Top 10 Reasons to go Scuba Diving

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Ever wondered what lies beneath the calm blue water surface? There lies a world completely different from ours. The aqua flora and fauna is highly diverse and unique and is worth exploring. We are lucky to be able to do so for our air breathing ancestors had only had the chance to know about the under-water world through research, pictures and imaginations or certain limited diving techniques. Before scuba the most used diving techniques were breath-hold or air pumped from the surface which allowed very limited underwater endurance to divers. However Scuba has made it possible to explore the seas much more extensively as it is diving with Self Carrying Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) thus allowing free movement and much longer exploration period.

Below are the ten reasons why you must not miss a chance to jump into scuba diving whenever offered any.

10. It is Widely Available

It is Widely Available

Now this is one reason why scuba diving has become vastly popular and attractive to most people lately- it is not limited to any particular spot on globe. There are much over 100 famous diving destinations widely spread across all island and coastal regions worldwide and it is most likely that your neighboring island or coast will have it to offer. The Red sea and Caribbean islands are few of the most famous scuba destinations. However there are many other regions offering as great and soothing experiences if you do not intend to travel so far.

9. Make Friends

Make Friends

Has your friend been boasting of his/her diving instructor and fellow divers whenever you asked about their vacation? Learning and training sessions with strict professors and bosses have always been non-exciting and boring. However scuba instructors are young, adventurous and fun to say the least which makes the training as exciting as the diving itself. Learning it with a bunch of new people makes it even more enriching and you might make pals with instructors and fellow divers to accompany you through rest of your vacations and make it even more thrilling.

8. It is Not Difficult

It is not Difficult

It has never been easier to swim with fishes and take a look at exotic aquatic plants or collect some sea corrals right from the surface underneath. Scuba diving is the easiest manner in which you can experience life under water for a sufficient period of time with very limited and short training period. You do not need to know anything about diving or fishes to experience scuba and you may not even know swimming. Even an amateur can try scuba in safe low current regions and can grab the exotic experience.

7. Overcome Hydrophobia

Overcome Hydrophobia

Are you scared of water? Never considered swimming, rafting, sailing or yachting as the sort of sports meant for you? Well maybe you will be more comfortable with water if you consider knowing how beautiful the calm scary blue surface is underneath. A hydrophobic suffers many challenges when in water and the best way to overcome it is experience life in water. However if not sent with sufficient training and combined with a scuba professional they might find it a scary exercise. It is highly recommended that hydrophobes learn to swim and get a little comfortable with water before they jump underneath.

6. Tests your Stamina

Test you Stamina

Apart from being mentally soothing and emotionally enriching experience, scuba diving is physically challenging as well. Though not as hard on your body as trekking and likes, scuba does require you to be active, healthy and with good stamina to swim carrying a cylinder on your back for sufficient lengths. Insufficient stamina or health would bar you from an enriching dive as you may not be able to swim for sufficient length to explore enough. Diving in more thrilling locations or Cenotes requires great physical strength to explore.

5. Swim without restrictions

Swim without Restrictions

Scuba diving experience has an edge over snorkeling and likes as it offers you complete freedom to swim. Unlike Snorkeling it would not require you to come back to the surface after every interval to breath which avoids you to dive deep inside. There is no unreasonable limitation on diving area or time period. Rather Scuba diving offers you complete freedom of movement underwater thus making you feel like a part of the marine life and not an intruder.

4. A Meditational Experience

A Meditational Experience

Beneath the surface it is vast, non-crowded and peaceful. There are no sounds apart from that of your breathing but only incredible sights. Scuba diving is an excellent meditational technique requiring focusing on breathing and in which you are freed of all sounds and thoughts and is guided only by beautiful live images. Most divers claim that their post-dive sensation is identical to one experienced after meditation as it made them shed every other thought and sound underwater as they lived in the beautiful present.

3. A Sensational Interaction

A Sensational Interaction

You will never realize the difference of seeing marine fishes and turtles in aquariums and in captivity till you decide to jump into their world. The interaction of life below and above land is nothing less than sensational as it introduces the two different kinds to one another. Knowing these beings make us sensitive towards their protection and extinction and we become aware of the harms our activities might cause to the marine biodiversity. What nature has to offer underneath sea surfaces is as important to be known and valued as what nature has to offer on land.

2. Swim with fishes

You have seen them in aquariums, lakes or on your plates but how about swimming with a shoal and understanding the life they live a little better. Personally I feel the most welcoming experience of scuba diving is the neighbor fish that keeps you company and make you feel comfortable in a world alien to yours. The dive is incomplete without the innumerable colors and species of fishes. Many divers dive regularly with intentions of fish-hunting to search and explore rare fish species. If you are awed by these colorful beings then underwater fish hunting is an experience far enriching than looking at their lives through aquarium.

1. Discover the coral reefs and unknown sea creatures

Coral Reefs and unknown Sea Creatures

Marine creatures have structures and colonies of their own very different from the inland concrete world. Coral reefs are one the most important attractions for divers. These are underwater structures made of calcium carbonate secreted by the coral and are colonies for tiny marine animals. These reefs will introduce you to the biodiversity present in our oceans which you might have never guessed to exist. To see the creatures you had only seen in wildlife documentaries is a fascinating never to be missed experience and deserves more than visiting aquariums.

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