Top 10 Futuristic-Looking Gadgets

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As technology evolves with every day that passes, it should come as no surprise that some of the gadgets created seem to belong rather in the future than in the present. However, these gadgets are meant to make our lives easier and certainly more enjoyable. Let’s see what choices we have when it comes to futuristic-looking gadgets.

#10 Invisible ink pen


This is a great gadget for kids but it is guaranteed that adults are going to love it as well. You can write with your invisible ink pen and then read the secret message with the help of the UV light integrated into it. Imagine the look on your kid’s face when you will present him or her with such a cool gift on Christmas morning. It will be priceless!

#9 Calliper Style Radio



If you are a fan of radio, then you will certainly enjoy this gadget. Imagine that you can slide up and down the radio unit in order to find the station you want. Easy to use and fun to have around the house, this gadget will make you fall in love with radio once again.

#8 Virtual goggles



We have come to the point where virtual technology becomes more and more integrated in our lives. The virtual goggles are going to be used in a wide range of fields, their importance being not so easy to underestimate. This gadget is going to have however a direct impact on personal assistants.

#7 The Tulip Bath/Shower



If you have a small bathroom, you should definitely consider this gadget. So, this can be a shower and it can also transform into a bath. This space saving feature is interesting to say the least but you should also let yourself drawn in by the high-powered, massaging jets and other perks.

#6 Bediator



The bediator will guarantee you having a warm bed, no matter how cold the weather outside might be. This gadget is actually an intelligent heating system that once used, you will never get on without it. And perhaps the most important thing that you should know that it can provide heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. The display shows the temperature, so you really have a lot of control over this rather interesting gadget.

#5 Green smart glass



This mug has two very important features to offer, meaning refrigeration and insulation. The interesting thing is related to the way it functions. Provided you have a hot beverage inside, it will absorb the heat coming from the drink and get its power on. All of us wait for hot beverages to become cooler; the green smart glass does not waste any time and uses that loss of heat in order to function. Is that great or what?

#4 Document extractor – Combi Monitor



Why should you be interested in a monitor that also functions as a printer? The answer is simple. Instead of wasting time saving a document from a web page and editing it in one of the existent programs, you can simply print it. This gadget has both intuitive printing and real time scanning to offer, so you can certainly understand why it would be such great a choice.

#3 Door handle with self-sterilization system



As we live in a world that is crawling with germs, it should come as no surprise that it is far better to present rather than treat. Microscopic germs live comfortably on door handles, so it goes without saying that this gadget is 100% useful. How does this work? If the handle is not being used, there is an UV lamp performing a non-stop sterilization. The lamp turns off once the handle is touched. Simple and yet highly effective.

#2 Sony Eclipse


Even though this gadget has not been launched yet, it already represents a subject of interest for many people. Imagine a media player you just stick on a window and it works directly, with the help of sunlight. This is the Sony Eclipse, a first solar chargeable media player. Equipped with a solar panel, this gadget will never require batteries or power to function. Just sunlight, so make sure you will put it on a window facing the sun.

#1 The see-through TV


The see-through TV is the latest step when it comes to technology innovation. Imagine a big flat-screen that integrates perfectly into your environment. This unique gadget is based on the already established LCD technology but also on the rather new TOLED display technology. Even though it is transparent, you will be able to see programs just with your old TV. The color reproduction matches the highest quality standards and you are offered a full contrast range.

Choose any of the gadgets presented above and it is guaranteed your life will become not only easier, but certainly more interesting.

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