Top 10 Reasons to Eat Yoghurt

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Yogurt has a pretty good reputation as a health food, and most health conscious people seem to be crazy about it! And even if some may not be “crazy” about it, they admit that it is an important and necessary part of our diet. Why would not it be? It is practically a super food with wonder benefits! If you do not know what “yogurt” is, let me tell you – it is simply a fermented milk product and can be made with any milk, not just dairy, such as soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and various other nut milks. Therefore, it can be a treat for vegans as well. It is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are generally known as “yogurt cultures”. The fermentation of lactose by these bacteria produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yogurt its texture and characteristic tang. The most common milk used for yogurt, however, is cow’s milk, the protein of which is mainly composed of casein, which is also a major component in cheese. The packaged yogurt we often buy are pasteurized to kill unhealthy germs such as E. Coli which have a huge chance of existing in yogurt and can cause serious harm if ingested. Contrary to popular belief, “raw” does not always mean “better”, especially with dairy products such as yogurt.

Following are the top ten reasons to eat yogurt –

10. High Protein Food

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Yogurt can be, and very often is, a fantastic source of protein but a lot of the time, with the huge range of choices available in today’s market as consumers, we are often understandably confused about which ones are “better” or even the amount of nutrients and proteins each variety has since all yogurts, unfortunately, are not “created equal” and one variety of yogurt may contain more than double the protein of another. Sounds confusing? It may be because it is – not too confusing, though. Greek yogurt, for example, which is strained to make it thicker, has up to twenty grams of protein per container, whereas traditional yogurt may have only about five grams, approximately. So, if protein is the main consideration for you, search for brands and varieties with a high protein content and enjoy!

9. Good Dental Health


Despite the sugar content a yogurt may have, surprisingly, it does not cause cavities! This surprising find by the scientists at Marmara University in Turkey is a good news, is it not? Now, we can have as much yogurt as we want, without worrying about cavities and dental health!

The scientists at the university tested a variety of flavours, such as low-fat yogurts, light flavors as well as fruit flavoured ones! It was concluded that none of them eroded tooth enamel, which is the main cause of the decay of teeth. What is more is that the lactic acid which is present in yogurt seems to be giving our gums protection as well! What is even more amazing is that people who eat at least two ounces a day have a sixty percent lower risk of having severe periodontal disease than those who skip yogurt! So, stop worrying and eat yogurt!

8. Keeps cold away

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Yogurt seems to be a harbinger of good fortune! Not only does it provide all sorts of awesome benefits , it also keeps those pesky cold away? You don’t say! Because, let us be honest – who loves having a cold and being infested with a snotty, running, nose? No one! Which makes it an even more important food to have on a regular basis. According to a study in Vienna, consuming four ounces of this miracle food might keep you free from colds since in the study, women eating four ounces of yogurt had much more stronger and more active T cells, which are helpful in fighting against illness and infection, than they did before they started consuming it on a regular basis.

7. May prevent high blood pressure


As times go by, more and more people are being diagnosed with hypertension and high blood pressure – no thanks to the almost standard diet of junk food and high sodium foods of many people, and the easy availability of such food does not help as well. However, the good news is that the potassium in yogurt, which is almost six hundred milligrams per eight ounces, may help flush some, if not all, of the excess sodium out of our bodies!

6. Workout recovery

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Since yogurt has a great ratio of protein to carbohydrates, it makes an excellent after-workout snack to get a boost after an especially gruelling workout session. After all, who does not like a good (and healthy!) snack straight after sweating calories on a treadmill or a stationary bike (or whatever workout equipment you prefer)? Yogurt is perfect to snack on, and apparently, the best time to grab some is within an hour of your workout session. Here is how it works – the proteins provide the amino acids needed by muscles for repair and the carbohydrates replace the energy lost. For maximising the benefits of a post-workout yogurt, it is recommended that you drink a bottle of water, which would help in improving your body’s hydration making it a total win!

5. Yogurt is loaded with vitamins

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Yogurt is one of the best foods when looking at it in terms of nutrition and vitamin. Even a single serving of yogurt is an important source of vitamins and minerals like potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5 which is also known as pantothenic acid. Yogurt is also a source od the vitamin B12, which helps in maintaining our red blood cells and keeps our nervous system functioning properly.

4. Good Bacteria


In today’s market, most brands of yogurt contain good-for-you bacteria – simply, it means the yogurt contains probiotics, which are basically beneficial bacteria which live in our digestive tract and help combat harmful microorganisms which are a major cause in intestinal infections. Now, many brands also contain special strands of probiotics, apart from the usual, which helps us in digestion as well as strengthening our immune system, although the research is not fully conclusive.

3. Flat abs


Good news for all you dieters out there! Are you sick of a bloated belly which has stubborn fat? Just try upping your yogurt intake, says a study where people consuming more yogurt reduced way more flab around the belly as compared to their non yogurt eating counterparts! It may have a relationship with the stress hormone, cortisol – reducing its output, which leads to a leaner belly, so stock up!

2. Good for Skin


At this point, it might not surprise us to know that yogurt is also incredibly good for our overall skin health and tone. The proteins and amino acids in yogurt help in achieving firmer skin, and the zinc content helps in fighting acne and pimples as well!

1. Good for hair


Since yogurt is comprised mostly of natural milk proteins, is should not be any surprise to know that it helps in strengthening our hair without making it dull or dry. Furthermore, the lactic acid and zinc also stimulate the circulation of blood, which aids in hair growth!

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