Top 10 Musicals of all Times

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 Movies have always been an extraordinary source of entertainment. There are of course many categories in the film-industry, action, comedy, romance, thriller, drama, horror and then there are musicals. Though they have grown “out of fashion” now-a-days, but a musical perfectly made can still entertain you till the end; plus will gain all the praises and hits. Musicals always have a soothing and sometimes dramatic affect on us. I mean, yes, we love rom-coms and actions, but a good musical, once in a while, not only entertains you but also soothes your nerves. If you are bored with the stereotypical movie genres, watch a musical. If you cannot find one then here is a list of 10 best musicals of all times that you might want to watch, and then may be watch again.

10. The Phantom Of The Opera


Adapted from a musical of the same name (1986), The Phantom of Opera was released in 2004 where Gerard Butler plays the role of Erik (the Phantom). It is a beautiful story depicting the twisted love story between Erik, Christine and Raoul. In the process of winning Christine, Phantom realizes that if he truly loved her he’d let her go and so he let her leave with her one true love Raoul. The movie ends with an aged Raoul going to Christine’s tombstone in 1919 where he sees a red rose tied with a black ribbon; he then realizes that Phantom had always loved her.

9. The Wizard Of Oz


The movie was first released in 1939 and then re-released in 1949. It has been more than seven decades since this musical was released and yet it is counted as one of the best. The story is about a girl named Dorothy who lives in the city of Kansas (shown in tinted-sepia). She and Toto (her dog) land in the strange land of Oz (Technicolor) where she accidently kills the wicked witch of the East and befriends the good witch of the North, Glinda; which makes them the enemy of the wicked witch of the West. The whole story revolves around the adventures of this girl and her friends, the Tin-Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion; their journey to meet the great Wizard of oz and what happens next.

8. Tommy


Tommy was released in 1975 and became a hit. A British musical based on a rock opera album Tommy, it tells the story of a boy named Tommy, who after seeing his father accidentally being murdered by his mom and his stepfather, goes into shock and becomes “deaf, dumb and blind” (he was told, “you didn’t hear it, you didn’t see it, you won’t say nothing to no-one”). He could only see his reflection, which tells us that all these problems were not real, but actually a result of his mind. He later becomes a pinball king, making his mama rich. Later when he earns his senses back, he creates a new religion and gives pinball a spiritual meaning. Things get ugly and he escapes from the so-called religious group he had made. The movie returns to the scene where it all started, denoting a new beginning for Tommy. The whole journey of his life is told in the form of songs.

7. Chicago


Chicago is a 2002 movie based in the early 1920s. Set in Chicago it tells the story of two murderesses, Roxie (a naïve housewife at first, who dreams of becoming a vaudevillian, and later kills her lover, thus landing in jail) and Velma (a showgirl, popular and charming, who is accused and arrested for the murder of her husband and her sister). They both land up in the same jail. Roxie slowly becomes famous, gaining the hate of Velma, and thus the rivalry begins. The eternal fight for media attention and popularity begins between the two of them. It also stars Richard Gere and Queen Latifah, as a lawyer and jail warden respectively.
It is a satirical movie, which makes a startling revelation about the lives of celebrities, the scandals and corruption. It was named “the best musical in 30 years” by a critic named Tim Robey. The movie was nominated for thirteen Academy Awards and won six of them (including the one for Best Picture).

6. Singin’ in the Rain


This movie is different from all the other musicals. Mostly we see musicals adapted from some Broadway play, but the script for this movie was original. It was so original that it was adapted as a Broadway play. It was released in 1952 as a comedy musical film. It tells the story of actors who are from the silent film era and have a hard time fitting into the new genre, talkies. Don, the lead actor, loathes the shallow actress Lina; and to his dismay they are often linked to promote their upcoming movies. Due to this Lina actually thinks that they are a couple, and Don tries hard to run away from this assumption. Things get bad for Lina when she cannot stand up to the potential of a talkie-actress and another girl named Kathy has to be employed to dub for her. Things get even worse when Kathy and Don fall for each other. Lina laments and plans to humiliate and suppress Kathy, but in the process gets humiliated herself and ends up making Kathy the rightful star.

5. The Blues Brothers


Released in 1980, The Blues Brothers stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, who were wt the top of their games during that time, due to their popularity from Saturday Night Live. It was a comedy musical film which starred the two then-popular actors as the Blues brothers, namely, Jake and Elwood, respectively. When Jake is released from the jail, and is picked up by his brother, they find out that the church they grew up in is about to be destroyed. They go on a mission in order to save the church. To do so they had to reform their band and went on the God’s mission of saving the church. In the process they break some laws, and thus have to escape from the police, firefighters and the list goes on. In the end they are able to save the church and peacefully go to the jail where they are shown playing “Jailhouse Rock” for the inmates.
The movie gained a lot of critical appraisal. It had the perfect cast, consisting of many singers and the two lead actors who by chance had amazing qualities of singing and playing instruments.

4. The Sound of Music


The musical was released in 1965, and was instantly a success on the box-office. It beat the record of the then highest grossing film “Gone with the Wind”, becoming a raging success. It was adapted from a Broadway musical of the same name.
The film tells the story of a family for which Maria plays a governess. The household has seven motherless children and their father, Captain George von Trapp, who is very strict with the children and a bit of a disciplinarian (that’s an understatement). Maria slowly builds a rapport with the children and teaches them how to sing and lets them play. The story goes on revealing how at first the Captain dislikes Maria’s methods and then later warms up to her.
It is a beautiful story which went on to win five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. Astonishingly it had a total of ten nominations.

3. My Fair Lady


It is an adaption of the Broadway musical, My fair Lady. Released in 1964, it was appraised by the audience and the critics alike.
The movie depicts a stage of Eliza Doolittle’s life. She was just a flowergirl from the slums who is picked by Professor Henry Higgins (an arrogant phonetics expert who claims that he can train any woman and pass her as a Duchess). Eliza has a Cockney accent and has a hard time being trained by Higgins as he is very strict, but finally she “gets it”. As a test she is taken to many places by Higgins, and later is passed as a Duchess.
The film was nominated for twelve Academy Awards and went on to win eight of them, including that of Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director.

2. The Lion King


It comes in the category of an epic musical drama film. Not only is this one of the best musicals, but also one of the best animated films. It was the second highest grossing movie of that time (defeated only by Jurassic Park).
It is an amazing an touching story of Simba, the heir of the lion king Mufasa. The movie is all about the journey of Simba, after he lost his father to a fake accident caused by his evil uncle Scar, and how he stands up to the role of a King.
The movie was nominated for four Academy Awards out of which it won two, Best Original Score and Best Original song, for “Can you feel the love tonight?”
The amazing score, the mesmerizing sounds will keep you engaged for the whole duration of the movie.

1. Beauty and the Beast


Released in 1991 it is one of the best movies according to my list. It was an instant hit and grossed hundreds of millions worldwide. It was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. It was also nominated for five other Academy Awards, from which it won two, including Best Original Score and Best Original Song (for the title song).
The story is based on a French fairy tale, depicting the story of Belle (which means beauty), a kind-hearted girl, who is trapped by the Beast into his castle, forever. The Beast is actually a prince who is cursed in to this form by an enchantress due to his lack of empathy and arrogance, and the fact that he believes in appearance. He is presented with a rose that will bloom “until his 21st year”, by then he has to love a girl and be loved back, or else he’ll stay like this. The story then revolves around Belle and Beast and how they come to fall in love.

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