Top 10 Issues that are hampering India’s Progress & Development

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India, a country known for its heritage and rich culture; it’s also the home for the oldest civilisations of Harrapa and Mohenjo-daro that are known to man. India has proved that it’s no less than any other developed country in each and every field. But then what is the reason for it still being considered a developing country. Why aren’t we in the big league? What’s stopping our growth?

10) Hierarchy


The phrase ‘Rich getting richer and the poorer getting poorer’ has been used several times to describe the economic state of India since the last decade. The hierarchy of the country has changed little since the time of independence. The rich at the top of the system are still there whereas those at the bottom have been the victims of exploitation which has prevented them from moving forward. Though several bills have been passed in favour of the poor masses which constitute almost 70% of the population, but being a democracy it takes a very long time for these things to come into effect. Hence the hierarchy prevails.

9) International Image

international image

Indians abroad have an amazing reputation of being intelligent and sharp. They are stereotyped to be doctors, engineers etc. But when it comes to India, the west is quick to draw a picture of half naked brown people living in a third world nation. This can often been proved through Hollywood movies and no one has objected to that. The reason might be that Indians have progressed individually but the country has failed to move forward as one nation. There are 2 India’s living on the same land, one is the urban one where people are educated, modern and have left the shackles of backwardness. They shop in malls, don’t mind spending 2000 rupees on a simple lipstick. But the other India is the one which lives in villages and slums. This is the one that slogs hard every moment of every second and is struggling to keep pace with the urban India. While one sees future in the rising inflation the latter is hit by it and often loses the battle against it.

8) Lack of Opportunities

lack of opportunities

Every year thousand and thousand of youngsters go abroad for higher studies. Many of them use to stay there and make a career abroad. The reasons for this brain drain are several. First is of course the fact that the west has more opportunities and hence better exposure. Being a developing country, India still doesn’t have the resources that are available abroad. This problem is the reason that several people turn their backs on the nation.

7) Cross Border Terrorism


India is surrounded by enemies from all fronts. While Pakistan has been blamed for 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, Ex-Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated in a plot by Maoist regime in Sri Lanka. Time and again there have been reports of cross fire at the Kashmir border in the North. Every year numerous illegal migrants from Bangladesh settle in eastern areas. All this has affected the conditions in India. The country spends maximum funds to secure itself from infiltration but it’s difficult when the enemy is not recognised. After 9/11 America interrogated every person who looked even remotely Middle Eastern or had an Islamic name. But it’s impossible to do that in India since our enemies just look like us, speaks like us and even has similar features.

6) Illiteracy


However badly terrorism has affected us, it can never overtake illiteracy. Majority of the population of India is Illiterate. The reasons for this are numerous. Child labour for instance is widely popular and often kids work in factories and farms and hence are unable to attend schools. In case of girls, it is considered that girls should remain in the house and learn household chores because if she is educated, the family wouldn’t be able to marry her off. Lack of illiteracy has been an obstacle for the development of the country as awareness about caste system and social evils hasn’t reached them as yet.

5) Caste


This is one thing that is the basis of all evil. Caste system is basically grading of people. The one from the higher caste are superior and hence they can treat the ones from lower caste’s as they want to. And the worst part is that the caste system is accepted even officially. Every admission form and application has caste categories to be filled. I agree that there is reservation for the lower caste but wouldn’t it be better to do away with this system completely and start seeing people for their own ability rather than place of birth?

4) Population


Imagine a country with one of the largest populations in the world. Now this country is just a few decades old. The country was ripped off all its treasures by its rulers. They left a mess by breaking up the country and creating domestic wars. This completely new country was now left with the responsibility of feeding its hungry population which kept on multiplying. India is still taking baby steps towards development but this ever growing population is difficult to satisfy. This has given rise to poverty and unemployment. There is a race for everything as only the fittest will survive. Hence the basic necessities like food. Clothing and shelter are still prominent and education is considered a luxury.

3) Religion


It’s rightly been said, “Religion is the opium of the masses”. People will do anything in the name of religion. Political parties are well aware of this fact and have used this to gain support during elections. During elections in USA, the parties have to come with agendas that they put forth in front of the nation on the basis of which the voting happens. But in India before elections, the party put forth the religion that they are supporting and hence try and secure their vote bank. So basically there is no agenda or plan to take the country forward.

2) Corruption


You can’t spend a day in India without experience corruption. It is quite possible that by the end of the day, you will be corrupted as well. It is everywhere, from the schools to the parliament. The fact is that it has become a part of us. We wouldn’t know how to function without it and that’s precisely the problem. We all know it’s wrong, but it makes live so easy and is the only way to beat the person next to you to get the first position. So want to get a job, first pay all your fathers’ savings so you can start earning. What people don’t understand is that it’s in our hands to stop it. But that is not even the problem, the problem is that it’s stopping growth as the money that one pays to an officer, the officer will have to pay to someone else and it’s just a circle. There is no progress.

1) Poverty


The root of all evil is need. How should one think of development and future when presently her children are dying of hunger? Poverty is the biggest obstacle in India’s road to being a super-power. It is the cause for numerous other problems like corruption, lack of education, population, social evils and caste system. It’s all linked together in a vicious circle that thrives on each other.


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