Top 10 Places to Visit Before you Die

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Traveling is one and the only way in which we can escape the places we are grounded to and seek new experiences and new culture. These bring with themselves new ideas and new thoughts which in turn affect the way you live apart from making for remarkable memories. People who travel are more than often full of stories and interesting experiences. These people are connecting to and drawing towards themselves fresh experiences all the time. They are bound to be more comfortable with being alone than others. For such souls full of wanderlust here’s a list of top 10 places one should absolutely visit before they die.

10. Japanese island of Hashima (Gunkanjima)

This island is located off the coast of Japan, 15 kms from Nagasaki. It’s known for its coal mines during the period of industrialization that happened in Japan. Now it’s uninhabited. It has recently gained limelight in the discussions on modern ruins due to its structure and housing complexes. It has featured in many documentaries on urban heritages as well. And of course it was the home of the villain in the recent James Bond movie. It’s a must visit to witness how modern places if abandoned decay slowly.

9. Glow worm caves in Waitoma, New Zealand

Waitoma caves are known for population of glowworms. This particular species of glowworm is only found in the area and nowhere else. The cave was known to the local Maori people for quite some time but it’s only in the 19th century that they were explored by an English explorer with the help of maori chief. They went in through what is now the exit of the caves. The English explorer was not only mesmerized by the glowworms but also by the various limestone formations on the walls that reflect light in various colors. Geologists say that it’s volcanic activity that created these caves millions of years ago. The caves are divided into three levels. The first starts with the catacombs then is connected deep to the second level through a 16m shaft made of limestone. The final level is further down to the stream and the jetty. There’s a cathedral as well.

8. Tigers nest, Bhutan

Bhutan is carefully tucked between India and China. It’s so remote that until recent years not many people could visit it. Near Paro is located Taktsang Monastery also known as Tiger’s nest. It’s where Padmasambhava the Buddhist monk who brought Buddhism to lands of Bhutan meditated. It was however, built in the 17th century. To reach the tiger’s nest one has to undertake an hike up the mountain, it’s moderately difficult. It usually takes 3-4 hours depending on the stamina to climb up. The trek is usually undertaken after 1-2 days of stay in Bhutan so that a person is acclimatized to the altitude.

7. Tianzi mountains, China

Located in the Hunan province of China it’s named after a leader of an ethnic group who led a successful local farmer’s revolt it’s after him that the mountain are called Tianzi. It means “Sons of heaven” and is the traditional epithet for the emperor of China. It’s a part of a natural reserve and the breathtaking view can be achieved from atop the mountain. It’s reached through a cable car from the valley down the steep slopes. It’s one of the most breathtaking mountain forests of the world and is known as the “monarch of the peak forest”. There are many legends attached with the mountains.

6. Great blue hole of Belize

Great blue hole is 70 km from the Belize city and is a large sinkhole. Blue holes is the term used for circular depression that are remarkable for the color difference between them and the surroundings. The water circulation is poor in these holes and below a certain life no marine life can survive. They are said to be formed during the ice age when the sea level was lower than the present. The blue hole at Belize is one of the best in the world, surrounded by a reef the color contrasts makes it all the more mesmerizing.

5. Valley of Flowers, India

Valley of Flowers is located in Uttrakhand in India. It’s known for the blossoming of hundreds of species of flowers during the months of July-September. It’s only accessible during these months and is closed for the major part of the year since it’s covered with snow. The flowers vary in sizes and colors. Some are so small that it’s difficult to distinguish between them at times. It’s a paradise for botanists from around the world. It’s accessed only through trekking which is moderately difficult. It’s under the government authorities and staying inside after dark is not allowed. So often people have to camp outside and go back in the second day if they want to explore it fully.

4. Hang son doong caves, Vietnam

Hand son doong caves are the biggest caves known to the world as of now. They are located near Laos-Vietnam border and is a network of 150 caves. The end of which is still to be discovered. They are located deep into the forests and were explored only recently and in August 2013 first guided tour took place. It’s so huge that it can accommodate 40 story skyscrapers. It’s said that these caves were used during the American- Vietnam war to hide bombardments but were recently discovered by British explorers. Getting there is quite a task in itself but the uniqueness certainly makes it one of the places one needs to visit before dying.

3.  Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a rugged cost line area in North Italy. Riomaggiore is a colorful town situated on the eastern side of the cost. It’s known for continued habitation since 13th century, there are rock shaped houses stacked on top of the hilly cliffs. There’s a warf and an ancient site nearby. It’s especially known for the vineyards and the high quality wine. There’s a small beach too, framed by houses on all sides which makes for a very serene and surreal view.

2.Black Forest, Germany

Black Forests in South west Germany are known not only for their scenic beauty but also for the history and the culture that they encompass. There are many historic towns and a museum which shows the culture of 16-17th century mountain life. There’s a gorge and various rivers that flow through the area. The handicraft industry specializes in wood carving and culinary tastes include special pastries. Many great figures have said to have visited the area. Some towns to explore will include claw and Freiburg. The mountains of Fledberg are loved by backpackers and the Triberg waterfalls, one of the most beautiful in the country, too are within the region.

1. Abisko, Sweden

Abisko in Sweden is best place to experience one of a kind experience of witnessing the Aurora  Borealis. A phenomenon that can take your breath away with its glittering shimmer of greens and other colors. Although Auroras can be seen on higher latitudes all across northern hemisphere, Abisko is an especially calm and quiet place where there’s much more clarity and the frequency is also quite a bit as compared to the other places. The nearest airport is only 100ks away and the best time to go will be between December-March.

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