Top 10 New Year Resolutions that are Meant to be Broken

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Oh My God!! I can’t remember a single thing!! Reading this title I am trying to remember my this year’s New year Resolutions. All I can remember is I followed none of those. Sad! But I figured out something now, few rules are meant to be broken and my new year resolution is one of those. Every year we take resolutions (I don’t understand why?; when we don’t follow them.) Last year me and my friend Jerry together took a new year resolution; we decided that we will stop smoking or reduce it to some extent. And when I called him after 4 months and asked what happened to our resolution and what’s his progress. He replied, “I followed it for initial months and then it slipped away from my mind and I couldn’t understand when it became regular again” This is all that happens to everyone of us. Smoking was just an example here’s a list of 10 such resolutions.

10. I will Follow my Resolutions

Follow Resolution

What can be funnier than this? A resolution to follow resolutions!! (*lol*) But yes, a few of us keep this as their resolution. It is like a rule to follow rules. Looking back when we discover ‘Oh my god! I never ever followed any of resolutions from past years’, we add this as our next year’s resolution list. And the funny thing is that we don’t follow this resolution too. Not following the resolution made to follow other resolutions; why do we make new year resolutions? Although it’s funny, it is in the top list.

9. I will Study Regularly 

Regular study

A little boring but a must job for every one of us. STUDY. Being in school and college this was my most favorite new year resolution. My mother always kept telling me to study regularly and finish the given portion in given deadline. And let me tell you something, just because my mother said and because I couldn’t follow her words, I made this resolution. Though it is a different thing that I couldn’t follow that for more than 2 months.

8. I will try to keep the Environment Clean

Keep environment Clean

We people are so irresponsible that we take this as our resolution and break it. While thinking about my new year resolutions, when I looked  back, I discovered so many wrong things i did unknowingly and I decided to be a good person again. When I go to park, i don’t put the garbage in dustbin instead i throw it somewhere. When i smoke i don’t put those filters in dustbin properly. This has to be changed! I should change myself. Urinating by roadside fences and spitting in public places is no good thing. Everyone thinks this way sitting at the home deep in thoughts. But when there comes time to act we don’t give a damn, we forget every single decision we made. (#CommonHumanBehaviour) No worries, I will try to keep the environment clean this year onwards! (*Laugh*)

7. I won’t Bribe and won’t support Corruption

Dont suppport corruption

A social cause! This is something very important and should not be ignored. But because of our human psychological characteristics and ignorance we always commit this mistake. It’s nothing like we don’t understand this, we do. But while acting we think what difference a single person will make by not doing this. Everyone does, what’s wrong if I did? None of us intentionally support corruption, there are reasons, right? So, deplorably I am listing this as a New Year resolution, that is meant to be broken.

6. I will keep neatly shaved beard daily and avoid keeping long hairs

Avoid large beard

There are few of us who keep this as their new year resolution. Being influenced from some filmy character or from some cool guy, we start growing our hairs thinking that we are looking exactly alike him; but we actually look worse, everyone knows this except us. And one day when we realize the fact, we cut our hair and then someone give us a compliment, buddy, you’re looking nice in short hairs! (*LOL*) Just imagine our feeling. And another thing is about beard, sometimes we don’t get time to shave and sometimes we don’t shave just like that. And we look ugly. And still we avoid the fact.

5. I will take a Bath Daily

Bath Daily

Another funny thing. Only for those who don’t take a bath daily. (Not because they don’t want to but because they don’t get time and weariness) Anyways, I believe taking bath everyday is one most important thing because my mother taught me ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. (*LOL LOL*) You won’t believe but there’s a big number of people take this resolution every year. But they can’t help their habit and again upon taking this resolution don’t take a bath and move it to not to do list. We understand being neat and clean is important and because we understand, we take this oath every damn year. (*LOL*)

4. I will start Saving Money

Save Money

I always wished to buy a cell phone with my own saved money. Every year I make a separate resolution for this money thing. I spend too much money on silly things which i don’t even remember later on. This is the story of every one of us. We spend money on useless things, spend so much that at the end of the month there’s always an economical fall. We wish to make saving as our habit but we can’t do it, that’s why we put it on our resolution list and we don’t even understand when this big point slips from to do list to not to do list. And that way we always end up being a jerk! (*LOL*)

3. I will get up early in the morning

Get up early

Early to bed early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise! Do you remember this saying from our childhood? Our mom or granny used to tell this to us. Guys, Does it make any sense? No! These people don’t know the ecstasy in late night sleep and afternoon wake ups. Right? It’s fun! But sometimes I feel like I wasted my complete day by waking up at afternoon. I feel very dull and that very moment I decide, no matter what happens but I will wake up early in the morning from tomorrow. I am keeping this as my resolution from last two years. But never followed! (*LOL*)

2. I will continue Gym

Continue Gym

Story of a everyday! I join a gym. I go gym for the first 10 days regularly then one day I don’t wish like going there, so I take a break and skip it that day. After few more days , I completely understand the fact that this gym thing is not for me because it makes me so tired, makes my schedule too hectic and i can’t focus on my other things. According to a survey in USA, gyming business have maximum number of admissions in the month of Jan and Feb. And very few people are there who actually continues it for the rest of the year.

1. I will Quit Smoking

stop smoking. good resolution in the calendar

This resolution should be awarded as the most un-followed resolution of the year. Every smoker quit smoking more than one time. And for that he takes such resolution and, a few who know themselves very well, they instead take, I will control my smoking habit and will put a limit to it. This resolution is being followed for not more than 20 days at max. Over those 20 days the first one who decided to quit smoking starts in a controlled manner and the other one who decided to control starts in a regular manner.

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