Top 10 Happenings that will Make You Believe in God

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God, the Supreme Being. God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. Various philosophies that describe God are Deism, Pantheism, Monotheism etc..  All of them are different.  The qualities of God are believed to be Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omni-benevolence. God has also been conceived as being incorporeal. The dilemma many face is should we believe in God? In some or the other stage we will feel the presence of God. Till then these questions about the existence of God keep on arising. We can make a statement clearly, that is, The Existence of God is as true as your Existence. If you question your reality and get an answer then that is the answer for the existence of God. As human nature is to question everything and not to compromise until an evidence is given, we all get to know the reality when we go through a situation. It will change our thinking. The common and important situations or happenings that will make us believe in God are listed below.

10)  Festivals

Festivals! We celebrate our festivals according to our tradition. Almost every festival is related to some or the other God. So when we are given a holiday to celebrate a festival we get to know the importance of that festival as well as the history behind our celebrations. The history and importance will be linked to our God and this is how we start believing in God. Hindus celebrate Diwali because the demon Ravana was killed by Lord Rama. Muslims celebrate Ramzan because this  festival was initiated in Madinah after the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca and  this is an occasion for showing gratitude to God and remembering Him. Christians celebrate Christmas on the eve of annual commemoration of Lord Jesus. This way almost all festivals are linked to God and this is how we learn about God and his importance.

9)  When We are Fascinated by Our Existence

We have never questioned the reality of our relationship with our parents after we were born. We have never questioned the monotonous nature of this universe. We feel all these things go on and on. But have we ever felt that there is some supreme power which is the reason for this stability, this routine and for this universe to be what it is now? If there isn’t any power guiding it then what is the scientific proof for the existence and even for the mere birth of the first atom or electron to be present from which this universe has come? Why are we born and why do we die? Why is this cycle of life continuing and until when? When we all start thinking like this the questions that arise are endless but the answer for all these is the same. It is, there is some super natural power which has created all these and it is that power which is guiding us. It is only that we have many names for that single power and in turn there are many theories for the existence of a single power.

8) After Watching a Horror Movie

If we go to a horror movie and are scared to an extent that we cannot sleep and cannot go to any place all alone then we just stick to our parents or friends and sleep. There is one more thing we do, we start praying to God to rescue us from bad dreams or the monster that you saw in the movie. This is the best situation which makes us believe in God. Also, that horror movie shows a super hero rescuing the people from the monster. So if we believe in that super hero, then the super hero for our universe is God.

7) Listening to Others Experiences

When we get to know from someone how they overcame a difficult situation just because of their faith in God then we will be attracted to believe God. If we get to know that they prayed to God and made a promise that they will walk to the temple on foot or they will leave something they like a lot or they will stop eating something or they will chant the name of God etc.. and suddenly all their obstacles have vanished then this would be an evidence enough to develop faith in God and clear our doubts.

6) When Miracles Happen

If we wanted something which is not in our hands to happen and it happened with minimum efforts of ours, then we will surely believe that there is some super natural power which is driving us and which is the reason for our existence. Like many people say, if it is written in our fate then it will happen or no one can change fate, If such miracles happen to us we believe in the concept of fate and ultimately in the one who wrote it, God.  If we consider another saying, Hard-work can change our fate, even then we will believe in God, because it means that, that power is the one who wrote it and also the one who can change what he has written considering our will power and good deeds.

5) Family Traditions Create an Impression on Us

In a family we inculcate certain principles of our religion and our God. We also explain our traditions and importance of God through prayer to our children. This is when we start thinking about the existence of God. Religion is the basis for our belief in God. Each religion has many principles but the essence of all these principles is the same. That is realisation of God. So if these principles are explained clearly in a family and these traditions are followed then the members of that family will also follow those customs. This is how the belief in God can be strengthened through family traditions or religious principles.

4) Mythology- Reading or Listening to Our Epics and History

History may not happen again but the books which contain information about our history help us understand it. Example would be our Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bible etc.. These books contain information about the life history of our Gods and Goddesses. Listening to the story of our Gods or reading books on Mythology will help us understand our culture as well as inculcate some morals in us. We then understand that the root cause for these morals is God, whose life history is an example of how we should live our life. These books also describe the demons, so we will get convinced that there is both good and bad in this world and we get an example of how we should not be. We are now able to decide on which is good and which is bad just because our epics have described them clearly.

3) When We Talk to a Holy Person (Priest)

A priest is someone who is closer to God because he has realised the purpose of this life. When we talk to a priest he will tell us about the experiences in his life that made him realise the purpose of life and also the experience that connected him with God. Not only this he will also motivate us towards believing in our self saying that if we believe in us it means that we believe in the supreme power, God. A priest will narrate the stories present in epics interestingly. So if you do not feel like reading our epics you just need to sit with a priest and listen to him speak about our culture and history. Those words will surely have a life changing effect on us if listened with interest. Believing in God is nothing but believing in Destiny. So if someone believes in Astrology then he definitely starts believing in God.

2) When Our Wish is Fulfilled

If we wished for something and have asked God to take care of it and then that wish gets fulfilled then surely we start believing in God. We start believing that even though we have worked to get what we wished for we need the support of God to achieve it. Like, if we want to succeed in an interview, we pray to God and go to interview. When we get selected we start believing in God completely, without any dilemma. We even give the credit to God.

1) When We are in Trouble

When we are happy and have everything we want with us then we don’t feel the need to pray to God or think of him. But when we are in some trouble or facing a problem immediately we think of God and develop so much faith in him that we want him to solve all our problems and also see that we don’t fall into troubles again. But when we face the problems and finally solve them we start believing in a philosophy which states that until we face a trouble we may not be able to feel the joy of being relaxed and without any trouble. We agree with the fact that God is the creator and God will help us as well as test us in our journey towards life until we realise our true identity.

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