Top 10 Healthy Habits to Develop Before Turning 30

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Modern technology is striving to prolong our existence on this planet but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well when it comes to keeping us healthy. If you think that it is high time for a change, then let’s see the top ten habits you need to develop before turning 30.

#10 Stop complaining


It’s as simple as that. If you go for just one day without complaining, then you will soon realize how amazing your life actually is. Think about the fact that there are other people who have it worst. Start appreciating what you have and remember once more that life is too short for you to complain incessantly. Go out there and live it.

#9 Three good things for one bad thing


Regardless of our age, culture or sex, we all have the tendency to be overcritical with ourselves. We permanently compare ourselves to others, giving of course a lower note to ourselves. This is why experts psychologists recommend that we find three good things to say about ourselves the moment we say one that is bad. If you will try it, then you will definitely be convinced of its positive effects.

#8 Don’t hold a grudge


We all get mad sometimes. We all have people who have made us suffer. There is a saying that goes something like this: forgive but don’t forget. Well, that is not healthy. Holding a grudge will have a negative effect on your part, as the build-up of resentment is perceived really bad by the entire body. It is far better to forgive and forget, because life is too short to hold a grudge on anyone.

#7 Find a hobby


All of us, regardless of our cultural background, have something to offer. Apart from your job, which you may like or not, you need to find something that will make your creative energies come to the surface. Once you find something that you are good at, the whole world will fall into place and you will be even more productive at your workplace. It may be ikebana, origami or martial arts but you need a hobby that brings a smile on your face.

#6 Travel


When we travel, we come across new cultures and meet new people. We have a lot to gain from these experiences and we become stronger individuals. Our views broaden, we are more inclined to try out new things and step out from that level of comfort we have grown accustomed to. Traveling will provide you with a fresh perspective on life and it will probably force you to make some healthy changes on your own.

#5 No stress. No worries.

This is probably one of the most difficult things to achieve but definitely one that guarantees the most returns. It is a well a well known fact that stress has serious effects on one’s health and this is why you should do your best to prevent that from happening. Simple activities allow you to reduce the amount of stress that you have in your life, believe it or not.

#4 Sleep. Rest. Pause


The human body is a complex machine that needs at least 8 hours of sleep each night. You cannot expect it to function properly if you are not giving it all it needs. That means sleeping enough hours per night and resting throughout the day. Intellectual effort can be very tiresome on the entire body so be careful to avoid the burn out syndrome.

#3 Don’t be a couch potato, exercise!


Don’t let yourself down and start exercising every morning. Go jogging, run on the treadmill or skip rope if you want. Go swimming even if it’s not hot outside, as there are plenty of indoor pools to choose from. Play tennis with friends. Skate in the winter. Without exercise, muscles tend to shorten and the joints become stiff and you present an increased risk for heart problems. Never allow for that to happen.

#2 Drink water


The complete advice would be to drink plenty of water. If you are not drinking enough water, then you are putting your whole body through unnecessary stress. Also, you ought to know that not drinking water leads directly to dehydration and that will only contribute to wrinkles and other skin problems.

#1 Eat right and healthy


You will probably say that this is a stupid piece of advice, as everyone knows how important it is to eat right and healthy. We tend to eat very little or very much and our diet is never balanced. We eat on the run, we prefer fast food and our bodies suffer. It is never too late to change your eating habits, especially if you want to stay healthy on the long run.

These 10 pieces of advice were offered for those who have yet to turn 30 but remember it’s never too late to change your life for the better.

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    July 9, 2015 at 3:39 am

    Just for the under 30 crowd, eh?! And old dogs don’t like new tricks?!!? Or so you might like us to think.

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