Top 10 Habits in Men that are a Turn-off

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Unpleasant burping? Check! Farting? Oh yeah! Bad-breath? Uh-huh. These are things that can easily turn girls off, we all know. And yes, boys have made a sincere effort trying to keep these blemishes at bay. But what if I were to tell you that there are many more grounds based on which your lady friend could be giving you a fail grade? What about everyday conversations? Compliments? How do you think you’re fairing there? Yepp. It turns out you would be better off if you did away with some habits on dates, meetings and just about everywhere else! Welcome to 10 habits in men that are a turn off.

10. Don’t be a bitch


A little humorous remark about “that girl I dislike” would make me giggle and could help pump up my self esteem even.  But it really doesn’t make sense why you would indulge in one of the few privileges that women are allowed. Bitching. Because when you’re talking ill about your ex or that girl who sits next to you in class we are thinking one of the two things (i) you’re into her (ii) you’re not into her but you’re just not very nice. (i) gets you out of the game almost immediately while (ii) just leads to another bifurcation of thoughts (i) am I going to be spoken about similarly when we’re not on good terms anymore? (ii) what does he think about me now? Too much make-up? Too much talking? Do I giggle funny? Again (i) is a red flag. (ii) could lead to two things. Well, you get the point. And thus is ruined one fine meeting that is now fraught with neurosis. So if you can’t say anything nice about that person, don’t say anything at all.

9. What’s that smell?


No, we’re not talking about the array of bad smells(sweaty armpits, bad breath) that could put off your lady friend. Those are all things you have learned to take care of with some cologne, aftershave, mint and you know the rest. What we’re really talking about here is when you overdo this. Guys should smell good. A nice-smelling cologne, after-shave or deodorant can really entice that girl you’ve been eyeing, but one spritz too much can have her holding her nose. Consider this when getting ready to head out on the town: Use one less spray of cologne than you normally would. Don’t pull a body-spray commercial and douse your body in it.

8. Over-dressed. Under-dressed. Undress!


Sometimes you take it too light and sometimes you go overboard with your dressing habits. When we put in hours picking out the right outfit and practicing our moves in it, you could just as much do your part too, right? If you’re a 17 year old who likes to fancy himself in a tux for a casual party at your friend’s place that’s a bummer! If you walk into the restaurant in that pyjama and t-shirt you slept in last night(the only addition being a pair of chappals) you’re already scoring low. Dress for the occasion!  Bedazzled, too tight ed hardy shirts or baggy jeans are a strict no-no. Now, I’m not speaking for my girl friends out there who for some unbeknownst reason LIKE boys who dress like this. But at least you have a general guideline to help you.

7. Bragging diarrhoea


Fellas! Lend me your ears. Women/girls are APALLED by men who talk a big game, knowing they do not have the means to follow through. We LOVE listening to the things you’re really passionate about, your accomplishments as a high-school captain, how you beat that loser at game night, the last time you smooth-talked your way into getting a good grade. But we DO NOT want to listen to you go on and on about how busy you are thanks to all he clubs you’re involved in, how you just can’t ward off all the female attention you’ve been getting ever since your new haircut, how you couldn’t wait to give away your i-Phone 4 for an i-Phone 5. Stop that nonsense, right there! It’s obnoxious to say the least and you’re not wooing anyone by these cheap tricks.

6. Too much attention


Sometimes we dress up, let down our hair, giggle lightly, blush a little just to get your attention. But sometimes we’re just not into you. So politely back off. Coaxing text messages(to which you get no reply), impolite in-your-face stalking, inappropriate touching, laughing at anything I say(even *I* did not find that funny), false praises. Engage in any of this and you’re not even remotely attractive anymore. Grow a funny bone, ditch them cheesy pick-up lines. She’s being a bitch? Probably not. She’s probably only uninterested. Move on. There’s plenty of maidens out there who are chiselling their moves right now trying to woo YOU!

5. Too little attention


It’s nice sometimes when you play a little bit of hide-and-seek, getting us to chase after you. Makes life infinitely more interesting. But again, you have to know where to draw the line. Make it an overkill and all we want to do is walk away. Always having your earphones connected pretending to not hear a thing, never making eye contact for fear of well…making eye contact!, dismissing anything we say as uninteresting, always being late. Cut the crap! This shit ain’t workin’!

4. Momma’s boy


This is something that doesn’t need much elaboration and can I get an amen from all the ladies for this. Being a big baby can simulate surprising amounts of irritation amongst the people around. You can’t come out at 5 today because you’re Mom forbade you. You think I look nice in my new dress, only your Maa used to wear her outfits ever so beautifully. If your mother was here she would have fixed that tear in your shirt in no time. Surely, your Mom must be an amazing woman. But all your mushiness for her is right now making me want to shoot her down! And I haven’t even met her yet.

3. Faking it


Every girl loves a compliment, but give them too often and we’ll know you’re just dishing them out to weasel your way into our good books. It sounds fake and we don’t like it. Likewise, if you don’t agree with what we’re saying, it’s totally OK to say so. Agreeing with us about everything is a huge turn-off – and will make for a long and difficult life for you in the end, buddy. Just don’t fake it. We can tell.

2. Perversion


Since when is it ok to pronounce my body parts as the strictly forbidden words? This might be hilarious with your dudes. But test the waters when you have female company. If you make untoward advances and keep pushing it we will be forced to think of you as a creep. Be wary of the comfort level you share. Sometimes we don’t want to hear explicit stories or comments. It’s disturbing to know that only sexual conversations interest you and when we steer it elsewhere you’re not a participant anymore. It might be “fun” when kept under check 😉

1. Chauvinism


This certainly tops the list. My heart goes out to those girls who are faced with unfortunate instances of their male companions treating them differently essentially on the basis of their gender. We don’t want you ridiculing our ambitions in life simply because one-of-your-kind is supposed to fend for us. We don’t want you to slightly hint at us saying we can afford to be mediocre because we’re girls. You don’t want to be caught saying “The audacity of that sweetcheeks to challenge me in Math”. She’s probably going to beat you fair and square.  Whatever the chauvinistic behaviour, it’s a guaranteed turn off.

To all the guys out there, if you have faced circumstances where you’ve never been able to figure out as to what put her off thus, one of the above might just be your answer. To the girls, if you have a guy friend who might be putting you off you could just leave a link to this in his mail. He will get the hint 😉

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