Top 10 Most Overrated Things Ever

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There are different things we see around us every day. We see people gushing madly over a number of things and proclaiming their brilliance to whoever would care to listen. And more often than not, we tend to accept whatever they say. We believe and believe in certain things, buy things and spend a lot of time over them because we are told they are awesome. They might increase our status quo, social standing or our happiness. But some of these things just don’t live up to the hype that surrounds them. We get swept away by the silliest of crazes, regardless of whether they’ve been set by tradition and convention or no. If anything is trending, we tend to follow them blindly, without actually looking deeper into the hype. We don’t care if these things are worth our time and money or not. If it is popular, we go for it. That’s that. While a lot of things are overrated, here is a list of the most overrated things, in my opinion.

10. College Life

college life

College life seems to be one, big, four year, party. Endless late nights, movies, dates and clubs are so inviting at first. Outwardly, it looks amazing, like a dream come true. However, it is only a façade. People like to portray themselves as having a lot of fun and really living their life while they are young. College life is simply overrated. Beneath all the parties, there is a constant stress of having to perform. Of maintaining perfect grades with a perfect social life, eating anything yet having a killer body. The expectations out of college life are far too many. You have to impress people you don’t like just to make it to an esteemed group or club. College life is nothing like as seen on TV or movies.

9. Starbucks


With Starbucks opening in our country nearly every other day, we see long lines of people waiting to get in and have a sip of that famous Caramel Macchiato which they could only have every other time they travel abroad. But at the end of the day, it’s only coffee and light snacks. Big deal. Not to mention the fact that they are severely overpriced. The general population also gets very excited about the fact that Starbucks writes your name on the cup before it serves it. Is it shocking to know that someone can use a pen and spell your name? You could probably buy really good coffee beans and make equally nice, if not better, coffee in the comfort of your own home if you tried hard enough.

8. Oreos


Oreos have been trending like nobody’s business over the internet lately. People make tall claims about the extent they would go to just to get their hands on a packet of these biscuits. It is really beyond me, what is so tempting about them. They are simply two chocolate biscuits with a layer of cream slathered in between. Britannia does the same which is probably ten times tastier. Also, the number of calories in those things and the sugar content? They’re far from a healthy snack. Their popularity beats me. Next time you pick up a packet of Oreos, you might want to look at the calorie rating and price to decide if it’s worth it or whether you are simply buying it because everyone eats them and you dare not be left out.

7. Clubbing


Every person I have been acquainted with can’t wait for the weekend in order to hit the club. A lot of youngsters eagerly wait for their twenty first birthday or get fake IDs made in order to get into night clubs. I do not understand what it that draws them towards night clubs is. Is it the overpriced alcohol or the lack of space? Or could it be the vast number of public displays of affection, the claustrophobia, the want of seating, the intolerable amounts of smoke? You could have an equally good time at home with cheaper booze and a nice group of friends. You wouldn’t have to spend hours standing in a single spot, bobbing your head up and down to the music in uncomfortably tight clothing. You could chill around at home in your pyjamas while dancing to the same tunes and have fun!

6. Branded Clothing


Every year, people spend tons of money over clothes because they come from so called “brands”. Sure, you can’t be expected to buy clothes off the street and brands are required to a reasonable level to ensure quality and design. But what about overpriced, top of the line clothes, bags and shoes which make no sense, whatsoever? So someone has a 300$, tiny little Tory Burch clutch. Who cares? It’s just a little showpiece with “wannabe” written all over it. People only desire it in order to show the world that they have nicer things. The job of clothes is to cover the body. If decent looking, reasonably priced ones do it, why do you need to spend an absurd amount of money on a label?

5. Shakespeare’s Writing


We tend to regard things we do not understand with a different degree of reverence. I assume that is why we place Shakespeare’s works so highly in front of us. Poems have been written on his greatness. But how much of his works do we actually understand in order to appreciate them fully? And even if we do understand them, are they worth our appreciation? Or do we just respect him because he wrote during an era when many couldn’t? The questions and possibilities are endless. But point is, his work is overrated. Sure, he has the occasional thought provoker such as “All the world’s a stage” but apart from that, he was just a man who used flowery language which cannot be understood by most of us until and unless we sit with a Victorian era dictionary!

4. Celebrity Fame

celebrity fame

Everyone around wants to be a celebrity, all of a sudden. There is something about the fame that absolutely wows them. But that fame is only a happy picture for the media. Behind all that, is a terrible life of insecurity and uncertainty. You might be popular and wanted one day, but not offered a single script the next. Every move of yours is closely followed by the paparazzi. You have to look good all the time and deprive your tongue of delicious flavours. You may never leave the house without any makeup for it will make the front page of next day’s gossip report. Every action is monitored. The whole world knows who you love and hate. A life of such scrutiny and lack of privacy isn’t worth any amount of money. It is simply overrated by people not willing to see the hard reality.

3. Fancy, Ivy League Education

fancy education

People spend their whole life doing things they don’t want to do in order to get an education from a top notch university which they may not even need. Society commands a high amount of respect for people who sacrifice the best years of their life in order to make it to a university and get an education which is thought to be prestigious. Education that comes with a high price tag just isn’t worth it. Sure, you have a few like Mark Zuckerberg who made it big after graduating from Harvard but then again, look at how big Steve Jobs made it after dropping out of college. If you have passion and motivation, institutional education is not something that will necessarily help you grow. Life can be a better teacher than all the Ivy League universities put together.

2. Smartphones


A smartphone is a creature comfort that we have come to accept as a basic necessity in life. In fact, it is just the opposite. It was a bothersome tool that makes sure you are connected to the whole world at all times. We have lost the concept of a vacation or going off the radar. We are constantly available whether we like it or not. The basic need of a phone is to make calls. We use it as an addiction. Try spending a week without your smartphone and see the amount of peace and quiet that you will be blessed with. Check your email strictly when you are using your computer, play real life board games instead of virtual ones and spend time with your family. Now that is underrated.

1. Marriage


Marriage is one of those things that fail me. Absurd amount of money is spent on only exchanging a few words which make sure people are bound together forever and have to bear with each other until death. Sure, we has humans are social animals but why do we have to spend our whole life with only one person? We should be free to love as many people as we want as long each institution is pure. Why do you have to live with a single person forever in a constant, mundane routine? Marriage is overrated. One can be happy without it.

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