Top 10 Hidden Evil Characteristics in Humans

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A person’s success and achievements are generally determined by his positive outlook towards life. His accomplishments depend upon the way he responds to the situations and people around him. Self control, strong will power, positivity, determination and self introspection are few of the ideal, desirable qualities everyone wishes to have. Having said that, we cannot deny the fact that humans are not some mythological characters of an Utopian world where everything is overly good and perfect. Everyone comes with his share of imperfections. Some of them are common and easily noticeable, while some are not so common and hidden beneath veils of social pressure and and the wish to appear flawless. Through this article I do not wish to judge or criticize anyone, I am obviously no one to do that. This is merely a list of some common and uncommon evil characteristics for you to keep in mind so that you know how to act accordingly when you are faced with them.

10. Jealousy


Perhaps the most common trait among people of all age groups and no, not limited only to ladies. A child gets jealous if his friend has more toys, a girl gets jealous if her friend is more popular, a guy gets jealous if his friend has a hotter girlfriend, a man gets jealous if his peer gets promoted earlier than himself, a wife gets jealous if her husband compliments her friend, a geek gets jealous if another geek has more books (believe me that happens), an actor gets jealous if another actor gets paid higher. The list is endless and extensively diverse. People killing each other out of jealousy is a darker side to this trait which is not too common but it certainly exists. What do you think it is that wipes out 50% of the millionaires from the surface of this earth? Think!

9. Competitiveness


Now this is something which continuously lingers around the thin line differentiating between good and bad competition. Having a desire to compete and succeed is a good thing in life. It works as a force of motivation and constantly pushes you towards your dream goals. It acts against the friction of procrastination which tends to slow you down. But there is a difference between chasing your ambition and trying to outrun others at the cost of everything else under the sun. Problem arises when you become too competitive and fail to realize that you are not just a single atom running in this primordial soup. Your actions affect other things too. Remember what broke the strong bond of friendship in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about.

8. Mercilessness


Showing sympathy to people’s grievances is something we expect out of every person. The level of sympathizing can vary of course, but the basic emotion of empathy comes naturally to almost everyone. Yes, ALMOST. There are hard-hearten, mean, merciless people too who are full of apathy towards people’s feelings. They show no concern for whatever others are going through. They would turn a blind eye to their friend’s misery, ignore their difficulties and act barbaric. There are others who are merciless in the way they create troubles for others. Harming others physically or emotionally is another, more intense side to being merciless. From throwing your old parents out of your house to making your co-worker loose his job to something as extreme as a cold blooded murder, a lot of actions can be termed ruthless and merciless.

7. Manipulative


If the first thing that comes to your mind is the face of that typical saree-clad and pancaked housewife who manipulates her husband against his mother, then you are watching too much nasty stuff! But well, to be honest, that imagery is right too. Unlike what they show on television, it is rampant both inside and outside the four walls of our homes. The worst thing about this characteristic is that it slowly feeds on you like a parasite and you wouldn’t even realize till it causes you some major harm. People secretly manipulate each other in relationships, work places and of course, family affairs. Trusting someone with our secrets, baring our inner self in front of them is a huge deal and when that trusted person uses all your revelations to manipulate you and secretly control you to get what he wants, well its the worst! Its worse than getting cheated upon. So next time don’t be fooled by the deceivingly innocent looks of a person. You never know what might be going on in that little head of his while he is flashing those puppy eyes at you!

6. Clingyness


It may not be the worst but it sure is the most annoying trait of all. A person who sticks to you like some adhesive is not just harmful to your mind but also to your life. This evil characteristic comes in clean packaging. The sweetest and most clear hearted people can act clingy. We all know about clingy girlfriends and boyfriends as they are the most common species under this term. A clingy person sucks the time out of your daily schedules, making you indulge in stupid conversations or unnecessary activities. Sometimes it gets difficult to get rid to such people as they generally act all sweet and soft spoken and they don’t realize that they are suffocating other person’s freedom. Getting rid of them would require being strict and that might make you look bad in front of everyone. Breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend is easy but how to break up with a clingy friend without actually hurting them? Well, good luck with that!

5. Materialism


Costly gadgets, fancy dinners, branded clothes and expensive gifts would make anyone happy! Without getting into the never ending debate between monetary happiness and natural happiness, there’s no denying to the fact that a lot of things which make one happy can be bought with money. But the problem arises when this materialistic happiness becomes the centre of your universe. And it turns evil enough to be listed in such a list when this materialism becomes the definition of your character! People for whom the content of heart is achieved only after throwing some bucks on the table are not very good to keep company. Such people cannot appreciate the emotions, creativity and passions of human mind. They would constantly make you feel inferior if you do not spend as much as them. If you are an impressionable person, then they may even break your self confidence or make you a partner in crime.

4. Foolishness


Evil character does not necessarily mean it would be all dark and disturbing. Dictionary describes evil as wicked and harmful, which is exactly what foolish people do. They may not be wicked every time but their company sure as hell is harmful! Whoever said an intelligent enemy is better than a foolish friend was a genius, probably troubled by a stupid friend. You depend on your mother for care, on your father for guidance, on your partner for love, a friend for help and support but you cannot depend on a foolish person for anything! All they would do is consume your useful time. Its the best to avoid such people as they cannot be of any help at any point of time.

3. Over criticism


We judge a person’s true intentions towards us by judging the way he treats our capabilities and flaws. Of course we love it when people praise our accomplishments and our talent. But a true friend is someone who also points out our mistakes, makes us realize about our weakness and act as our critic. But the question arises, how much of it is enough? There are people who, in an attempt to come across as extremely righteous and honest, criticize every single thing that happens around them. They have a problem with almost all the humanity and hence they keep bashing all activity. Such people are a great threat to your temperament and peace of mind. Being around them can only bring distress and low self esteem in your life.

2. Superiority Complex


Now this is something very common yet extremely annoying. Nobody likes people who blow their own trumpet. Having self confidence and believing in your capabilities is different from considering yourself the best, or rather, above the rest! Imagine having a friend who would look down upon every possession of yours, someone who considers himself superior to you and makes you feel like an inferior. Obviously he wouldn’t remain your friend for long. Such people are a threat to your integrity and self respect. Constantly praising oneself and showing disregard for others is as evil as it sounds.

1. Vengeance


Probably the most dangerous of all traits, vengeance is a mixture of violence and revenge. The evil desire to inflict harm or humiliation on a person in any way possible can be dangerous to great extents. Sometimes it can even cost lives! When people have high egos, tiniest of criticism can hurt them real bad. Unable to forgive and forget, they tend to harbour grudges against the other person and slowly the rage becomes uncontrollable, resulting in a volcanic eruption of violence and anger. The extreme hatred makes a vengeful person insensitive to others’ feelings and he bulldozes everything that comes in his way of taking revenge.

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