Top 10 History’s most Powerful Quotes

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How many of us actually sit with a book and read through all the famous quotations made my creators of our history? Very few of us. Why? Because we do not like to invest our time in something which does not seem important to us. But have you ever wondered how many of the famous age-old quotes we use in our daily lives?  And now as I mentioned it, I am sure many of you are trying to remember your last conversation you had with somebody and trying to recall if you used any such quotations. But the basic question remains that why are we at all spending time to recall a previous conversation? It is because when we were growing up, we were made to listen to numerous such quotes, many of which have now transformed into proverbs. Quotations are nothing but simply great words said by great men who have set examples for many, many generations to come. Those distinguished people had seen more of the world than us and they just shared their experiences, bitter or sweet in a few words. So be it “All that glitters is not gold” or “A stitch in time saves nine”, these quotes are all about life and its various stages. Many such quotes have been said in history; rather such powerful quotes have a history of their own. So let us have a look on the 10 most powerful quotes in history:

10. “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” – Oscar Wilde, Irish writer and poet:


As the author has rightly said, we should learn to forgive our enemies. Life is too short to spend in grudges and regrets. Enemies- they are infamously famous for spoiling every good thing that comes our way. We have all had enemies at some point of time in our life, who have intentionally made efforts to make our lives miserable. You surely hate the pot bellied bald man in your office because of whom your promotion got cancelled. You really want to thrash the person in public who out of jealousy spilled water on your brand new smartphone. In college you hate that particular guy or girl who is more concerned about your partner than you yourself. The one who was responsible for your heartbreak. You can brutally murder that person (in your imagination, though) and do everything to make him feel bad, just to avenge for you own losses. But cool down for a moment and think about this – Will that change their nature and attitude towards you? NO. Your harming them will be a provocation to them instead, to cause a further damage to your already ruined life. Why not forgive them? No you read it right. Forgive them and don’t you utter a single harsh word. The enemy in question will be surprised, followed by shock, annoyance and might be guilt at last. Okay, I agree everybody is not of identical character and for some it might be a really long process. But what’s the harm in trying once? Look at the brighter side. At the fir if anger you might end up doing something which you will regret later on. So controlling your temper and forgiving that irritating fellow will only do good to you. So the next time you  meet your enemy, smile at him. Offer him a lift or buy him some gift in this festive season. Then see the weird expressions and reactions he gives!

9. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss, American writer, poet and cartoonist:

Don’t we all feel bad when something good is over? When the really good movie ends and we come out of the hall being transported back to reality, don’t we all miss that imaginary world of the movie and its characters? Don’t we suffer a mild heartbreak when the entire pack of our favourite chocolates is empty? It’s a universal rule that everything has to end at some point of time. It’s inevitable. But the divine power hasn’t designed humans in a way that we can cope up with every change. Yeah it’s true that life moves on, but we surely take time to get over good things. Be it a good relationship that gets over, or a good time, the festivals, we all feel bad to get back to our daily routine. But instead of brooding over past, why don’t we try to stay happy and smile thinking of those good times? Come on, the festivals once over will again come back the next year. Your best friend who just left town after spending some really awesome days with you will come back again. If you are out of a relationship, life won’t stop. You should feel happy and blessed and proud that you had such a great time. It’s going to give you more joy if you feel happy about your happy times.

8.   “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill, American author:

We all have dreams. Some get fulfilled, some don’t. Dreams do not only mean the ambitions in life, like becoming a doctor or engineer or pilot etcetera. Dream is anything we want to achieve. How many of you have dreamt of buying the posh bungalow you saw in the movie? Or how many of you dream to have a life like that of the richest business tycoons worldwide? Almost all of us. But can you really fulfill it? Obviously not. We should instead determine our goals and work towards achieving them. When you set a goal, there is also a certain amount of time span within which you want to get your goals. One can’t just set a goal of achieving a century in the countless local cricket matches. He also has to determine in which particular match is his performance needed the most. And needless to say we set goals for ourselves because we have a certain dream in mind in the long run. Don’t just keep dreaming. Set your goals and target towards achieving them.

