Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails

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Whenever people meet they usually have a drink or two which goes well with conversations. Be it a formal meeting or an informal one with couple of your friends, a cocktail or two can’t go wrong. We often hear about fancy cocktails names that people rave about and look so posh. These cocktails aren’t hard to make and you just got to find the one that suits your taste the most and enjoy it every once in a while. From Vodka to Rum, there are lots of different cocktails that people prefer. Here are the top 10 most popular cocktails that are drank the most.

10. White Russian

White Russian

White Russian

The White Russian is the ultimate gateway cocktail. It was invented in 1970s but it became extremely popular due to the film in 1990s, The Big Lebowski, where the main actor, Jeff Bridges’ character drank White Russian every time he was offered a drink. Its main ingredients are Vodka, Cream and any Coffee based liquor. Fresh and real ingredients are the key for making a great White Russian. It’s a delightful alcohol desert.

How to make a White Russian

Add 50 ml of Vodka.

Add 30 ml of Cream.

30 ml of any Coffee based liquor.

Put some ice in the shaker and shake it nicely, pour it into an iced glass and enjoy the drink “The Dude” loved the most!

9. Screwdriver



Invented by Henry F. Phillips in the 1930s the Screwdriver is another extremely popular Vodka based cocktail. It is also one of the easiest cocktails to make. It’s called a Screwdriver because the very first one was stirred using a screwdriver. The other main ingredient in a Screwdriver is the Orange. Besides the alcohol, the Orange gives it a great tangy flavor which goes smoothly with the Vodka.

How to make a Screwdriver

Pour ice in a rocks glass.

Add 60 ml of Vodka.

Add 180 ml of freshly squeezed Orange juice to it.

Garnish it with a thinly cut Orange.

 8. Pina Colada

Pina colada

Pina colada

Pina Colada is a classic blended cocktail. It is a rum based cocktail and is usually a rum, coconut and pineapple flavored. But, you can always add your touch it and try something different. Since Pineapple is in a solid state, it cannot be included in the drink without having been blended first. A Pina Colada is a classic summer drink!

How to make a Pina Colada

Add ice in the blender.

Add the Pineapple pieces which are cut into small bits.

Add 60 ml of Pineapple juice.

30 ml of normal Rum and 30 ml of any Coconut favored Rum.

Blend for 10 seconds and add 15 ml of fresh cream. Blend again, pour it in a glass.

7. Daiquiri



Another white rum based cocktail that is very easy to make and it oh-so-good is the Daiquiri. It’s a drink that everyone loves and you just cannot go wrong with a Daiquiri as it is very easy to make. Unlike the Pina Colada this cocktail has a little touch of sweetness as we mix the ingredients and add sugar to it to balance the lime.

How to make a Diaquiri

Add 60 ml of rum to the ice in a blender.

Add a tablespoon of sugar and 1.5 tablespoons of lime juice to it.

Blend it nicely for 10 seconds or until the ice is fine. Pour it in a glass and enjoy!

 6. Mimosa



Mimosa had a touch of class to itself. Being Champagne based and serving as a great brunch, or special occasions like the Christmas drink, the Mimosa is everyone’s light on the body cocktail. It is also very quick to make and hence any last minutes drinking plans a perfect for having a Mimosa, too.

How to make a Mimosa

Take a long Champagne glass.

Pour 3 parts of whichever sparkling wine you prefer or Champagne.

Pour 1 part of the Orange juice, mix it and start drinking.

5. Mojito



If you asked people which cocktail is their favorite for the summers, it is likely that majority of them would reply by saying the Mojito is their favorite. Freshness is what a Mojito gives and the main reason for it tasting so good is the use of fresh mint leaves and a fresh lime.

How to make a Mojito

Take 10 fresh mint leaves and half a lime in a long sturdy glass.

Use a muddler to extract the juice out of them by crushing the leaves and the lime.

Let the leaves and lime lie at the bottom of the glass and fill it with ice.

Pour the rum over the ice and add soda to it.

Garnish it with a lime wedge and freshen up!

 4. Cosmopolitan



A cosmopolitan is a civil cocktail mon Cherie! Vodka based drink but with a cranberry twist to it. A cosmopolitan acts like a great first date drink being It’s not too heavy on the body and offers excellent taste. You are promised a good night if you have one tonight!

How to make a Cosmopolitan

Add 50 ml of jigger vodka to a shaker with lots of ice.

Pour 50 ml of cranberry juice to it along with a teaspoon of lime juice.

20 ml of cointreau added to it all should be enough to shake the drink and serve.

3. Martini



Very dry and very smooth cocktail makes a Martini a perfect cosmopolitan drink. The alcohol used in making the Martini is the gin hence it gets a dry flavor to it. You can play around the olives but the green olives are the ones that suit the most.

How to make a Martini

Add 75 mil of Gin to the ice in a shaker.

Pour 20 ml of vermouth and shake the mixture nicely.

Serve it in a cocktail glass and gently add the olives and lemon on top.

2. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Even though a traditional Bloody Mary may not seem to be a classic cocktail drink, it is still extremely popular and highly liked drink in the bars. As a tomato based drink, you can tell that a Bloody Mary may not taste as smooth as the other cocktails in the list do.

How to make a Bloody Mary

Add 1 cup of tomato-vegetable juice in the blender.

Add 60 ml of Vodka and some celery salt to it.

Add a teaspoon of hot pepper salt to it and blend it till it is smooth.

Pour it into a glass over ice and serve.

1. Margarita



Serves on the ice, there is no doubt that the Margarita is the most popular cocktail of all time. As tequila based drink, the Margarita serves a great deal no matter if it’s a hot or a cold day out there. A person who can make and appreciate a good Margarita is definitely a person you should friend with!

How to make a Margarita

Add 60 ml of tequila to a shaker.

Follow that with any orange based liqueur and some lime juice.

Sprinkle a tablespoonful of kocher salt and give it a shake.

Pour it in a ice filled Margarita glass and garnish it with a lime wheel.

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