Top 10 Places where Youngsters look for a Partner

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Choosing a partner is one of the key decisions of one’s life because your partner is the one who will be affected by your each and every action and similarly you will be affected by theirs. You have to spend your whole life with them. They will be your support, motivation and your guide through different phases of life. Thus choosing the best one is a complicated task as you can’t judge a person in a first look and the first talk and whether s/he is the right one for you. They should have similar perspective towards life as you have along with an amazing chemistry, then only a happy relationship can persist. That’s why youngsters give much importance to finding a partner and here are top 10 places where they often look for potential ones.

10. Shopping places

shopping places

If you thought markets and shopping malls are just to shop you are mistaken. These can also be a hot spot to find a suitable flame as they are always flooded with good looking people especially the ones from your own locality. Also if you observe keenly and pick up on other’s shopping habits, you can get to know about their interests, lifestyle and living standards and thus form a picture of them in your mind. In this way it becomes easier for youngsters to choose somebody with a similar personality.

9. Parks


Young people usually go to park to take a jog, have some fresh air and also to look for a companion while doing so. Parks can be good places for this as once you start going there regularly you will get familiar with many faces and after a while you will feel comfortable to approach them and talk. But it’s important to make sure that this is done only during daytime or else it might attract unwanted trouble or people may consider them as trouble!

8. Society service drives

society service drives

Our Society gives us so much in form of a nice living environment, safety and more. So giving back to the society is a noble task and who knows this good karma of yours might lead to matching you with your true life partner. These are the places where people can find other people with a similar outlook as theirs towards life. The common belief shared by them that if society has given you something it is also your duty to pay it back can help in bringing two right people together. Consequently such social service drives are a great way to meet new people with similar thoughts and communicate with them. You can’t say which random encounter will find you your companion for life.

7. Beach


A beach is not just a fun place to hang around but it can also help you find your perfect match. One can usually see three types of people on a beach – the singles with friends, the alone singles and the couples. Where couple are the easiest to identify as they will be rubbing sun screen on each other’s bodies the other two types are worth going for. The best thing about a beach which I guess is in favor of looking for a partner over there is that everybody over here is in a chilled out mood and open to making new friends and new connections. You see happy smiling faces that are willing to open up.

6. Walking the dogs on street

walking the dog at streets

Ok! I’m not saying this after watching 101 Dalmatians but even your dog can play a crucial role in your love story. When you are out on the streets with your dog, it happens to attract some amount of attention either by the people who find your dog adorable or others who are also out on a walk with their pet. And if by any chance your pets get along with each other then it will lead to a friendship, and maybe later on a stronger connection, between the owners as well.

5. Coffee shops

coffe shop

Coffee shops are usually full of groups of friends and couples who are out on a coffee date but one can also spot few people sitting alone quietly having a cup of coffee. Normally when one is sitting alone in a coffee shop either they were expecting someone but they didn’t show up yet or they are alone and longing for a human company. Young singles keep an eye on such fellow singles and on finding somebody attractive they can make a move by either offering to get their cup of coffee refilled or by simply asking to share the table. Both ways lead to a quick chat where they can get to know each other, their lives and interests. And with a cup of coffee by their side conversations happen to become warmer and better. After all a lot can happen over a coffee!

4. Online


The upcoming phenomena of online dating (e.g. and meeting new people over the internet has been rising on a tremendous rate. With people more hooked to their laptops and computers rather than going outside they also use the power of internet to find a suited partner for themselves. Also sometimes they prefer to meet a person virtually first and know about them through their internet profile and then go out to have a face to face interaction. But this isn’t a good idea always as it also can involve fake profiles, scams and cyber-crime.

3. College


As one enters the college life they get an exposure to the outside world in a way they have never had before. Also this is the time when one craves for human relations, be it due to peer pressure or due to emotional needs. And they start looking for a partner in the college itself. College is in fact a great place to look for a partner as you spend a lot of time over there and with a lot of people so you can analyse them and get to know that who is the one for you. College is a pool of perspective partners and you never know your better half might be sitting next to you everyday in class.

2. Clubs


Clubs are the most happening joints of city because they are always full of people having a drink or enjoying with friends. Being so they also act as an apt place to find a partner as while in a club a person is in its true avatar, especially when drunk! At a club, people also appear to be more approachable and it’s easy to start a conversation and develop a bond. Therefore single people often go clubbing to look for a partner.

1. In Friends of Friends

in friends of friends

This is one of the most secure manners to look for an idle partner as your friends know everything about you and also about their other friends so they can be tremendous at judging that who will be right for you. Also being concerned about you, you can be sure of the fact that they will never set you up with a wrong kind of person. For this the young lot often goes to parties where they can ask their buddies to introduce them to more people and have a healthy interaction with them. Who knows your friend might turn out as an amazing matchmaker!

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