Top 10 Reasons to choose Family over Love

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In today’s times, we often see people being torn between love and family. Families are splitting up as one partner is not comfortable with the others parents and their interference. We see that parents keep waiting for a call from their children and spend days in Old age homes waiting for someone to come and greet them. But is this happening? What is the reason that a person has to choose between family, which has been there for him/her and love, which is his/her possible future. What is the right thing to do in such a case? If you ask me, i would suggest you to let go of your love and embrace your family, and here are 10 reasons why this decision is the right one-

10) Safety


Family is a safety net for everyone. Wherever you go, knowing that your family is by your side gives you the confidence to face anything and everything. I can guarantee you that had you not had the protection cover of your family; people would have definitely treated you differently. If something wrong happens to you, it’s your family that you expect the most from. Whereas this is not the same case with love as most of the times the relationship crumbles under strenuous times. With love, it’s easy to break off the relationship when your partner doesn’t meet your expectations, but with family you can always tell them what you expect and if the expectations aren’t met by, then you might sulk for some time, but you can never really break off from them.

9) Support


When you first started walk, you would fall just after 2 very small steps. When you started cycling, you would fall down ever so often that you would never have touched that cycle again if it wasn’t your Dad. Mom or elder brother/sister assuring you that they would hold you and not let you fall. Family will always support you whether you are high up in the sky or struggling through life. They would always be there holding your hand and telling you to try again just one more time. Love on the other hand has been known to suffer a setback through the rainy days.

8) A sense of belonging

sense of belonging

Everyone needs to know their place in this world. For human beings, who are extremely emotional creatures, knowing where they come from is an assurance that they deserve to be a part of the macrocosm. You cannot have a happy relationship if you are not complete in yourself. And family is that place which gives you this assurance. If you are lost, you can travel the whole wide world but you will only be found at the doorstep of the place where you were brought up.

7) Its not love

its not love

The simplest point is that love is not pure if it’s asking you to let go of the most important thing in life. True love will work hard for its survival, not take the easy route by running away. If a person really loves you, he/she will try their best to prove to your family that they are the best for you. They would try and be a part of the family than destroy it. If you boyfriend ever tells you to elope, do run, but in the opposite direction from him.

6) Family helps you grow

family helps u grow

Family lays the foundation of your whole existence. You would be surprised to know that research has proved that the way a person has been brought up actually has a huge influence in that persons relationships when they grow up. A person at various stages in live goes through different experiences that are the deciding factor in whether he/she might have a successful or not so successful life, the family support plays a very important role in this. Love on the other hand takes you into a bubble and when that bubble burst, realisation strikes and it is not always a happy ending.

5) There is only one family

there is only one family

You can never replace family or get a new one if you wanted to. They are limited edition beings and hence if you let go of it once, you might find yourself an orphan. Love on the other hand will come and go like the seasons. If one relationship fails, you can always move on and find one someone who your family approves off. And you will still end up having quite a wonderful life. But you leave your family and go with love; you will always feel that it is because of love that you lost one of the most important things in life which is the support, love and blessings of your loved ones.

4) Just the way you are

just the way u are

Your parents will accept you however you are. They do not have any conditions. If you are a quit person, they will give you your space; if you are a loud person, they will get use to your voice. Parents, siblings know how you are and they behave with you in that way. With family you can just be. If they think that you are wrong, they will advice you of it and that’s it. But love on the other hand has rules and regulations. There are certain expectations and when you do not follow the code, there are chances of breaking up. In love, you have to think before doing something. With family, they already understand what you are trying to say even when you aren’t able to utter a single word.

3) Family is Eternal

family eternal

Family is forever. They are there when you are born. They are there when you first start crawling. They are there when you have your first laugh and when you utter your first word. If you look back on life you’ll see that most of your happy memories will include members of your family. Family was and will always be there, even when love doesn’t work out. Love on the other hand is not something that is guaranteed. Even after marriage, there is constant work required from both partners to sustain love. Love can hardly be called eternal; otherwise divorce wouldn’t have been so famous.

2) Unconditional Love

unconditional love

Your parents do everything for you when you are a child. They suffer to send you to the best school and work like dogs to ensure that their kids have a royal life. They take all your whining and make it look adorable. They never ever want anything in return. They will always love no matter what you do. It’s the most selfless and unconditional form of love if there ever existed any. Love on the other hand is a matter of give and take. It always expects something in return and when that need is not fulfilled it’s gone.

1) It’s all about loving your family

loving your family

Family is where life begins and love never ends. People while growing always forget that their parents are also getting old and they need their support now more than ever. It has always been said that true heaven lies in the feet of your parents. Seeing them have a content life at the twilight of their life is a joy that no date or kiss can ever give you. But honestly it should always be difficult to choose between love and family. There is a solution to it. You can have both by making your love a part of your family.

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