Top 10 Most Popular Urban Legends

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“Hey, you know what? My sister told me this horrible story about so-and-so who is a relative of her friend’s mother…” and so the story begins.

The legends are started as a story with words like these. These tales are said to be true but there are no such evidences that prove them to be so. They are nothing but modern folklores, invented to maybe scare people, or for entertainment and sometimes as precautionary tales.
People who tell these stories are always second hand listeners of these stories, and the victim is always some distant relative of a friend’s friend. Duh!
Anyways, this article is about some popular ULs, which might be enough to give you chills and goose bumps-definitely not the stuff of weak hearted…and here we go.

10. The Bunny Man


Okay, so here comes the story.
Fairfax County, Virginia- post war (actually post civil war). So the population suddenly increases and someone builds an asylum, you know for mentally sick patients and all. Now who would want to live near an asylum? So there was this uprising kind of thing among the “rising” population and thus asylum was shut down and the patients were transferred. Few of them managed to escape, somehow and were caught except two. Marcus Lawster and Douglas Griffen. Their trail was followed but nothing was ever found except mutilated bunnies and Marcus’s body hanging from a tunnel entrance. Attached to the body was found a note saying, “You’ll never find me no matter how hard you try! The Bunny Man.” He was never found.
Now, the legend is that if anyone walks through that bridge or tunnel around midnight, the bunny man will catch you and hang you then and there. The bridge itself is known as “the bunny man bridge”.
To make things weirder strange things have happened along that tunnel. The latest weird thing that happened was in 2001. The story is from 1904.

9. Edward Mordake- The story of the Demon Face


The name Edward is quite popular these days, because it’s a name of a sparkly vampire that everyone seems to love now-a-days. The name Edward was famous back in 19th century too. Not because he was some handsome young prince but because he had a demon face- a second face.
Allegedly this Edward person was born with two faces. One a normal face- like any other human being. The other was on the back of his head. The other face didn’t do much. It didn’t eat or drink or even talk. But it seemed to have its own set of intelligence and expressions. It laughed and it cried, but it appeared harmless to most people. Except for Edward. He called it the “demon face”. He claimed that it whispered things, bad things, and evil things to him at night. Things only demons from hell could talk about. He requested many physicians to separate the face from him, but it was impossible for them to do so. Later, at the age of 23 Edward committed suicide and in his last note he requested that the face should be removed from his head before he was buried. He feared that the face wouldn’t let him rest in peace even in his death, if they didn’t do so.

8. The Killer in the Backseat


This one is epic and quite famous. This UL was made even more popular after the 1998 movie “Urban Legend”. It can be counted in the category of a precautionary tale. The story runs like this:
There is this working female (you should keep note that in every version of this story the victim is always a female) who has a hectic job and by the time she leaves her office, it’s very dark and the roads are mostly deserted. So this one day, like any other day, she leaves for home in her car. The road is empty so she decides to speed up her car. Suddenly, she notices a car is trailing her. “Some kind of bully”, she thinks and speeds up the car a little more, to avoid any further trouble. The trailing car does the same. After a few moments the second car starts acting like a maniac, flashing its light, blowing its horn, trying to overtake her. This freaks her out and she tries to call her home for some help, but at this speed she couldn’t. After a long chase she finally reaches home, out of breath, she hits the brakes, gets out of the car and is about to run in the house when the other driver gets out too and shouts “In the name of God, lock your car”. Without giving a second thought she does so and what she sees next is beyond imagination. There was a person in the backseat the whole time.

7. The Body in the Bed


It’s the typical horror movie start, you know, with the newly-weds, madly-in-love-with-each-other couple who went to an exotic place for their honeymoon. So they rent a room, in a hotel. The room reeks of something, something they can’t quite place. So they call the manager and lodge a complaint and are convinced by the authorities that it’ll be taken care of. So relieved they go out for some sight-seeing meanwhile the housekeepers clean their room. They come back, the reek’s still there. This is outrageous. The hotel staff apologizes and send them somewhere exotic and started cleaning their room again. Carpets are changed, curtains are new. But the smell is still there. The husband has had enough and decides to do something on his own. He starts pulling up everything, piece-by-piece. He founds nothing until he goes up to the bed and looks under the mattress. There is a trunk. He opens it. Inside was a rotting body of a woman.

6. The Hook Man


This one’s old, apparently from the 1950’s. A time when young boys and girls were not allowed to do anything bold, like making out or having sex. So we can guess that this legend was made just to scare them into their rightful places.
The story goes by like this:
A teenage guy took his date to a lover’s point to make out with. So here they are in his car, kissing. Sweet music could be heard from the radio set. Everything seems to be going just fine when suddenly the music stops and an announcement is heard on the radio, saying that a convicted murderer has escaped from a nearby asylum. He was latest seen around the lover’s point. Beware! Hearing this, the girl gets frantic and urges to go from there. She wanted to go home. Boy, trying to be heroic and all, assures her that he’ll keep her safe, but she insists. The boy gets upset but agrees and drops her home. She gets out of the car and shrieks. The boy gets out and sees a bloody hook dangling from the door of the girl’s house.

