Top 10 Popular Professions among Youngsters

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Be it the summer, winter or the spring, teenagers are always on the constant lookout for earning those extra bucks and finance their living for a week or a month. With expensive dreams and demands, the pocket money given to teenagers by their parents just doesn’t seem to be enough, well if not always then at least more than half the times. Youngsters then try to search for jobs or think of starting something on their own to earn some extra cash within the time stipulated. Finding a job today is not difficult; it is when the question of the right kind of job arises in a teen’s mind. Keeping in consideration the number of hours you put in and how much of hard work does that job really require you to do, there are a long list of professions which are picked up by youngsters today without a double thought n their mind. So here is a list of those popular jobs which youngsters today don’t hesitate to indulge themselves in.

10. Babysitting


This is probably one of the oldest and most popular professions among teenagers. Considered to be pretty easy, babysitting actually requires nothing except for the ability handle and manage a kid or in worst cases, kids. Yet, youngsters still find this as one of the best and most available options in today’s scenario where parents don’t have time to look after their kids and thus try finding babysitters, who are preferably young to come over and take care of their child. Such babysitters are either paid hourly or per day. This way, this profession becomes the source of those easy and regular extra allowances for a teenager without much of a head spin.

9. Camp or Team Counselor

Camp counsellor

This profession is for those youngsters who are interested in gaining hands on experience, knowledge and other team work processes. This profession requires one to be a good mentor to the team, and thus youngsters are highly preferred for this job to be able to establish a connection with the younger ones who camp or are teamed up under them regular sessions of brainstorming, practising team work with your fellow teammates and interacting with people belonging to varied different areas and cultures makes it a very exciting profession for a teenager to actually pick up.

8. Starting your own business

Starting your own business

Starting your own business is never easy, but not impossible as well. Entrepreneurship is considered to be one of the most handy and best professions for a teenager to pick up while at school or college as he also gets to learn of the intricacies of running a business and gets a better view of how to run it and how to handle it. You not only get to earn that extra little cash into your pockets but also if the business runs good, it gives in a whole bunch of confidence and instil a sense of reliability and responsibility of running the business thereafter. Something small could actually turn into something remarkable.

7. Pet Caretaker

Pet caretaker

A lot of people just seem to love pets, and if you are one of them, then searching for a profession to earn a little bit of extra money would look like a piece of cake to you in this profession. Many pet owners would love to have someone over to take care of their precious little pets and that’s when a pet lover’s job comes in the way. If you are one of those who loves pets, this profession is probably the easiest you could get yourself into. A person who picks up this job has got to do nothing except for take care of the pet and making sure that he has his meals on time, and other than that just handling their adorable little tantrums at home, else everything else you do would anyway give you the extra cash you require.

6. Tutoring


This is when we talk of tutors required at homes. This profession has got some real good money in it for a large number of youngsters who are confident about that one subject they had picked up in school or high school. If you feel you are confident enough on the subject and topic, then tutoring is one profession you would love, especially because of the knowledge required that even young tutors are paid a good some of money.

5. Concert/Event management

Concert management

With the number of concerts and events gaining huge popularity among youngsters, teens today feel that just watching a concert is not enough. Thus, youngsters today have found a new way of earning a little money by directly participating to manage and conduct such events and concerts, irrespective of it being a big or a small concert; it has got money in it after all. Right from security, accounts, guest relations, ticket sales and going to the higher specialised tasks like marketing and advertising, this profession holds a huge scope for youngsters to harness their knowledge and leadership skills on field.

4. Food Service

Food service

This concept being highly popular only in certain countries has been looked upon as a good profession to make money for youngsters. If you have got the ability to socially interact with people and know how to communicate, even working at the other side of the bar at a small coffee shop wouldn’t mean much of a great task to you, only if not for that extra cash you would be receving at the end of the day. Youngsters working at cafes and restaurants get an hourly wage which becomes enough to suffice on for the day or for the week.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing

This is one of the most growing and popular professions for youngsters and late adults over the decades. With more scope for writing given to youngsters today, teens feel that this is probably one of the best and the easiest to make money out of only though dedication and knowledge of the topic you are writing on. With increasing number of employers looking to write on a freelance basis and not on fixed lines, youngsters find it easy to write at their own convenience and ease and thus manage their profession time with their personal life timings too.

2. Sports Instructor

Sports Instructor

If you are one of those who was always dug deep into sports and extracurricular activities in school, then this profession is the place to be. This profession does not require anything out of you but just the knowledge of the game and the methods and techniques of playing it. You just need to throw your knowledge and practice on the kids who would come to get guidance and training under you. This way, youngsters get to play and indulge in their favourite sport and also earn money for doing and playing the sport they love. What could be better than that?

1. Office Internships

Office Internships

Not all office internships pay you, but what a youngster could get out of them is immense exposure and a hand on experience on the career profession he is going to pick up in future. It directs a teenager into the right way and propels him to make a decision on his career job and ideas. An internship is for those youngsters who have figured it all out as to what they want to do in life and thus start working right them through their internships in order to make their dream come true and also in order to know as to where they actually stand in the real world.

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