Top 10 Most Dangerous Reptiles

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Reptiles! The name itself sounds creepy and notorious. They are neither birds nor animals. They are cold blooded. They have scales, fangs and talons to rip apart their prey or paralyze it and lay it dead. They are horrific, they are poisonous and they have been ruling this planet before the beginning of time. Reptiles, capable of biting your limbs off and making you immobile and dead in a jiff, are the most dangerous species  on the earth. With over 10,000 species spread across the globe, below is the list of ten most dangerous of them. Have a glance.

10. Iguana

green iguana

These are somewhat calm species, herbivorous and preferred as pets especially green iguanas. They can grow to a length of 1.5 to 1.8 meters and are usually calm creatures but can turn aggressive if threatened. They display the dewlap under their neck, stiffen their body, hiss and bob their head in aggression. In extreme case they may even bite and use claws in defense. They can only sustain in temperatures ranging from 26 degrees to 35 degree Celsius. The females lay 20 to 70 eggs every year and baby iguanas emerge after 10-15 weeks and stay in groups for first year of their lives. This is the only reptile species where the male green iguanas in such groups protect females from predators.

9. Leatherback Sea Turtle

leather back turtle

They are the largest of all turtles and can reach over 8 feet. They are usually calm and gentle creatures. Weighing over 2000 pounds, these creatures have hard shells over their backs. They are omnivorous and do no harm to humans. If disturbed, they can prove to be extremely strong and fierce, having the potential to overturn a small boat in aggression.

 8. Puff Adders

puff adder

African puff adders or Bitis arietans are venomous species of snakes found in Africa. This scaly reptile is the reason behind the deaths caused by snake bites in Africa. Weighing over 6kg stretching up to a length of 1 meter, this snake is widely distributed and is often encountered in populated regions. They mainly resort to camouflage for protection but if disturbed, they hiss loudly and make an attacking posture by coiling around in ‘S’ shape. They may strike suddenly and penetrate their fangs deep into their prey. Their prey includes mammals, birds, amphibians, and lizards. Their bite can cause death within 24 hours.

7. Alligator Snapping Turtle


They are the largest freshwater turtle and probably the most dangerous too. They have got a heavy head, a thick shell cover and a beak capable of breaking a broom handle in a second. They use camouflage with their gray, brown or black color and are often covered with green-algae which further helps them hide in the wild. They usually predate at night when the waters are calm and the fish can easily be caught. Their feed also includes snakes, worms, water birds, small mammals like squirrels and even other turtles. They can weigh up to 100kg or even more and display a great ability to catch their prey. They are believed to be capable of living up to 200 years of age and continue to grow throughout their lives.

6. Anaconda


Counting the reptiles, it is impossible to overlook the largest and heaviest snake of the world. The green Anaconda can grow throughout their lives and can reach up to 6.6 meters in length with weigh ranging from 30 to 70 kg.  They are slower on ground but can reach high speeds even in shallow waters. Their prey primarily includes fish, birds, other mammals and sometimes even large animals like deer and caimans. Anacondas are also known to eat their own kind. Usually a large female can consume a smaller while she is in her gestation period. During mating a single female could be followed by 10 to 12 males, forming a breeding ball, by wrapping around the female for weeks and wrestling and fighting to copulate. Baby anacondas or Neonates are born around 70 to 80 in a litter and receive no parental care.

 5. Black Mamba

black mamba

Black Mamba is a name taken with a frightening expression by the people of Africa. It is the most feared snake, being the longest venomous snake in Africa and second longest in the world. This creature is a deadly combination of speed, venom and unpredictable behavior. They can grow to a length of 4m and can catch up a speed of 5m/s making it the fastest snake in the world. They prefer to avoid confrontation but if disturbed they give a warning before striking by raising their head off the ground, flicking the tongue and hissing. They are said to strike repeatedly once threatened, that too perfectly in any direction even when it is in motion.They do not have any specific predators except humans who kill them out of fear.

4. Gila Monster


This poisonous lizard from North America considered as a fearsome creature. They spent most of their time underground hibernating and are active only during summer time. Their feed usually includes small birds, mammals, frogs, lizards and insects. They are preyed upon by coyotes and raptors. Gila monster reply upon their excellent sense of smell, to find their prey especially eggs, which they can locate the eggs buried even 6 inches deep. Despite being venomous they possess no danger to humans, rather they are often killed out of fear.

3. King Cobra

king cobra

With the maximum length of 18.5 ft king cobra makes it the top list of world’s most venomous snakes. Found in forests of India and spread throughout South Asia, King Cobra is a predator for almost all snake species in its vicinity. When provoked they can lift up one- third of their body, display their fangs and hiss that is more like a growling sound unlike other snakes. The females are dedicated parents. They build a nest to lay her eggs in, using dry leaves and other debris, making it into a mold and remains in the nest until the hatch-lings are born.  Once the eggs start to hatch, they are left on their own and the female leaves the nest in search of prey. The baby cobras, with 18 to 22 inches in length, have the venom of same potent as the adults since birth.

2. Komodo Dragon


With the title of the largest of the lizards, living on earth, Komodo dragon is a threat to almost every living creature around it. With the jaws filled with rows of venomous teeth, it has the ability to amputate a normal human being to pieces. There have been several attacks, where humans have fallen prey to this toxic lizard. The venom does not die right away, rather it makes the animal weak and easy to knock down. They can feed on prey as large as a wild buffalo and their terrible bite can cause large amount of flesh to be removed off. They can grow to a maximum length of 3 meters and can weigh up to 70 kg.

1. Salt Water Crocodiles

salt water crocodile

Never mistake this reptile to be clumsy and slow as they may appear on ground. Largest among the reptiles, these killers are the most ferocious reptiles living on earth. Their strong jaws can easily chop off its prey, be it human or any other animal for that matter. Weighing as much as 4000kg and 5 meters in length, they are spread across three continents of South-East Asia, Australia and Africa. An aggressive carnivore, it can over-power almost any animal that enters its territory. They are social animals and tend to share their space and food. They usually laze around in water or under the sun during days and become active and hunt mostly during night.

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