Top 10 Innovative Ways to Propose

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Feeling in love? Getting positive vibes about a possible relationship with the girl or guy whom you have given your heart to? So you know the answer from the other side is definitely going to be a yes. You have probably even started to dream and plan your future together with him or her. Getting married, having a bungalow with a lawn in front, insanely high paid jobs for both of you, the color code of the paints and what not? That guy or girl you see at the canteen every day, or have been going out for a while now or maybe your best friend even. You can fall in love with anyone. Love doesn’t come with prior notice, does it? But you still have a big step ahead. Proposing to your special one. Yes yes, you know it will be a yes. But you cannot just go ahead without an official proposal. So why not do it in an innovative way? Writing letters and plain blank I-love-you’s are so boring. If you are planning to be different and want that day to be a memory forever, you are at the right place buddies. I have some excellently creative proposal ideas. Here we go.

10. The Restaurant Proposal Idea

So you are all set to propose her and that day has finally arrived. Take her to her favorite restaurant. Here, make sure that she doesn’t even get the slightest hint. So don’t dress up like you are going on a date with Angelina Jolie. Be simple, like you are always with her. Don’t forget to set up the waiter from before. Walk in and order a ‘special’ menu to ‘the’ waiter. The menu has your proposal printed inside. Have the waiter hand her the menu card. When she opens and reads it, don’t forget to capture that reaction of hers. Trust me, that snap is going to be a real stress buster for you in tough times. Then as she looks at you with utter disbelief, look into her eyes and say those words.

9. The Flower Proposal Idea

Yeah, flowers too are a so-yesterday way of proposing. But you can surely work it up in a great way. Let’s see how. Ask her to meet up someday at a park or a river bank, where you can walk peacefully. Just like that. You reach half an hour before time and start your job. Buy a dozen of her favorite flowers and hand them to different people at that spot. The shopkeeper, pedestrians, little children playing there, older people and whoever you find worthy. You may attach small notes to each flower. After your girl comes, just keep walking, soaking in the beauty of the sight. Make sure you take the exact route where you have kept those people standing. And as she goes ahead, one by one she gets the flowers at regular intervals. She reads the notes and knows they are from you. You can then sit on your knee and propose her. Flowers can work wonders, I say.

8. The Balloon Proposal Idea

This one can work wonders anytime. A room filled with colorful balloons can light up even the dullest creatures. Take her to a room filled with balloons of all colors you could find at the gift shop. Inside each balloon put a love note, or even little letters. What you will write in them is completely up to you. Hide a box under the balloons. Keep a ring, not a diamond one please, or anything that you know is immensely adorable to your girl. She will have to burst every balloon and pop up all your love notes to get the ring. Once she gets it, bend down on your knees and put it on her finger. Then kiss her hand and say you love her.

7. The Gift Box proposal Idea

Well, here is just a little way how you can do it. But you are always welcome to jazz it up in your own way. Give her five gift wrapped boxes, each containing a word of “Will You Be Mine?” Put four words in four boxes and in the last one, place a ring. Make sure she gets the boxes in the correct order. Imagine the mess you will get into if the words are all jumbled up. Your entire date will be ruined. So be very careful.

6. The Ringtone Proposal Idea

This is a simple one, probably tried and retried many times, but a very effective one. Because girls do like thinks kept plain and simple. Take her phone sometime and record a message, obviously without her knowledge. Pour your heart out in that voice recording, sat everything you have ever wanted to say. And then make it her ringtone. After bidding goodbye to her, call her up. She won’t pick up until she has listened to the entire message and then when she picks up, propose her. On phone. You will see, she will keep gushing about it to her friends for a long, long time.

5. The Treasure Hunt Proposal Idea

This will test your creativity and planning skills. You will need help from those friends who always wanted to set you up with that girl. Start by placing the first clue at her home or hostel room. Keep the clues simple, because she is not playing the game to win your college a trophy. You are making her play cause you want to win her. The treasure hunt should be adventurous. You can put in your other friends as well, but none of them will be able to crack the clue. At the end when she reaches the final clue, her treasure should be you at the end, on your knees, holding a ring.

4. The Scene Enacting Proposal Idea

You know your girl inside out. You know her favorite actor, favorite movie and all other things. And take it from me, all girls HAVE a favorite romantic movie. The ideal ‘Nicholas Spark-ish’ love stories. So why not enact the proposal scene from her favorite movie? She couldn’t have asked for more. Remember the last scene of ‘Friends With Benefits’ where Justin Timberlake proposes to Mila Kunis at the station, just like it was in her favorite movie? Well, he did not order the horse carriage, though. But you earn extra brownie points for staging it out in the exact same way.

3. The Taboo Zone Proposal Idea

Propose to your girl in a taboo zone. Like beyond the chains in a museum, or in the confession room of the church, or in a banned graveyard. The more risky it is, more the fun. Propose her in a hurry (you cannot avoid it because soon enough you will be chased by the guards), but do not forget to say all the words you had planned earlier. You can see her expression changing from shock to surprise to smile to a broad grin when she finally says yes. After the yes, just kiss her, or a peck on the cheeks will also do, and just run away holding her.

2. The Way She Always Wanted To Be Proposed Idea

This is more likely for people who have been friends for a long time. When you are friends, you know every little secret of your girl. You know it best how she dreams to be proposed by her man. So keep every little detail in mind, no matter how much it costs you. And propose her in the exact same way. She can never say no.

1. The Girl To Guy Proposal Idea

This is a personal favorite because more than a year back, I had proposed my guy. Okay, he didn’t say yes at the moment and took almost a year, but the wait was worth it. Why should boys have to take all the pains in wooing a girl? Being a girl, if you are head over heels for a guy, why not show it? Even men deserve to feel special. If you want to let your guy know that you love him, you can follow any of the above ideas. Or just a simple proposal, in the age old way. It is too simple, but the charm lies in its simplicity. And guys do not mind how they are proposed.

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