Top 10 Most Common Reasons to File for Divorce

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Marriage symbolizes the intimate union of a man and a woman. Every person desires for a perfect spouse, but this belief is detrimental to a real and healthy relationship. No one can be completely perfect, thus this leads to an inevitable disappointment. It is appropriately said by the American novelist, Nicholas Sparks that “Marriage is about compromise; it’s about doing something for the other person, even when you don’t want to”. Comprise binds two souls all the way through. However, these days’ couples find it difficult to tag on to this. Divorce has become the ultimate way out for their crisis. It is the termination of the bonds of matrimony between married couples. Divorce is a stressful phase and a tough journey experienced by both of the couples. The legal process of divorce involves several issues like child custody, distribution of property and so on. Divorces are of several types like contested divorce, at-fault divorce, no-fault divorce, summary divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce and medicated divorce.

Gradually, the divorce rates are rising up all over the world. The disgrace against divorce is fading. The major cause for this is that people today are compromising less often and are quick to take an easy way out. But eventually it affects both in the couple. There might be numerous reasons for which they fall apart but the ten most common reasons for divorce are:

10. Falling out of love:

Falling out of love

Love is not a static experience. Often we have the expectation that if we fall in love, then it’s always going to stay that way but if it doesn’t, then maybe it wasn’t the true love. However, it is a myth as your initial passion may subside over time and one can fall out of love with time. There are countless reasons for which one fails to acquire the same interest. Whether it is the prolonged unnecessary tussles or the lack of commitment, or whatever it is, that initiates a distance between the married couples, which compels them to part their ways.

9. Feeling of insecurity:

Feeling of insecurity

“Is she more pretty than me?” did this question ever hit your mind when you find your hubby having just a normal conversation with his female colleague? If yes, then it is sheer insecurity! Insecurity arises when a person considers himself to be an inferior in some way. It can ruin any relationship. In some cases when a person falls for someone, he/she turns out to be protective or gets possessive and at times the over-protective nature or we can say their obsession for their spouse makes them feel low. It may lead to develop an unnecessary suspicious nature. Also a bad experience in past can insecure a person. Thus, these reasons of insecurity may put some impact on a marital life.

8. Alcoholism/Drunkenness:


Alcohol addiction can cause mistrust, suspicion and unhappiness in any relationship. People drink or take alcohol for many reasons like for their personal pleasure or when upset and so on. It is estimated that over half of all adults have had to deal with some form of alcoholism in their lives. Alcoholism jeopardizes the firmness of marriages and breaks down the foundation of families. Drunkenness will often compel a person to make empty promises like, “this is my last time”, “I promise I will stop” and so on eventually affecting the non-alcoholic partner. Alcohol can also hinder the libido in men. Gradually the desire to be intimate may be lost following a break down in their marriage.

7. Lack of communication:

Lack of communication

Good communication between partners strengthens their bonds as they get to know each other properly. They get a chance to learn each others’ likes and dislikes. But can someone be so occupied with his/her work that he/she find it hard to spend little time with his/her spouse? I guess, NO, no one is that busy, probably ‘priority’ matters but this can lead to the risk of growing small issues into a bigger one! Workaholics should realise that lack of communication can deeply affect their marriage as their partner may be dissatisfied with the physical intimacy, which is the foremost way to stay connected with their spouse, in their relationship. Non-verbal communication is also important, ignoring that can also end up driving two people apart.

6. Abuse:


When you feel angry you probably start raising your voice. Yelling at your spouse becomes an easy option for your relief but in reality it causes more trouble. It unleashes lots of negative emotions and it is considered as verbal abuse. Abuse is treating someone offensively. It can be of various forms like physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse. Physical abuse includes physical pain caused due to punching, pushing, slapping etc by a spouse to the other. These violent acts are not accepted and it is one of the major reasons for separation of couples.

5. Ego clash:

Ego Clash

Ego problem is another main reason for divorce. Usually, ego comes out of fear of losing control or proving oneself right. It is present both in men and women, but in a male dominating society, it is mostly seen in men as compared to women. However, in the modern era, the independent wives who work equally as that of a man are reluctant to sacrifice and even compromise. Thus, couples hesitate to adjust with each other due to a clash in their ego. Ego adds fuel to their problems restricting a feasible solution to it.

4. Idealistic/unrealistic expectations:

picture   NICK SKINNERHello magazine wedding issue being read.

Everyone desires to have a happy-go-lucky story like the fairy-tales that were told to us in our childhood or that we get to see in movies. Expectations in marriage are highly influenced by many external sources like these movies or fairy-tales. Sometimes people even expect their spouse to understand the unsaid stuffs present in their mind. Common, she is your wife not your mind reader! Well practically, this not possible, so, when a relationship doesn’t meet the expectation, people assume that they are with the wrong person and decide to end their relation.

3. Prolonged disputes:

Prolonged disputes

Do fights increase love? May be, yes! It is believed that partners get to understand each other better after an argument and it also makes a relationship stronger. But the prolonged unnecessary fights are not healthy. It intensifies the misunderstanding or the argument initiating a distance between the couples. Maintaining their ego on its path, they fail to compromise with each other.

2. Sexual incompatibility:

Sexual incompatibility

In a marital life, sexual relation plays a vital role. It binds the couple together emotionally. But in some cases due to certain reasons couple are incompatible in bed. It can be due to intense pressure by a partner, say forcibly having sex when the other is not interested or uncomfortable. Aggressively making out or a feeling of dissatisfaction is also considered as sexual incompatibility. Couples cannot connect to each other if they are incompatible physically in bed. Thus it is considered as the foremost reason for divorce.

1. Infidelity:


Infidelity is the major factor for many divorces. It is also referred as adultery which means cheating on your partner by involving oneself romantically or sexually with someone else. We can also consider it as extra marital affair. “Trust” is the major reason which strengthens the bond in a couple, if it is broken then a relationship will hardly work out. Certain reasons for infidelity are sexual incompatibility and drunkenness. Thus, betraying your spouse can cause heavy damage to the relationship and can lead to divorce.

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