Top 10 Habits that Can Make You an Adorable Personality

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We wish all our life to move from the crowd and establish our own identity. May it be your professional life or personal life you often end up messing with people, hurting those you care for and irritating those around. These are traits of negativity which spoils your future prospects. An adorable personality isn’t a result of some key words, it is a nature of a person which shall attract those around, the pleasing personality that shall not only make them confident as well doesn’t withdraw on his work. Adorable is attractive it is when a person respects you and even likes you, an adorable person is perfect in every trait and takes care of the emotions of those around with perfectionism. Your personality is your choice, if you chose to be the spoil sport of the crowd, the one who’s shouting all the time, you will have a horrible time pleasing anyone down the road.



You talk to him/her and you are suddenly astonished by their understanding of situations. Intelligence is one of the most attractive or sexy traits in a person for it is alluring to see someone knowledgeable, learn from them and make interactions fruitful. An intelligent person knows the result and consequences of situations and hence always thinks before he acts. On the other hand a dumb person can often be irritating and a pull off at situations where you cannot take their ignorance.



No one like criticism but unfortunately  we are filled with criticizers who leave no stone un-turned to pull us down. In this business, once in a blue moon coming across a person who admires and appreciates are positive traits make us surprisingly happy. An appreciative person takes care of the emotions of a person and tries to keep them cheerful by acknowledging their good traits. This doesn’t mean they are lying but rather focusing on the best outcomes rather than pin pointing errors.



A person who plans of his after party, is a winner in his mind already while a person who fears failure often eventually leads to it. It is hence important to keep up a positive attitude, expecting a wonderful outcome meanwhile being prepared of the consequences. But a negative person, spreads his/her negativity all around, their words are brutal to hear and often make the situation worse than encouraging. Hence the one who is positive in his words and acts is likable to people around. Positivist has the energy to solve the problems we face each day, hence a positive person tends to follow the circle of life and is therefore forced to stay as positive as possible.


a smiling face

Quite often you see an angry man shouting at his family or people fighting on the road or kids crying, this often leads you to spoil your own mood or move to a different direction. Whereas you are always attracted by a smiling face, that face immediately lightens up your day. A cheerful good morning makes you feel rejuvenated and the stress of a bad day fades away. A smiling face is one the most attractive trait in a pleasing personality. Let the notice of you coming bring a smile on every employee in your office, it surely helps creating good partnerships as well as friends.


honest critic

You wouldn’t like a sugar coated enemy who would stab behind your back. What would be better a harsh friend who would examine and review your acts in the most honest way possible. An honest critic can help you take the right decisions in life which might seem hard and wrong at the start but would eventually make you realize the wisdom of such personalities. We all need the reviews that can help us grow and become productive creatures hence those who are honest are always trusted more over the worldly people in the crowd.


ego is a spoil sport

No one likes a person with a big fat ego, this ego defies your understanding of right or wrong and makes you focus on the unwanted stuff.Suddenly we are no more bothered by the discussion, but focus shifts to giving a reply so that we do not loose the argument. This trait of ego, is not pleasing to those around and hence should be avoided. A person who accepts his mistake and is gracious enough to apologize is considered to be adorable.



Nobody likes pretentious people who stab you from behind when time comes, on the contrary genuity is respect and adored. Genuine people gain respect of those around and are easier to trust. If you are genuine in your dealings and efforts, people offer you their help as well gain support from your words for they know they are honest opinions. While it is easier to be genuine on face it is difficult to practice it all the time hence is a difficult trait to be attained.  It’s a natural human inclination to strive to be surrounded by people…even when those people drain us.But to be really genuine you need to differentiate between your friends and foe, your good and bad in a more stern manner. Often we call ourselves genuine but our traits are full of falseness all day long hence we need to decide our limits and how much would we let our self get vulnerable?


concern for others

When a friend can open to you in the time of need and accept you to welcome her condition with open arms is when they start adoring you. Not everyone has a tendency to accept the person as they are as well as show genuine concern. In this hoax world people run away when time comes, they shrug away from their duties and often try to play the blame game. Only a few section of the population is actually concerned about your well being and prosperity without the plots of jealousy. These people not only gain your respect but also become extremely likable.


dressing sense

Dressing isn’t always about expensive and branded clothes, it is moreover none of that. A person having the etiquette and elegance to carry himself/ herself in a decent and dignified manner makes you like them in the first instance.  Untidy dress and badly kept hair make you dislike the person in the first meeting for all you can judge them at that moment is by their clothes. We cannot avoid the fact that cleanliness and looks make us approach a person with positive notions sometimes being hoaxed by their looks !Hence a good dressing sense makes us attractive and a crowd puller of positiveness.


good listener

Discussions shouldn’t be made to put up our point but to find out the right point. If a person is always interested in living himself/herself wrong undisturbed by the reality is disliked by people. Often you are asked to choose between the fair group and the crowded group, at that instance rather than taking hasty decisions and forcefully making people to accept our notion we should try and listen to their grievances and point of view. Hence a good listener makes people open up to them, making them look adorable and friendly.

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