Top 10 Foreign Languages with High Market Value

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When the world is in the process of evolving into a global village, people are busy learning foreign languages at a faster pace to understand and cooperate with each other in the area of technical, scientific advancements. As per the records of Modern Language Association, there is a phenomenal upsurge in the number of students enrolled for foreign studies of which Spanish, French and German take the lead. The major share goes to the corporate world that has facilitated the largest percentage to this growth in number of students. The disciplines of Translation Studies, Film Studies, Linguistics and Medicine and so on also play a key role in this. The United States of Nation has recognized Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish as its official languages. However English is still the lingua franca of the world and has almost lost the privilege of being a foreign language as most of the countries across the globe consider English as one of their official languages. The popularity of languages change over a period of time, and sometimes within a couple of months. The factor that determines the value of a language in the present scenario is the maximum job opportunities it fetches the employees.

10. Korean


The fast growing economy of Korea promises a fruitful career in Korean based business operations. The South Korean commerce conglomerates LG, Hyundai, Samsung have expanded their trade wide across the world and offer tremendous job openings to aspiring candidates; a small amount also belongs to the Korean tourism. The foreign language acquisition has helped the non-technical candidates to be a part of the corporate work space that was reigned by professionals belonging to the disciplines of science and technology. A lot many universities in the world are offering regular courses ranging from beginners to research level course in Korean language and literature. In a lighter vein, Korea owes a lot to PSY and his “Opan Gangnam Style” for embossing Korea in our minds forever.

9. Russian


Russian language emerges from the Slavonic language in the Indo-European language tree. Before Russian became the national language of Russia and the central language in The Commonwealth of Independent States, French was the medium of communication in the courts in Russia. The peasantry spoke Russian and hence the language, which was at a later point of time to become the national language, was looked down upon by the educated and wealthy class who resorted to French. Thanks to Alexander Pushkin who through his profound literary output helped the language to attain prominence in the nation. In today’s world Russian is growing as one of the most learnt languages by non-Russians with the advent of Russia into commerce, trade and other global ventures.

8. Japanese


Japan, the land that inspires the entire world with its phoenix-like ascend became once the second powerful nation. No wonder why the populace is vying to learn the Japanese language to understand and translate to the rest of the world the immense potential tapped in the land of the rising sun. Spoken by more than 124 million people in this world, Japanese bags the credit of being marked as one of the most spoken languages of the world.  Since Korean, Chinese and Japanese share stark similarities in script and vocabulary, to keep our brains functioning intact, it would not be good to learn the three simultaneously.

7. Arabic


The Arab invaders gave away their language, culture and religion to the people of the lands they conquered and ruled. Since Arabic is also the liturgical language among the believers of Islam, mostly all of them could read the religious texts written in Arabic if they could not speak the language. As per the enrollment data provided in the Modern Language Association records, Arabic learners have increased by a significant percentage. The non- Arabic people working in the Middle East are expected to learn the language to avoid any difficulty in their work culture as most of the code directives would be in Arabic. Another hidden agenda that accentuated the study of Arabic among the Americans is the bitter relations between The US and The Middle East so as to understand the latter’s anti-American operations. In the years to come, Arabic shall be among the top five languages of high market value. Keeping all these probes aside, Arabic songs are enjoyed all over the world and every child is an ardent lover of the Arabian Nights.

6. Portuguese


Apart from Portugal, Portuguese is spoken by the nations that had once been Dutch colonies. Although it is listed in the sixth position of the world’s most spoken languages, it is very recently that there came a boom in Portuguese being recognized as a significant language in trade and business. Monica Szwarc from Bridge Language, Education and Travel in her response to The Language Magazine states that “The interest in business language (Portuguese) has been the area with the most growth; we would estimate the numbers have tripled.” The relevance of Portuguese in Brazilian commerce is invaluable.

5. Chinese


As the famous joke goes, God made the world and the rest was made in China. Recent studies posit that by 2030 Chinese could overthrow the status of English, but it all depends on the progress of the economical as well other factors. The verity that despite Chinese being one of the toughest languages, people from different parts of the world investing their time to learn it supports these observations China has a strong grip over the global commerce and is ahead of most of the competing nations in this commercial race. The popularity of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui is acting as  buttress to this proliferating passion for Chinese.

4. German


Germany reminds us of Hitler, World Wars, BMW, and what not! Students of Science and Technology, specifically Mechanical Engineers are all set to undergo any hardships to be a part of the German team in their concerned area of interest. When it comes to learning German, people don’t think manifold times, as it is a green card to the myriad job prospects in and out of Germany. Though the German history is a nightmare, the ride in a Mercedes is a dream of most of the young contenders of German language.

3. French


French has the privilege of bearing the title of being the only language taught in every nation. We stumble upon words like Bon Jour, Bon Appetite once in a while and that is enough to say about the fame of the French language. One cannot survive in France without knowing the rudiments of French, or else one may not understand if the French man’s ‘Salut’ is actually a greeting or a goodbye as it is used for both!! Some learn French just to earn a scholarship to visit France, indeed a better way of touring France.

2. Spanish


Español or Spanish has become one of the most sought after languages of the world. Mainly spoken in the Latin American countries, Spanish speakers are increasing day by day. Bilingual speakers earn high paid jobs in translations and interpretations jobs. The requirement of translators and foreign language teachers are increasing at a rate par excellence due to globalization.Like Portuguese, Spanish is also one of the key languages in business and financial operations.  One Enrique Iglesias is enough to make anyone fall in love with Spanish.

1. English


The European invasion of the world is still a blood-stained episode in the pages of history. The English language was forced upon the natives as a means to lessen the communication gap between the colonizer and the colonized. It also gave way to many dialectical variations of the language- Indian English, Pidgin English and so on. French had been the official language of England and English was the language of the common man. Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English Literature saved English from being wiped off from the linguistic maps in the course of time. Otherwise, the English songs and movies that we enjoy would have been in French. The aura of English is so radiant that it is hardly mentioned as a foreign language despite being one. If not for the colonial period, one needs to wonder what would be the lingua franca of the world. The fast growing and changing commerce puts English in danger zone before Chinese. It would be challenging to see if the West would lose to the East or not.

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