Top 10 Fashion Labels that Took the World by Storm

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People love to buy clothes and accessories which are the talk of the town and fashionably famous. High-end fashion labels mostly succeed and have high demand because of a combination of factors such as exquisite designs, unique craftsmanship, high quality of materials and incredible attention to detail. Sometimes its not about the items under the label, but the brand image and attitude that it exudes. These labels sell a particular way of living more than their commodities. There is usually one famous fashion designer behind the start up of these labels and even in their absence; these labels try to stick to what made it work in the first place. Nowadays, there is a tough fight between famous fashion houses in terms of market share and garnering loyalty. This fierceness can be visible through aggressive ad campaigns, constant innovations in designs and thorough design research. Initially fashion was just an obsession for women, but with time men began to be equally conscious about what they wear. Moreover most of the top fashion labels have celebrities as their ambassadors which adds to the value of these brands. Here are the top 10 fashion labels that took the world by storm :

10) Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger

The reason that Tommy Hilfiger is so successful is because his style is all that is American and more. He won hearts through his stylish, contemporary yet sporty clothing for men, women, and children. Some of the lines under this brand are Tommy Hilfiger, Hilfiger Denim and Tommy Girl. Each of them targets a different target and is different from other in terms of style , price and distribution channel. The products sold under this label include clothing ,sportswear, footwear , undergarments, eyewear, watches ,handbags, accessories,socks,small leather goods,perfumes,home décor etc

9) GAP


The Gap retail stores chain was founded by Donald and Doris Fisher and the first store was inaugurated in 1969. The Gap Inc which became an extremely  successful chain in the early 80’s by selling  casual clothing such jeans, T-shirts and jackets especially denim for both men and women. Nowadays, you even find different outlets which are completely gender specific. Although the signature item is still jeans, it has brought many different fits, washes, colours and styles thus revolutionising jeans. The target group for Gap has young as well as middle-aged adult’s .Gap is also popular for their sports range especially their line of polo shirts of different colours. Also GAP is comparatively pocket friendly considering that it’s an extremely popular fashion brand.Recently they have been in the news for controversial and racist advertising

8) Ralph Lauren


As the name suggests , this brand was founded by Ralph Lauren in the late 1900s although it started gaining fame around 20 years after that. The company first solely focused on ties and then slowly moved on to other men’s and women’s apparel. It also brought out related lines such as perfumes , hats , glasses , leather items excite also developed further  brands such as Polo, Lauren, Chaps, and Club Monaco. This is one of the very few clothing that manages to incorporate both sporty and classy at the same time through their unique clothing sense

7) H & M


Hennes and Mauritz popularly known as H & M is a Swedish clothing company that also created a storm worldwide with its clothing for men , women , kids and teens. It has always focused on offering fashionable high quality clothing pieces at very affordable prices. With over  1500 outlets over  28 countries , they also sell accessories , innerwear and cosmetics. Along with going global , their collaboration with local designers makes them more appealing to customers.The very famousbranding consultancy known as Interbrand ranked H & M   as the twenty-first most-valuable global brand in they years of 2009 and 2010,

6) Dolce and Gabbana

d and g

Domencio Dolce and Steffano Gabbana are two famous Italian designers responsible for the birth of D&G. Many of their designs are adapted from the feminist-era, before the whole phenomenon was being glamorised and modernised. They describe their style as “sweet and sharp” and their clothes are always created with a promise of being in line with the industry’s latest trends. Their clothes flatter bodies in the best way possible .

5) Calvin Klein


Established in 1968 , Calvin Klein not only houses a famous clothing line but also perfumes , inner wear , eyewear, , socks, footwear,jewelry, watches, , handbags, and even interiors. Till 1970’s they only focused on coats and two piece suits after which they extended to selling almost every piece of garment that you could think of. This brand is never over the top and is all about stylish and comfortable clothing. One of its fast sellers from the apparel brands is the CK jeans. This minimalistic look is why it still remains one of the classiest yet simplest brands present.

 4) Zara


Founded  in the year 1975 by Amancio Ortega Gaona and Rosalia Mera in a place in Spain called Galicia ,this flagship store comes under the famous Inditex group . It is said to launch a new product or collection at least 10,000 times every year. Although this trendsetter also sells shoes and cosmetics along with clothes under their brand , they refuse to take the route of excessive advertisement and retains it’s image by avoiding such promotion. Zara’s cutting edge designs still originate in Spain and are always up to date with the latest trends in the world of fashion. They have a very  efficient chain which is reflected from the fact that it takes only 30 days for them to move from the design stage to the manufacture stage.

3) Guess


Founded by  the Marciano brothers in 1981, this Los Angeles based fashion company started off with a name for jeans especially in the  1980s and 1990s. Today, Guess boasts to be “one of the world’s leading lifestyle collections of contemporary apparel and accessories.” Many remember this brand for its provocative and edgy brand image just like their clothes that was also reflected through their advertising. With across 1,600 stores worldwide and approximately $2.7 billion in annual revenue, this label has survived due to it’s nifty adaptation to the changing trends in the industry , taking a variety of risks and giving their customers exactly what they were looking for and sometimes even more.

2) Versace


Being a fashion label established by the Versace brother-sister duo , there has been no lloking back for this brand from 1978. Defining sexy and slender, it’s always easy to spot a Versace piece. In the early 1980s, the fashion world was flourishing and designer boutique clothing started gaining prominence. It was then that Versace boutiques began springing up in different corners of the world. In the year 1985, Versace added a label called  Instante to his already existing lines to ensure that his fashion empire stretched out to youngsters who were value conscious fusionists.

1) Armani


This Italian luxury fashion houses was founded by Georgio Armani . It houses various labels such as Giorgio Armani, Armani , Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans (AJ),Armani Exchange(AX), Armani Junior ( for kids), andArmani/Casa(home furnishings). Armani stands for  sophistication and class for men and women across the globe. He is easily One of the most memorable fashion designers of the 20th and 21st centuries and is top of mind recall when it comes to fashion brands. Although this brand did not receive immediate fame and recognition , it wasn’t very long till people became die-hard fans of the same.

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