Top 10 Places Considered as the Best Honeymoon Destinations

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Ok so the big fat wedding is over and the last guest has left, now the big question what next? No prizes for guessing though, plan for a honeymoon zero upon a perfect location and ZOOOOM….!! Take off..!!.  You may have already spent days and months planning you wedding so don’t waste any time researching about a location to spend the most memorable time post nuptials. Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes and I’m here to help you choose or at least enlighten you about the best in the world which are romantic, memorable and at the same time affordable and doable. So read on to know the top 10 places considered as honeymoon destination:

10. Mexico

Mexico is the city you must choose if you wish to visit an inviting honeymoon destination with exotic surroundings, fascinating culture and warm hearted people as your hosts.  The place gives you everything that you ask for a memorable honeymoon with super luxury villas with an oceanic view, private pools, massage and spa centre’s and top-notch hotels providing candle-lit dinners under the moonlight  to spend the most romantic time of your life. For honeymooners there are three places in Mexico that you don’t want to miss and these unique destinations are Nueva Vallarta, Mayan Riviera and Huatulco. The beautiful natural settings with lush green vegetation and the exotic beaches are ever ready to please the newlyweds. So Mexico offers you everything to have a truly memorable and romantic honeymoon.

9. Florida

Friends are perfect when we talk about fun and adventure but who says we can’t have the same fun after we are married? If you are looking for a place with lots of action packed adventure and exciting honeymoon with warm-hearted people, good weather and a plethora of activities to do then don’t waste any time thinking twice before booking your tickets to Florida. We just can’t deny the fact that there is no better place for a perfect honeymoon than Florida because it has something for everyone. The affordable packages which includes vast culinary to choose from and unique settings to spend your time and also a trip to Disney world will bring back the child in you. The nightlife of South Miami Beach, the Everglades eco-safari, the historic St.Augustine and the most amazing sunset at the Gulf Islands National Seashore is a treat for your eyes.

8. Italy

If you are looking for a place filled with tradition, intimacy and romance then Italy is the place you must head to for your honeymoon.  We can’t choose a specific location in Italy as once you are there you will love them all, the old classic churches, paintings, wonderful museums and art galleries you are sure to have a fabulous time.   Now as these are not enough to tempt you the whirlwind of available activities at Rome, the undeniable romantic side of Venice, the fun filled nights of Milan for those who love fashion and nightlife and the amazing and beautiful view of mountains, lakes and gardens of the Lake Cuomo is an ideal setting for a walk with your loved one alone.

7. Aruba

If it is intimacy you are looking for then, Aruba has everything to cater to your needs. A must visit resort for Lovebirds, Aruba is the place if you want to just relax and enjoy and revel in the post-marriage privacy.  It is only 20 miles long and 6 miles wide but has everything from restaurants, great wine, a lavish honeymoon room for the newlywed, romantic private dinner with a setting of preferred theme, nightclubs for those who relax in the morning and would like to have fun in the night and it also has casinos and clubs to try your luck at gambling with lady luck by your side.

6. Greece

If you ask for a cute, memorable, and a romantic holiday post marriage with a little shade of ancient civilization and diverse culture then Greece is your place.  The Greek Islands are one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations thanks to the Mykonos and Santorini Islands offering readymade and affordable packages suiting the tastes of each and every couple. This can be the first choice for those who want to only enjoy at night as there is no match for the nightlife at Athens, and the sunset at Cape Sounion which is worth watching a thousand times.

5. Fiji

Fiji is a perfect place for couples who prefer quiet and a peaceful yet sensual honeymoon. Well appointed, clean and spacious rooms with a scent of tropical flowers, intimate dining in private locations, open air picnics, and sitting in the arms of your better half under the moonlight. The whole trip to Fiji will be nothing short of a fairytale and as soon as you land there deep down your heart you will realize that this is paradise.   The tropical Islands of Fiji like Tokoriki Island resort, Likuliku resort, Vomo resort and not to forget the best the Turtle Island resort are consistently rated as one of the best honeymoon destinations by several travel magazines.

4. Thailand

Thailand is surely a couples place and filled with only love and romance. Thailand boasts of the diversity and variety it offers in its packages and it is a dream destination for the honeymooners who look beyond adventure and seclusion. With a fabulous array of resorts and Islands with gracious and charming people at your service you are sure to feel home.  The once in a lifetime honeymoon can be even more special at Thailand when you trek atop the majestic elephants through the lush green and dense forests or enjoy a relaxing spa at the Thailand’s best spa and massage centers.

3. Hawaii

It won’t be wrong if we say god took special care while creating Hawaii, as this is tailor made keeping in mind only the honeymooners. On this magical Island you can have a good time with your better half by soaking in the sun in the morning by the pool side or beach and then spend the entire night on a long walk witnessing the beautiful view of the sunset, candlelit dinners with soft music in the background and the nightclubs.  The starlit St. Regis Resort in Kauai, the whales dancing in the water off the Island of Maui, and the garden of the gods present in Lanai these are must see when you are in Hawaii for a honeymoon.

2. Bali

Bali is a great location for honeymoon totally away from the usual hustle and bustle. A shining fusion of sun, sand, waves and world class luxury, Bali is an Island that is heavenly all year long. The unadulterated natural beauty, lush green forests, luxurious resorts and hotels, tasty cuisine and private terrace they all make your stay at Bali memorable. Ubud for sure is the best place to visit in Bali but make sure you don’t miss the Kayana Villas,  Menjangan Resort, and the Samaya Seminyak unless you want to regret later. Bali is a vibrant land providing different activities for the couples to enjoy and your stay is sure to enthrall you for a lifetime.

1. Bahamas

Bahamas as a honeymoon destination is exquisite, the Island provides the best and the most romantic honeymoon a couple could ever ask for with around 700 Islands and almost 2400 cays and all of them surrounded by splendid beaches and warm people to welcome you with a private beach side bungalow this is the least you could ask for a secluded and romantic honeymoon.  The couples can involve in numerous activities ranging from exploring underwater caves, relaxing on secluded beaches, and going to shopping for the handmade crafts of the Bahamas, If you get bored even then you can just sit and entertain yourself just staring at the scenic beauty of Bahamas. So Bahamas is nothing short of a piece of heaven for the newlyweds.

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