Top 10 Film Stars that are Working to Save the Environment

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We all love the comic book superheroes, don’t we? Superman, batman, spider man, He-Man etc have all been idealistic figures for us. We admire their courage and their ability to fight the evil. We love it when they take a stand when no one else seems to care. Well I am a fan too. I also love the super heroes but not the ones alive in the comic books or on the silver screen. I am a fan of the real life superheroes. The members of the film fraternity, the shining faces of the glamour world have a lot more to their existence than just acting and drama. These stars who are unbeatable on the screen actually have a much more solid personality in the real world. Many of these stars have dared to come forward to protect our ailing Mother Earth when most of us have just added to her misery. They have shown the courage to take a stand whether we support them more not. They have managed to gather the world for the sake of this planet. They have been selflessly working and striving hard to make this world a better place to live in. They are fighting the evil that is killing our nature. Aren’t these the qualities of a superhero?? I have huge respect for these celebrities who are using their name and fame in the best possible way. I am sure after going through this list, you too will think of them when you think of superheroes. The following are the 10 film stars that are working to save the environment. 3 Cheers for each one of them!

10. Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom has emerged as a very successful actor in the past decade. He made his film debut with the iconic movie- Lord of the rings where he played the role of an Elf prince. His most memorable role will be of Will Turner in the blockbuster movie Pirates of the Caribbean. while has has been white collared in his movies, he is endorsing an even brighter side of mankind in real life. Since the start of 2000, Bloom has been a part of the Global Green which is an internationally renowned environmental company. His house derives its electricity from solar panels and has made use of recycled materials. He also drives a Hybrid car to cut on the CO2 emissions.  In 2009, he was appointed as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

9. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia is truly a woman with a golden heart. She is enjoying a great acting career. She has been a part of several hits like The Crush, Sleeper Hit, Clueless and Batman and Robin. Alicia is a die hard environmentalist and animal rights activist. She has been a part of PETA for long. A vegan herself, she launched a book called the “kind diet” which became a bestseller. Alicia lives in a house that is run with Solar energy. Her house even has an organic vegetable garden. She even uses her own range of natural cosmetics. In the year 2009, she was given the Heart of Green award to acknowledge her work. In 2010, she received the Voice of Compassion Award.

8. Amitabh Bachchan 

This legend does not require any introduction. He is an idol not for Indians but for people all over the world. It is not just his movies and acting that drives so many fans. People have loved the person he is. He is doing his part for the people and for the planet too. Amitabh Bachchan runs a trust in his father’s name. With the funds raised, he has taken up a mission to bring light to 3000 homes in the rural India. What is worth noticing that he will achieving this with the help of solar energy. 3000 homes will receive their solar devices to provide them with electricity. He has also worked along with various organisations to protect the national animal- Tiger. In his own little ways, he continues to be the Green Hero of Bollywood.

7. Pamela Anderson

PAmela Anderson is a very popular among environmentalists all over the world. Pamela has been an endorser of PETA and she herself fights for the animal rights. She strives to protects the animals as their habitats. She recently voiced out for the sake of seals who are suffering due to global warming. She even reached out to the Prime Minister urging him to take some action. She gifted a 70 acre of rainforest to Vivienne Westwood on her 70th Birthday to make sure that it is never deforested by any one.

6. Priyanka Chopra

This former Miss World has made quite a name for herself in the glamour world. She is a successful actress and also a model. Priyanka Chopra has always been keen in participating in any event that is focusing on the environment. At present she is the brand ambassador for “Greenathon” which is a campaign run by NDTV and Toyota aiming to spread awareness regarding Mother Nature among the people. The money raised by this campaign is used for various social activities.

5. Edward Norton

Even though you saw him as the destructive Incredible Hulk, Edward is a very humble and nature loving man. Edward is one of the board members of Enterprise Community Partners. He is also the President of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (American Branch). In 2010 he was appointed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity. It might amaze you that Edward still the Subway to travel when he is New York. He hosted a documentary on Nat Geo “Strange Days on Planet Earth’ which received a huge applaud.

4. Dia Mirza


This former Miss Asia Pacific has been a nature lover since her childhood. She supports PETA and has been a part of various campaigns aiming at water and energy conservation. She even works for women empowerment.  She has been a part of “Narmada Bachao Andolan” which was against the construction of a dam on the Naramada river. In 2012, she was given the IIFA Green Award for her work.

3. Darryl Hannah

This beauty is quite a rock solid personality. She is one of the people who can go to any extent to prove their point. She has been arrested several times for protesting against the authorities who were harming the environment with their construction plans. In spite of this she continues to keep her battle going. Her residence is solar powered and she uses bio-fuel to run her car. She runs a blog DH Love Life through which she spreads awareness regarding nature.

2. Cameron Diaz


This lady is probably one of the earliest celebs who turned towards nature. Her MTV series named Trippin motivated the people to opt  for Green travel. She even gave Al Gore’s climate presentation. She also played an important role in starting the Earth Live concert in 2007. She has even co-authored a book ” The Green Book” that talks about simple ways which can save the nature. She was tagged as one of the Heroes of the environment by TIME in the year 2009.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

The humanitarian activities of the Leonardo are not unknown. He has contributed a lot towards environmental activities. He directed as well as produced, the heart melting documentary “the 11th hour” which narrated the appalling condition our Mother Earth. He runs an organisation by his name that raises funds for environmental causes. He has recently become a part of the Save Tiger Now campaign. He denies flying by private planes and uses commercial flights.

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