Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

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There is an ancient saying that goes like this: tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. Well, this saying becomes even more true today, with more and more restaurants competing to provide expensive foods to pretentious eaters from all over the world. So, let’s see which are the top ten most expensive foods in the world.

#10 Strawberry dessert ($3.95 Million)


We saved the best for last. Arnaud’s in New Orleans has one of the best selling desserts in the world: delicious fresh strawberries, ice cream, wine sauce and whipped cream. The secret? A seven carat diamond ring. How about that for a surprise?

#9 Billion dollar popcorn ($250 per gallon)


Imagine yourself at the movies, while eating popcorn. Now, could you imagine eating popcorn that contains real gold? Well, such a thing exists and the truth is that the Billion Dollar popcorn from Berco’s in Chicago sells really well.

#8 Decadence D’Or ($750)


Decadence D’Or is perhaps the world’s most expensive cupcake in the world and it represents the creation of Chef Olivier Dubreuil, from Las Vegas. It contains Venezuelan chocolate made from a rare type of bean, Tahitian gold vanilla caviar and, of course, gold flakes. Add to that expensive cognac and you have the perfect recipe for success.

#7 Dougie Dog ($100)



Hot dogs are among the most delicious types of street food. Well, a restaurant owner from Canada has come up with a rather expensive hot dog. The world’s most expensive dog has an interesting recipe, as it contains cognac-infused bratwurst (the cognac is 100 years old) and has fresh lobster and Kobe beef as toppings. The beef is seared in truffle oil, which makes the whole thing even more delicious.

#6 Golden Opulence Sundae ($1000)



Sundaes are delicious desserts and this Sundae, served in a New York restaurant is going to make you agree even more. Containing vanilla ice cream, gold leaves, the most expensive type of chocolate in the world, fruits with candy coating, truffles, cherries dipped in marzipan and a caviar topping, this truly represents a feast for the senses.

#5 Pizza Royale 007 ($4200)



Perhaps the best thing about a pizza is the fact that you can add as many toppings as you like. Well, Domenico Crolla from Glasgow has come up with a pizza that reaches the whooping price of $4200. For that price, you get a pizza that has a lot of expensive ingredients, including cognac-marinated lobster, champagne-soaked caviar and smoked salmon from Scotland. The 24 karat gold topping adds significantly to the price.


#4 The Westin hotel bagel ($1000)



If you like bagels, then you have to try out the unique hotel bagel that Chef Frank Tujague has created. A simple bagel can be transformed into a truly unique dish when white truffle cream cheese and jelly with golden leaves are added into the mix. Put in some truffles and you have the Westin hotel bagel, a deliciously luxurious food to eat for breakfast.

#3 Le Burger Extravagant ($295)



Let’s face it. Burgers are popular throughout the entire world, representing a delicious and quick to obtain snack. But if you happen to enter Le Burger Extravagant in New York, then you will discover a different kind of burger. This one-of-a-kind burger has the following ingredients: Japanese beef infused in sweet tasting white truffle butter, Cheddar cheese, black truffles and quail egg. The serving is special as well, not to mention the solid gold, diamond encrusted toothpick that comes with it.

#2 Sushi delicately wrapped in leaves of gold ($1978.15)


Sushi fans are everywhere. But will they pay almost $2000 for five deliciously-tasting sushi pieces? Only someone with an expensive taste can answer that question. As for the dish itself, you have to know that each sushi piece is individually wrapped in leaves of gold; as for topping you are offered three elegant pearls and caviar, with a small diamond on the side.

#1 The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata ($1000)



Whether you are a fan of omelets or not, you have to try the Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata from Norma’s Restaurant in New York, at least once in your life. This is the kind of meal you do not indulge in but rather make a serious investment. Made from six eggs, a pound of lobster and ten ounces of Sevruga caviar, it is both delicious and intriguing at the same time. Many people come in the restaurant and share this rather expensive food, so they can create a taste memory that will last for many years to come.

As you have seen for yourself, each and every type of expensive food contains unique ingredients. Depending on where life will take you, you have to try them out and make sure you keep that taste memory forever.

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