Top 10 Most Overrated Artists

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“It is possible to gain a reputation as a serious and important artist on the basis of work devoid of seriousness and importance.” – Geoff Dyer

Every creation deserves applause. But smacking exaggeration is simply cannot be accepted. An estimating capability of an individual perhaps would able to sort out the problem of hype and over appraisal. It does not mean that we should at once start figuring out faults as soon as we find a creative work. But the point is why going into underestimation or overestimation? A genuine remarks or appreciations may help all to walk in a concrete way. Here are some mentioned artists who are world famous for their utmost creativity in term of paintings but according to wide survey, it was found that these artists are simply overrated. It is true that they have presented us with several beautiful creations but judging them by keeping aside the emotions and tribute attached to them; it seems as if they enjoyed the fruits of overestimated popularity. In contradiction to the “Overrated” term, Artist Kiki Smith once pointed out that reputations are static. She says; “People whom you think of as overrated at one moment can fade away very quickly, or will sometimes be seen later in a different light that makes their work more appealing.”

10) Georgia O’Keeffe:-

o keefe

Born in November 15, 1887, Georgia O’ Keeffe was an American artist who came into lime light at the New York art community in 1916. While some people appreciate its awe inspiring creation, on the other hand some believe her work to be overrated. She stands as a true epitome of Modernist painter who efficiently tried to incorporate her independent spirit and reflective sensitivity of the liveliness of natural forces. Alfred Stieglitz, a very prominent figure during the history of arts who holds a distinct position for his sexist reviews also had to change his visionary idea through some works of Georgia O’ Keeffe. But according to some reviews, experts claimed that Georgia O’ Keeffe’s art portrays the miseries of a woman in a male dominated world in her repetitive stuffs and it seems as if she was bromide while bringing out her creations. But though dominated by male, she tried to establish a separate and unique space for female artists in realm of arts.

9) Lisa Yuskavage:-


Lisa Yuskavage the American painter over the past two decades carefully categorized herself as a “Bad girl painter” by her constant engagement with the female form. Nudity is the most common feature which overruled her paintings. Scientific research has shown that the rich men loves to see nude pictures of women have huge breasts and thus Lisa Yuskavage received her immense popularity through selling such erotic pictures in a handsome amount. Since decades Yuskavage had her solo exhibitions in various art museums which got enormous popularity. Beautiful landscapes with cartoonist, vulgar, erotic pictures of women are the key factors of her paintings.

8) Thomas Kinkade:-


“A lot of artists really sort of loathe Thomas Kinkade” says one of an art expert named Kevin Evans though he was loved by ample. Thomas Kinkade the American Painter calls himself as the “Painter of Life” brings much idealized views of the world through his paintings. The critics dislike towards him may because of his stagnant, static, and formulaic way of creating images. Being a politically conservative Christian, Kinkade claimed to be hugely collected living artist. He was very much popular for carrying out a mass a marketing of his work through the help of his company named Thomas Kinkade Company.

7) Vincent Van Gogh:-

van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh a very influential figure of 20th century whose post expressionist attitude with bold colors was very much popular during that time. His paintings are indeed evocative and iconic to several admirers of his and thus the Dutch painter received immense glory even after his death. His paintings ranks among the most expensive portraits even been auctioned. He turned up to be a great prolific painter just within 10 years of his artistic career.

6) Paul Jackson Pollock:-

jackson pllock

Widely famous for his drip painting, Paul Jackson Pollock, an American painter became the heartthrob for his expressionist movement in his creations. But is abstract Expressionism overrated? If yes then Jackson Pollock’s paintings are also overrated, as abstract expression is the key factor of his works.  One of the Jackson Pollock’s paintings which was entirely a collection of hippie browns and yellows and was called a drip painting was sold for $140 million. Now is not simply overrated?

5) Andy Warhol:-

andy warhol

A renowned but a controversial artist, Andy Warhol was the painter of Pop arts of Visual art. He was much involved into whimsical and frank paintings and gained fame because of his casual ink drawing in a shoe advertisement. He was more of an advertisement illustrator than being a painter in true sense. And thus Andy’s popularity and frank paintings were regarded as frontal assault by many including William De Kooning. Pop culture and art form did bring revolution in American taste and Andy Warhol being a true practitioner, gained superb fame and support.

4) Marc Chagall:-


Marc Chagall’s work was entirely anomalous and his figurative style and varied output made internationally recognized. Within the so called Ecole- de- Paris, Marc Chagall became a popular figure there after moving to France. He never restricted himself to any particular style, instead interwove various painting styles like Cubism, Fauvism, Surrealism etc.

3) Mark Rothko:-


The Jewish descent, Mark Rothko, was also an epitome for expressionist movement and famous for his abstract painting. He was a painter whose paintings were sold in huge number and had an immense hike in auction. But Rothko, despite having so much fame feared that people purchased his paintings out of mere fashion and not by understanding the true purpose of his creation. His rectangular forms of items floating on colors were often criticized and were termed as infants or cave dweller’s painting.

2) Kazimir Malevich:-


Kazimir Malevich’s painting “Black Square” was auctioned and sold for an amount of US$1 million and the purchase was financed by Vladimir Potanin, the Russian Philanthropist. His painting titled” Supermatist Composition” was auctioned at a higher price than the earlier.But Malevich was criticized hugely for his contradiction in the form of art when love was purely blended in almost every art. The Russian painter Kazimir on the other hand claims that art can develop on its own and it need no artists to create it.

1) Pablo Picasso:-


Pablo Picasso, the Spanish artist held an esteemed position through his significant development in sculptors, paintings etc. Some experts regarded Pablo Picasso as great as Michelangelo. What do you think? Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ which was so called based on war is world famous till date. The painting comprises of fragments of figures reassembled randomly and it was said to portray the aftermath of bombing which happened in Guernica. Even Pablo Picasso’s painting gets hikes during auction and one of the China’s richest man bought Picasso’s painting for $28 million.

Still as it’s universally accepted that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the taste varies, thus it is totally an individual’s right how he satisfy his taste through various means of  artistic works. No such categorization shall affect one’s inclination towards one’s own taste.

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    Great list

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