5. The Baby-sitter and the Man Upstairs


This legend is more of a precautionary tale. Okay, so as the name suggests the story has a baby-sitter in it, a teenager (of course). The teenagers have been scaring each other with this story since the 60’s. This story was made even more popular with the film “When a Stranger Calls” in 1979.
This is how the legend starts: a teenage girl is babysitting some neighbor’s kids at night. After playing for sometime with them she puts them to sleep and then gets buried in her homework. After some time she receives a call on her phone. She answers it. No reply. Prank call, she thinks and gets back to her work. A few minutes pass and she receives a call again, this time she answers in an angry tone. A voice from the other side says “Did you check on the kids?” She becomes worried but shoves all the worries out of her brain. It happens again, twice, thrice, freaking her out. This time she decides to do something. She calls the police, tells them her problem. The police tell her to keep the caller on-line so that they could track the call. She does so. After a moment the police call her back and tell her to evacuate the house with the kids, as the call was traced back to the house. She goes upstairs and finds the kids mutilated, covered in blood and a man standing right next to them. He lunged towards her. She escapes…

4. The Clown Statue


Again a babysitter. Again a precautionary tale. But kind of creepy.
the story  runs like this: There is this family, filthy rich, big ancestral home filled with valuable antiques. The couple has two children and whenever they need to leave or go somewhere without their children they call up their entrusted babysitter, a teenage girl. Let’s call her Lucy. The father is a little strict and no-nonsense kind of man and he forbids anyone to touch anything antique in the house. So the teenager is given a room to stay in (as always). It is this big hall, with nice big TV and a bathroom and a kitchen attached to it. This room, like any other is filled with old stuff (which she isn’t allowed to touch). So she puts the kids to sleep and comes downstairs. She keeps herself engaged through TV and snacks, though she cannot shake off the feeling that the clown statue in the corner of the room is staring at her. Stupid, she thought and went back to her movie. A few minutes passed, she gets up, goes to the bathroom and calls the father. “Hey Steve, do you mind if I remove or cover that clown statue in the room. Its creeping me out.” Silence. “Hello?!” “Lucy, take the kids, call 911 and get the hell outta there!!” She does so, without asking any questions. The police arrive and so do the parents. She asks him about all this and he said “We don’t HAVE a clown statue”.
In some versions of the story the kids had been complaining of a clown staring at them while they sleep, which their parents thought was some kind of childhood fantasy and brushes them aside.

3. Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Lights?


There are many versions of this legend. This UL is a more twisted retelling of a folklore named “The roommate’s death” by Jan Harold Brunvand. In every version there is a female protagonist whose roommate is found dead in a morning, and turns out that the murder had taken place right under the nose of the “heroine”.
One version of the legend is: there were these two best friends and roommates. One was a very happy-go-lucky girl who loved to party and the other was a geeky, all-books-and-no-play kind. Let’s call them Linda and Brenda respectively. So Linda got invited to some party right before exams. she insists that Brenda should come with her but since it was her exam too, she refused. After a long discussion Linda finally lost and went alone. After a long time she decided to go to her room to study. She came back and found the lights off. She tiptoed around the room to find her books, without turning on the lights, so as not to disturb Brenda, and went out to study. She returns in the morning and to her horror she finds her best-friend dead and the wall was smeared in blood, “AREN’T YOU GLAD YOU DIDN’T TURN ON THE LIGHTS?”

2. Humans can Lick, Too


This story dates back to 1960’s. A girl is alone in her home. She takes all the precautionary measures. She has a dog to keep her safe. Nothing to fear. Or is it…? The story has many versions, generally the protagonist being a teenage girl, but in some versions an old lady.
The parents leave their teenage girl home alone, with their dog, a spaniel cocker, to keep her safe, since their house was in a lonely place. They tell her to lock all doors and windows at all times, especially at night. She does that; except that rusty old stubborn window in the attic. So she tries her best and locks the attic door. She goes to bed early. Her dog sleeps under her bed. To make sure he’s there she gives him her hand and he licks it. Assured she falls asleep. After midnight, she is disturbed by a dripping sound. She gets up and checks the taps of the house, to see if they were leaking. They weren’t, so she came back and to make sure the dog was there, she gives him her hand. He licks it again. Assured she goes to sleep. This happens again and again until it irritates her. Every time she got up she made sure the dog was there by giving him her hand. At around 3 or 4 it happened again so she went to the bathroom. And there it was the horror of her life. Her dog was hanging from the roof, skinned. Blood was dripping down from his body and on the wall was a note “Humans can lick, too, you know!”

1. Bloody Mary


This is the most popular urban legend up until now. Especially among teenagers. It is passed around as folklore, it is played as a game, and what not. In old times, it was said that if a young girl looks into a mirror  with a candle in her hand and calls for bloody Mary three times (it varies) they would be able to see their future husband’s reflection in the mirror. If they see a corpse or something, they die from the hands of Bloody Mary. The story has become scarier and twisted as the time passed. Now the story says that if someone looks into a mirror and calls for bloody Mary, she will come and kill you, or at least harm you profusely.
There are many stories in which teenage girls play a game where they dare each other to summon bloody Mary in the dark. According to the stories they are found with wounds and injuries all over their body.

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