Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses in 2014

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Imagine how the world would be like without women. If the men exists then women run  the world. Put your hand over a hot stove  and it already feels like an hour , but spend some time with a hot girl ,it feels like not a single minute has passed by, that’s the charm that prevails .

10. Jessica Alba


She is an American film and television actress and model who  faced the came  ra for the first time when she was completing her thirteen years of living. Being always termed as the sex symbol, she managed to be on the top 100 hottest actress list in the famous magazine Maxim. Embarking with national commercials she later did her independent films due to her interest in acting since the age of five. When it comes to have a look at the award shelf , for sure it shows a filled status as Jessica received MTV movie award for sexiest performance in sin city in the year 2006, teen choice awards and Saturn awards for best actress. She asserts herself as” I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can’t go naked”. Her upcoming projects include Stretch, Machete kills.

9.Emma Stone


In 2007 she appeared as Violet Trimble in fox action drama and simultaneously made her debut in a comedy feature superbad. Besides  dying  her hair twice from black to brown and the  from brown to red She was nominated for the golden globe award in the field of best actress for her phenomenal performance in Easy A . In the arena of modeling she is the current face for Revlon. In the year 2014 she might be seen in movies like spider man 2, magic in the moonlight, birdman. Emma , the name , stuck to her in early years of her professional life which is the nickname that her mother gave her.

8. Megan Fox


Born with sea green eyes which are always creating a sensuous fragrance around , the actress has been a sensation by creating shock waves via various transformers. Best known for her pouted lips , the 27 year old American hotshot made her debut as confessions of a teenager drama queen and did burned the screen a hell lot hotter. Before entering into the films industry the sex symbol showed herself in television shows. Babe magnet wasn’t lagging behind to further grab the award for the legendry transformers. The bold actress has solicited the front page of many fashion magazine too. This year is going to watch her in her new film Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

7.Scarlett Johansson


With her profound abilities listing singing, modeling, and acting she is unarguably the track star. Debut-ant in the year 1994 with the movie north, Scarlett has earned a hatrick in winning golden globe awards  for best actress. Her immense sex appeal  undoubtedly  drives the blood out of their veins for  the sex echelons in the industry. Making a start from Broadway theaters she reprized   to a female sex symbol. In the year 2007 she showed up as the leading lady in Justin Timberlake’s music video which further found its way to get nominated for the video of the year at MTV  video music awards. The sexy  shows topper  bagged the sixth position out of 100 hottest actresses  as foretold by the magazine Maxim.

6. Anna Hathaway


The American chick appeared in the television scenes of get real after performing different stage roles. And she is one of the successful actresses ,with the charm and magnificent response.  The movie Les Miserable’s made her scoop accolades including Golden Globe award, BAFTA award and  Screen Actors Guild award. It was so fortunate of her to be listed in the 50 most beautiful persons  on earth on the year 2006. She mostly received recognition more for her beauty then her work. The past few years made her taste the dish of success with movies like Devil Wears Prada  and One Day filling her pocket. Anna was always inclined towards charity. The trained stage actress who prefers stage over films  is yet to bring more modules of her work in the present 2014 year via films like Rio 2 and Interstellar.

5.Kelly Brook


English model and television presenter started her career in acting at the age of 16. The editorial team of Daily Star came as breakthrough into her life after it began featuring her as page three girl and the following success never ceased. In the year 2010 she became the new face for the lingerie maker Ultimo’s advertising campaign. Being a television presenter she hosted television shows and presented youth television shows. Strictly  come dancing presented her twice for two consecutive  years. Her first starring role in School for seduction made her collect enough appreciation.

4.Mila Kunis


The only actress with one brown eye and other green appeared in serials and television commercials before acquiring her role as actress and soon then as casted for the voice of Meg Griffin. The breakout  film role for her came out in 2008. The comedy sequence Extract made her get ample of positive reviews.  She is set to be the executive producer for a feminist themed TV series The CW network. Most men in industry found her sexy due to her husky voice , alluring eyes and bold characteristics. 2014 would not leave any stone unturned to make her prominent and fresh in our minds via Jupiter Ascending.

3.Olivia Wilde


Presenting herself in films, dramas, television productions all at the age of 29 is remarkably applauding.  The year 2011 marked Olivia leaving her house to pursue her film career. The year awarded her  the best actress  in the US  Comedy Arts Festival . She holds a dual citizenship of Ireland and United States and got her stage name from author Oscar Wilde. Also she was voted PETA’s sexiest vegetarian celebrity in the year 2010. Olivia is going to be inescapable for the year 2014  for the forthcoming future in films like unity and the longest week.

2.Marion Cotillard


French queen of Hollywood is hot in all respect be it her attractive eyes or the sweet smile that mesmerizes any individual. Anyone can be bewitched by her looks but the talent she possess can’ t be overlooked. She received worldwide acclaim along with the Golden Globe nomination  for the musical Nine. Being the face of Lady Dior handbags she has made her presence in over 170 magazine covers around the world. Starting with the minor roles in television series her success was followed by her debut in mid 1990’s.The Oscar winner is the sole winner of the Academy Awards too in the French language.2014 will foresee her , only for her admirers , in movies like Unity and The Little Prince.

1. Angelina Jolie


Well , no comments about her! The most popular actress in Hollywood , with such a charismatic personality. Angelina has the best and most beautiful lips in the film industry and the eyes , it is just like they are just about to speak out of nowhere. Queen of sensuality , birth named as Angelina Jolie Voight made her first ever debut with her father. Having been divorced twice presently the gorgeous  actress lives with Brad Pitt and their six children. In 1997 she bragged Golden Globe award for George Wallace. After winning three Golden Globe Awards she didn’t set for a halt rather achieved Academy Awards for best actress in supporting role. Tom Raider released in 2011 made the flamboyant actress a superstar just like dark horse. And after a four year gap , with the last featuring in 2011 , actress with juicy lips is all set to make a comeback in 2014. Not only this , Jolie has received worldwide recognition for humanitarian works.

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