7. “The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion.” – Mother Teresa:

This great soul does not need any introduction, does she? She commands respect from one and all. She showed us what humanity means. Whatever she has said or taught has been a boon to mankind. Needless to say she won the Nobel Prize for Peace. In her words, war is not the destroyer of mankind or peace, but abortion is. What can be worse than a mother killing her own unborn child? Its inhuman. When a mother can kill her own child, wars are unavoidable. Why would some stranger consider for our lives when the one who is carrying us in their womb can brutally kill their child. This quote is more far sighted than what we can see. It also throws light on the need for safety during intercourse. Today’s irrational teenagers lose out their mind and do not understand the damage or harm it can cause them. It makes you a murderer girls, not only of your own offspring, but also of peace and your own conscience.

6. “Pyaar dosti hai.” – SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:

This is an odd one out in the list from our very own Bollywood. This remains a personal favourite ever since I watched the film way back in 2000 when I was eight. I heard it and developed an instant liking for it primarily because of the speaker and also because of the uniqueness of the line. In years to come as I developed into a matured individual, I started apprehending and appreciating the immensity of this little dialogue. As I stepped in and out of teenage and in my twenties, I was completely in awe of the practicality of the entire monologue that followed. Love is nothing but a very advanced form of friendship. And when I say love, it means LOVE. Not the short term relationships we fall in. when you are in love with the person, you automatically are friends with him or her. Love is not only about late night conversations or Facebook updates or sharing lovey dovey moments. It has a far deeper meaning. It’s when you share every small details of your day; you share your happiness, sadness, anger and every other emotion that exists. So, love is friendship.

5. “Pen is mightier than the sword.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton, English author, for his play Richelieu in 1839:

We all have come across this very famous quote in the course of our lives, but very few of us know about its origin. We all probably know the meaning as well. It simply means that war leads to nothing but loss of lives and brutality. Pen is mightier. If you wish to bring about a change then lift your pen, not your weapon. Words, when written in a strong and proper manner have a more significant effect on human minds, which is why the British banned newspaper supplies to the Indian prisoners. Even in this age of electronic media, there is still a huge demand for newspaper in every household of the subcontinent and abroad. Have you wondered why? It is because of the power of words.

4. “I have not failed. I’ve simply discovered 10,000 ways that won’t work”. – Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor, famous for inventing light bulb, phonograph, motion picture camera:

Failure often comes with insecurity, inferiority complex, loss of confidence and a lot of other negative emotions. How many of us have been able to take failure in a positive manner? It has happened to all of us that even after outing all our efforts in a task, we have not succeeded. But does that mean we will stop doing hard work and stay away from the future successes waiting for us? No way. Success and failure are a part of life. We all know Edison as the man who invented bulb. He is a successful man. But have we seen the numerous failed attempts he had faced before attaining success? So when you fail, don’t take it as a demoralizer, but learn a lesson from it. Failure teaches us that the particular way we chose to do a work wasn’t the right one. So the next time we face a challenge or an opportunity to prove our talent, we know the previous method is definitely not something we will adopt. Face failure with dignity and learn your mistakes.

3. “Vision without execution is hallucination.” – Thomas Alva Edison:

Another entry in the list from the same inventor. Searching through thousands of quotes, I could not stop myself from including this one in the list. Vision is the art of seeing the invisible. We visualize hundreds of things. Our future, our dream job, a world tour, a dream home, a perfect family and what not! We strive to make them happen. So vision is basically executed when we work towards it and achieve a perfect life. But when laziness takes over and we don’t want to execute it, visions are merely reduced to hallucination. Quite similar to point 8, this quote delivers a similar meaning. When you dream about something, strive to achieve that.

2. “Champions are not made in gyms”. – Muhammad Ali, former professional boxer :

True that. And the words come from somebody who had set a new definition of a champion. If you want to make your country proud of your achievements, then don’t spend working out in the gym. Step out in the real battlefield and show the world what you’ve got. This is applicable in our daily lives as well.

1. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi:

With this we come to an end of the list and this one tops the procession. Mahatma Gandhi, widely known for his non violence and love for humanity had aptly said that if we want to change our environment, we need to change ourselves first. Often we blame the government for any nuisance in the society. We complain about the potholes in the roads, or the garbage in our locality. But it is we ourselves who throw the garbage or recklessly drive causing damage to the roads. It is time we should stop blaming others for our inconvenience and mold ourselves in a manner we wish to have our society.

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