Top 10 Occasions that are Considered as a Milestone of a Person’s Life

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Shakespeare said that. “Life is a journey from cradle to coffin”. That journey is a union of many individual happenings, the happening can be both sad and happy but it doesn’t matter. What matter is that you move forward in your life, you learn new things; you meet new people, make new friends. These are not just the individual prominent events that complete your life but every single second of your life has equal significance.

A person experiences many things in his lifetime, some of the experience are those which he himself chose to experience in his life and some of them are those which God wanted him to experience.  Everyone wants to have good experiences in his life, but these are not the good occurring that makes a life worth value, these are the hardships, bad occurrings and unwanted incidents that makes a person’s life valuable. A person can chose either to live an easy life or he can choose to go for the unobvious, try for something new and then achieve it. At the end of the day, everyone has to die, the life will come to an end and all you will be left with is a tombstone, the only difference will be what people choose to write on your tombstone after you death, that one sentence on the stone will representing you entire life, all your efforts and milestone of life will summarized into one single line.

Life can easily be compared with a game having different levels; the player overcomes the obstacle in the game and then completes a certain level. Similarly a human overcomes the hurdles and complicated in order to reach a certain milestone of his life. Different people have different goals in life but there are certain milestones which remain same for every human and holds equal weight age. The top 10 occasions that are considered as the milestone of a person’s life are:

10. Getting first job:

Getting the first job is always something awesome and amazing. It makes you independent, you earn your money and you can spend it just the way you want. Getting a job means that you would have to cut down all your extra activities, you can no longer watch the movies; hang out all the time and waste time sleeping. Instead you would have to give all your attention to your work, once you get done with the work then only you can do the other activities. Getting a job brings a vast change in a person’s life. It shows that you have finally grown up

9. Falling in love:

Love is the beauty of life, life is always alluring and love enhances the prepossessing of it. Love brings color in your life, you are no longer alone, you have a partner with whom you can share your life. Love basically completes your life. Falling in love is very amazing but falling in love with the person who loves is even more splendid.

8. Getting Accepted to the College:

Getting a degree is very important in life; the life of college is very different from studies high school. When enrolled in the college, a person enters into the professional environment. Your college life decides what career path you will be choosing. The rest of your life depends on it.

7. Death of a loved one:

Death is a very powerful & strong phenomenon, seeing someone die with your own eyes is something which can completely change your prospective of life. Death of a person can be very horrifying experience, especially of someone you love or you are closed to. It seems like that a constant part of your life has disappeared somewhere and you can never get it back no matter how hard you try. The most difficult phase is accepting that the person is gone and is never coming back; all you are left with are few memories. This is a very important milestone of a person’s life.

6. Buying first house:

You spend starting years of your life at your parent’s house, when you are finally mature enough to live on your own, you move out. You are at the brink of what we call young adulthood but you are not in a position of buying your place so you rent out a small apartment. After completing your education and getting a proper job and after the hard work of years you finally manage to save enough money to buy a decent house, your first own property. That occasion of your life holds a very vital importance in a person’s life.

5. Retiring:

After years and years of work, you finally retire. This is the time when your life takes a roundabout; you are once again free to do whatever you want. You free yourself from constant pressure of life; you now have to time to enjoy the remaining years of life with peace, do the things you always wanted to do but never had enough time. You longer have to worry about earning money, taking care of the children or making a successful career; you are through all this now.

4.Wedding day:

The wedding day is very important event of every man and woman, this your special day. Your wedding day is all about you, you are the most important person on your wedding. Getting married means entering into a new life, now you are not alone but you have a partner with whom you will be spending the rest of your life, the decisions of the life will be made collectively not individually, your lives depends on each other, you will be sharing a life together, you will cherish and love each other.

3. 30th birthday:

After the 30th birthday you enter an entirely new phase of life, you are no longer young, so you have to make a lot of efforts to look young, you have to change your life style completely, start following a diet plan, go for regular exercises, taking care of your health. Most of the times people have a complete family life by the time you reach 30’s but there are few people who don’t so it’s to hurry up and start looking for a partner before it’s too late. The 30th birthday brings a lot of changes in a person’s life

2. Birth of the first child:

Parents spend 9 months of their life waiting for the little life to enter their life and when that little angle comes, it is the happiest moment of their life. Giving birth is the most awaited occasion of a woman’s life and becoming a father is the happiest moment of a man, becoming a parent feels really good; it is basically the start of the family, the family of your own. A child brings happiness & prosperity in your life.

1. Being Born:

When a person is asked about the most important day in his life, then he give you many different answer, the answers will vary from person to person. But the truth is that the most important day of your life is the day you were born, the first day of your life. This is where your story starts so your birth is the most important milestone of your life.

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