Top 10 Reasons for the Downfall of Newspapers

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Long gone are those days when your dog would faithfully fetch the morning newspaper for you and hand it over neatly on your lap. It would be a matter of surprise if any of us would be training our pet dogs to do so. The newspapers have not yet come to an end but surely they are on a rapid downfall. There have been instances when our moods would fire up if we did not get the morning newspaper with our tea and breakfast. But not anymore! If you did not get to read it, you just browse through your smartphone and get a quick overview by scrolling through the web pages. Or better watch a little bit of television. The alternatives have come and they have spread like wildfire in this contemporary jungle. The need of the hour is saving time and utilizing it in the best possible ways. Moreover these days you will find most of us rushing to our workplaces with very little time to open the newspaper and read it. Have the newspapers really lost their charm? Have they failed to leave their impression on the present generation youth? Well there is no survey as such which is presently available for the downfall of newspapers but the statistics does show the rise of technology among us. Let us look at the top 10 reasons why newspapers are no longer the call of the morning.

10. Television


The best time pass since their first advent is the top choice of the youngsters. Television has crept in our lives within a few decades. These days the morning does not start until and unless the TV is switched on. Speaking from personal preferences, the morning scene is somewhat akin. Till we hear the blaring noise the idiot box makes, we do not feel to be at home. The news can be easily listened to on TVs and with much interest. While newspapers pose to be a boring piece of paper which every other guy next door detests, TV comes to the rescue. The best part of TV being you can shuffle between the channels and whenever you start to feel bored by the news, just press remote button. A new and different channel will be waiting for you. Change the channel please or hand over the remote!

9. Smartphones


With a click, with a touch or with a simple eye movement you can have the world at your fingertips. Smartphones have come as a revolutionary means to interact with the world. If you are unhappy with a political event or the retirement of your favorite player, you can express your views and raise the voice. These days the term ‘news’ no longer means the confinement to the recent happenings. It has been sensationalized and given a new meaning. you can remain updated about the world and your small city without any hassle to rush to a newspaper vendor. All you need is a net recharge and a good phone.

8. Chinese whispers


Travel in a local and you will know more than any newspaper will ever provide you. They will give their suggestions and advice on every other topic that they get hold on. Listen to them patiently and participate in the discussion. Before you know it you will be acquainted with the world. The best player, the most dangerous don, the most corrupt politician and the sexiest actress will be on your tongue tips.

7. Space!


Have you ever tried to read the newspaper in a metro or any local place? A few years back, I used to carry the newspaper with me in Delhi metro and would take it out to read. Before I could reach the second or third page of the paper the metro would be full with crowd and I had to fold its pages and sit quietly. I would curse the crowd and myself for bringing it. I hardly see anyone now with a newspaper tucked under their arms. But I do see a lot of people taking out their phones off their pockets and scrolling through the websites. Want a piece of news anyone?

6. Patience


Patience is an overrated virtue and is hard to find. Still we make a big fuss of it. Talking of it, would you mind reading the newspaper even if you had the entire day to yourself? Honestly speaking, I would be bored and would leave it after scrolling through the headlines and a few columns. Hardly any one of us would disagree. We have lost the patience to sit in the morning sun with a cup of tea in one hand and the newspaper in another. We would rather grab a bite on the road and ask our friends about the last night’s match.

5. Less economical


Would you prefer paying for a bill of about 300 rupees as your monthly newspaper bill or a recharge of 100 rupees net pack? With the net pack you will have the added benefits to check out your Facebook account every few hours and posts tweets about the hot happenings. Moreover who keeps a 10000 bucks phone and does not have a net recharge!

4. Hate reading!


You want to remain abreast with the recent happenings but hate to read the newspaper. It seems that the art of reading is dying out among the youth. We have got n number of other books which needs a review, among them who has got the time to read newspapers? Compare a paper with the graphics and your laptop screen with the on-going video about the news. The choice is obvious.

3. Vendors-a menace!


Instead of having listened to the tantrums of the vendor, one would rather stop taking newspapers. Does it mean that the previous night was Diwali and you will not get to remain updated about the news. Of course not! When will the internet connection come to the use? I am sure there would have been instances at your place when you did not find the newspaper in the veranda and start shouting at your mother. You will curse the vendor for not doing his job properly. I say, better to stay away from such emotional outbreaks. Already there are a million other reasons to display such outbursts. Keep your cool and make the best use of technology.

2. Friend’s circle


The gossip of movies and the entertainment world also form an integral part of the news. More than you get in the newspaper or a TV channel, listen to your friend talk about the actors and the actresses. He will have better hold on the topic. It becomes a matter of discussion in get together and other such small gatherings. The circle of friends is a great source of information. Who knows, you must be a sports pro in your group!

1. Internet


With the blink of an eye, the information is being made available to you. Internet has been made public and within easy reach of all the individuals. It has been successful in creating a zone with the entire world connected in small domains and sharing data. In a matter of few seconds, we get the live coverage of the curfews in terrorist prone regions or the century of our favorite cricketer or Lionel Messi reaching for a goal. The extent of globalization has spread its paws and shadowed the black and white world of the newspapers.

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