reasoning with your friend might lead you to know about your negatives pushing you to improve the same. 

2. A way to save a relationship:

A way to save a relationship

If bonds are formed over talks, they can easily be broken too. You meet daily, talk daily but the initial fun seems to be fading, if gossiping can spice up your friendship why not go for it? In the other scenario, you over heard your co-workers’ talk about your peer, call it whatever you may, but discussing the same with your peer might save her neck.

1. Guilt trip:

Guilt trip

“I didn’t mean to hurt him, but what he called my mother caught me off-guard!”

Sharing out your deep-dark secrets with your beloveds might save you a trip down the guilt road. By letting out things buried deep inside your heart, you might get to know you have been panicking over nothing. Your confidant might turn out to be the knight in the shining armor.

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