Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Cosmetic Surgeries

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Not satisfied with the way you look? Feel like a little alteration somewhere could make you look more beautiful? Feel that these changes can make your existing relationship better or will please someone? And finally thinking to knock the door of cosmetic surgeries? Remember! Every change comes with some disadvantages. Cosmetic surgeries are an excellent way for having a change that you always desired of but they are also capable of making your life miserable and can lead to dire consequences.

The cosmetic Surgery market is making a business of $10.1 million every year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that cosmetic surgeries are up by 4% for women who are in their thirties. Some of the cosmetic surgeries that these people undergo include liposuction (removing fat from different sites of human body), rhinoplasty (Correcting and restructuring the form of nose), hair transplantation, eyelid surgery, breast enhancement, botox injections etc.

Though all these surgeries look very attractive, one should avoid undergoing them. Top ten reasons why going under a knife should be avoided are as follows:-

10. Looks Matter


What’s the main motive for undergoing cosmetic surgeries? Looks, Right!! People bear a lot of pain just to look beautiful. But most of them either don’t know or don’t want to believe that “IT SHOWS”. Whatever work is done on the body becomes visible until and unless you are covering it consistently. We know of several celebrities who have gone through these surgeries and a subtle change in look can be odd and discerned while looking at them. So, why bear such pain if people can make out those changes just by looking at you?

9. Respect your Body


People with some particular need go for cosmetic surgeries. If they have had a successful surgery still their life could not have been very free. They have to be very careful for quite a long time. The problems that they may still face even after much care can be blood clotting, hematoma, seroma etc. Hence it may be possible for them to go on continuous surgeries for removing these blood clots, fluids formations, infections etc. If all these complications take place in their face then all the money spent can go in vain and one’s look can worsen more than the original look.

As we know all these problems can be faced by those who have successful surgeries. If due to some problem the whole surgery goes wrong, the outcome can be very disastrous and the worst part is that there are no ways by which the original look can be bought back. Please know that you have only one body, Respect it!

 8. Self Esteem Problems


People with low self esteem due to their looks always believe that once these surgeries have taken place, it would lead to instant self esteem boost. Trust me there are no therapies in the world that can give this kind of miraculous boost. A low self esteem can be made high only by efforts from inside which starts with the basic step of loving your body as it is.

7. Authenticity Questioned

Who are you question

It’s is an old saying that a man is known for his words and personality. People know him and trust him for what he is. The words that he speaks totally depend on his personality. Hence one can say that if a person has no personality then his words will also mean nothing to others. Cosmetic surgeries are nothing but a change in personality, at least for his peers. It proves that you are not proud of what you are. Hence your authenticity comes under question and people would not trust you.

6. Acceptance of Society


If a person lives outside India then this point doesn’t hold much of a value but if the person is an Indian, then society is the major thing that shapes people. In India concept of cosmetic surgeries exist only in case of accidents or birth deformities. If a person, especially girls, undergo cosmetic surgery then she may be looked down upon in the society and be treated as an outcast. Sometimes even your own family doesn’t support you in these cases.

India is a country where still marriages are considered to be a very sacred and the whole marriage process is done in a very traditional way. A girl or a boy with any kind of alterations made to his or her face would not be considered suitable for marriage let alone other body parts. Hence acceptance of society plays a very important role in undergoing cosmetic surgery.

5. Aging


According to Wikipedia ageing is the accumulation of changes in a person over time. This definition won’t change even if a person undergoes a magical therapy. This is a natural process and one must not play with it. Earlier everyone accepted their age and the changes that it had made to them. But now after the invention of cosmetic surgery people have found a weapon to fight this ageing process. But one thing they must know is that ageing will never stop and one will become old with the passage of time. Hence one should understand that we can’t hang on to our youth forever.

4. Long term Results


Generally doctors say that long term results of plastic and cosmetic surgeries are positive but again it requires a lot of compromises. One who has undergone these surgeries must have to change their lifestyle. Cigarette smokers are the most affected people in the long run. Smoking offsets the benefits of cosmetic procedures. If the patient keeps on smoking then it can result in gum diseases and receding gums. People who love workouts also need to compromise. It can also reduce the cosmetic benefits.

If you like complications and don’t want to live a carefree and risk free life in future then undergoing cosmetic surgeries will not be that much of a problem for you.

3. Expenses Incurred


Cosmetic Surgeries have the power to make you a queen, rather the most expensive queen (obviously if everything goes right). The cost of undergoing cosmetic surgery requires a very heavy pocket. If we are talking about facelifts then it’s no way below $11000. Botox injections cost about $360-$770 and are temporary in nature. That means after some months again the same cost will be incurred. If anyone wants to undergo Rhinoplasty or nose jobs then the cost varies from $4000 to $9000. Liposuction, one of the most famous types of cosmetic surgeries for the body fat removal, costs around $3000 excluding the anesthesia, operating room costs and other expenses.

If you think that people can invest so much for just beautification then I must tell you that demand for these surgeries keep on increasing every year. It has reached such a stage that in some countries the governments have proposed laws to levy taxes on people who undergo elective cosmetic surgeries. A person investing so much without any knowledge about the outcome and no guarantee of successful surgery is nothing more than stupidity.

2. Psychological Damage


Different people have different reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Some want to become beautiful, some meet with accidents, some were born with deformities etc. One of the most dangerous reasons for going under the knife is to please others or to improve a currently ruined relationship. If the outcome of the surgery doesn’t come as they expected it, they may undergo periods of depression or anxiety. They sometimes undergo more surgeries or become self destructive. In Norway a research has been made which states that female participants undergoing cosmetic surgeries have low mental health including depression and anxiety disorders.

It has been always said that physical pains are always bearable but mental pains are very tough to handle. But these surgeries bring mental pains along with the physical ones. If your life is already miserable, please don’t try and make it a hell.

1. Dangers to be faced


Unless you are ready to close your eyes on all the side-effects of the cosmetic surgery, everyone knows that these surgeries are full of risks and complications. These surgeries not only include all the risks of a normal surgery but they have many severe add-on risks.

If we exclude all the basic risks of nausea, vomiting, headache, fever etc. Some of the dangerous risks include blood clotting, suture complication, infection, hematoma, necrosis, scarring and some others. Blood clots happen when the area on which the surgery has been made is kept immobile. If this blood clot reaches the brain or the heart it can result in heart attack or strokes. Sutures which seal the skin tissue back if gets undone can lead to massive internal bleeding or hernia. It can require additional surgeries. Infections are also very dangerous and can lead to death also. They reduce the healing time of wounds. Hematoma happens when the collection of bloods take place outside the blood vessel. That area becomes swollen or bruised and can reduce the blood pressure. Surgeries can also lead to tissue deaths. This process is also known as necrosis. Just for becoming beautiful if one have to deal with the risk of these kinds of dangerous outcomes, I don’t think it’s a sensible choice.

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