Top 10 Popular Hairstyles for Men

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Gone are the days when the same side parted hair, well-oiled ones where the norm. The extra inch was enough to get you the infamous tag of being a rowdy. The trends have changed today and how! The world of men’s fashion has hit the ground running. From the stylish saloons to the itsy-bitsy combs, the creams and gels are now a must accessory in the gentleman’s pouch of a metro-sexual man. The men today hate to step out in the real tousled out of the bed look, they meticulously plan and painstakingly implement that perfect look. And the women folk today are confused as they love their men in the gorgeous hair but hate to share the mirror time. So with the notion that hair matter to guys, let us check out those perfect hairstyle which make men strut around, looking all drop dead gorgeous.

10. Half shaved

half shaved style

The name says it all, doesn’t it? It has the sides shaved and trimmed to minimal. The top has all the matter. Youngsters love this style for it is easy one to pull off with either a slick suit or the sporty tracks. It is fun for everyone when a guy with this style steps out of the pool or the sea. It is popular for the hassle free look and is obvious choice for summers.

9. Spikes


Who can forget the trend which started out in the Wild West and has everyone under its spell today? From the chubby little 6 year old to those in their thirties, this look is a favorite one. It gives feeling of being a devil and a slick one at that. The menacing bad boy look comes easily with this one. Tough it takes a lot of work every day to get the look right, the raised eyebrows at this audacity more than makes up for the trouble. A little dangerous and a little mysterious, with this style, you can pull it off.

8. Long Locks

Long locks

The look were made famous by Tom Cruise and then by our very own Salman Khan, the world went crazy. The slick and attractive uber cool guy with those locks around eyes managed to catch more than few eyes. The look is plain simple yet it takes work. The need to keep it clean and in check all the time is a task in itself. But what is a little pain when you get to make women hate you for having the perfect hair and love you for the same. This look is complemented by casuals and gives a mean corporate vibe. The bad boy image is what comes across and if that is the goal, go for it.

7. Rough and Messy

7. Rough and messy

One of the popular styles of the year, the look says back off! Plain and simple. The rough and messy is the name and it means business. The effort required is only to let it grow over and out. When the volume increases, get the dresser and snip snap your way to the look. This is perfect for the holidays; the corporate may not take too kindly to it. Don’t let that hold you back and plan ahead for a cool vacation and be prepared for the attention.

6. Morissey and Johnny Cash

Morissey and Johnny Cash

This is one classic look where the length and volume will matter the most. When you reach that length find yourself that serum or magic potion to get the hair to stand straight up. If you have thick hair, this is the look for you. The way to go about is to have a nice shampoo and the whole shenanigan. Blow dries it and use the magic potion in right amount. This will give you a sharp and larger than life persona. It’s perfect for hostile takeover meetings! Jokes apart, this look will inspire confidence and you will love it.

5. Fresh and Trimmed

fresh and trimmed

For those who are not a fan of long locks and don’t consider it worthwhile to invest their time or money in the styling process. This is a cross look between the stern crew cut and the all-out long locks. The freshness here is a no non-sense sporty looks of someone who likes to show their jaw line and do not want the demeanor hidden. The plus of the look is that it doubles up as the cool chilled out party guy, the sporty guy and a businessman. If you are proud of the jaw line, want a slick look and do not want to work too hard for it, this is the one.

4. Gentle and Side-parted


If gentle and placid is what you want to go for, this is the look for it. The artists and poets at heart may not like the rough and hard looks. This is one which will give softness to your face and is apt for the ones who deal with the public and needs to inspire confidence. The softness is undeniable and the misty look will give you a serene look. You might as well have a halo on your head!

3. Short and Messy

short and messy

If you are the one who loves the mess but hates the length, the look is the one for you. The look gives you a guy next door look with that extra element. It is easy to achieve for the look by definition is messy. This is a brother to the out-of-bed look and works well to give the young vibe. It is the one look which shows the maturity with a mixture mischief.

2. Pony Tail

pony tail

If you love the long hair but do not feel that it goes with the ‘office atmosphere’, the solution is here. Try the long locks and keep it in a nice fancy pony tail at the back. Pair it with a wired hairband and be ready to rock the office and the party as well. It gives you the option to be ‘the guy’ at work and play. Try this to be the center of attraction and enjoy the attention.

1. Classic Crew Cut

classic crew cut

The look is eternal and will always be. The officer feel is clear in this cut, clean no non sense style. The old fashioned, men needs to be men look has the ability to get the women to swoon and the men to tip their hats. The look works everywhere is it work or party. One reason why this look is a favorite is that it portrays a singular attitude at all times. The tough strong guy, the one who is made to play the protagonist in every movie. If with one hairstyle, you have to create an impact, it would be this one alone. For the look has a back story and this speaks volume. So if you are looking for a way to be seen, this look says, ‘I have arrived!’

With the evolving fashion, everyone gets a chance to show their personality in every way they want. This is one easy way to tell the world your approach. The clean and cut personality to the messy hardcore ones, take your pick and tell the world freely. So the next monthly visit to the saloon, plan ahead for the killer looks. Haircut is little more than just primness, its ones attitude.

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