Top 10 Famous Fast Food Joints

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Eat to live? Nah, we prefer live to eat. Food is and has always been one of the most parts of our lives. But with the introduction of fast food, the food industry has revolutionized. Fast foods are any and all types of food that are prepared quickly and can be ordered ‘to-go’. You go to a city like New York and step down in the office hours of the morning, you will hundreds of people walking in formals with coffee and maybe a bagel, hotdog or a sandwich in their hand. Fast food is easy to make and really tasty and thus, the popularity of fast food has shot up so high, so quickly that it is almost scary. Now, one can find fast-food in the small local chains or the big million dollar multi-national global food-chains. These food-chains are minting money for their owners. But on the brighter side, they are providing a lot of employment as well. There are some food-chains which have crazy amounts of turn-over per year. These are the biggest food-chains in the world and they are still further growing and expanding, thanks to our never ending hunger! Here is a list of the top 10 fast food joints in the world-

10. Papa John’s

papa john's

Everybody loves a good pizza and when it comes straight from the backyard tavern of Louisville, Kentucky. Launched in 1984, it is the third biggest pizza take-out and delivery restaurant in the United States. They recently opened their 4000th restaurant in New York. It has about 3200 restaurants in the US itself and the remainder in other countries of the world. The chain is currently running in over 755 locations in the world. It is known for its deep-dish pizza, pepperoni pizza and the parmesan pizza. Apart from pizza, they also serve pasta, breads and desserts.

9. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Think outside the bun is their logo and once you eat from Taco Bell, you will surely think outside the bun. Started in California in 1946, Taco Bell became really famous really quickly as they were serving fast food but with a difference. No burgers, no pizzas, no coffees and doughnuts. They served pretty authentic Tex-Mex variety of food like tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadillas etc. It was a great break from the done to death with fast foods. Today, Taco Bell has over 6500 restaurants spread out all across the globe. One reason for their popularity is their “Value Menu” which gets you a wholesome and fulfilling meal at quite a cheap cost.

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

dunkin donuts

American runs on Dunkin’. Enough said. Dunkin’ Donuts is an American doughnut food-chain which serves over 50 types of doughnuts and other items. It was started in 1948 in Quincy, Massachusetts and quickly became very popular because of the variety of doughnuts that they had. Today, Dunkin’ Donuts runs over 15,000 restaurants in 37 different countries and is still rapidly expanding. The menu includes doughnuts, shakes, coffees, bagels etc. This restaurant is known for its easier on the pocket prices and thus is famous with all the people around the whole world.

7. Domino’s


The largest chain of pizza restaurant in the world, Domino’s comes from a small pizza store in Michigan which was bought at a down payment of $75. Today, the franchise is worth millions of dollars. Domino’s is a pizza store which primarily caters to take-outs and deliveries. Domino’s has over 10,000 stores in over 70 countries. The store sells pizza, pasta and some side-dishes such as garlic break, chicken wings and also desserts. It is successfully running in many countries and it is a provider of perfect food for movie marathons with friends.

6. Burger King

burger king

A burger is an everyday thing but a giant burger? Well, that’s what the king likes! Burger King is one of the biggest fast food chains of America and also of the world. It is commonly known as BK and it was started in Florida. It mainly serves variety of burgers. But its main player is the whooper burger which is their signature beef burger with fillings. Apart from burgers, they also serve sandwiches, nuggets, fries etc. It has over 13,000 outlets in over 79 countries.  It is often said that the burgers from BK are some of the unhealthiest ones you can eat due to their fat content.

5. Starbucks


You can go on instagram and check out the hash tag for Starbucks and you will see how crazy people are about their Starbucks coffee. It was first opened in Seattle, Washington in 1971 by three partners but today, Starbucks has a whooping 20,000 outlets in over 62 countries and they are still further expanding. They are famous for their fine and rich coffee but apart from that, you also get the cold variants of coffees, cakes, pastries, bagels, croissants, mousses etc at Starbucks.

4.  Pizza Hut

pizza hut

Probably the most well-known pizza place in the world, Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 in Kansas, USA. They soon became popular in their little town and started spreading their wings until the present day where they have over 11,000 outlets worldwide. They mainly offer pizzas with various toppings but they keep adding newer items to the menu and experimenting with food and this keeps the customer’s interest in them intact. One of the many reasons why Pizza Hut has been such a huge hit in the US is because of its schemes and meals which make it very pocket-friendly for students, who are the main target for these fast food chains.

3. Subway


Probably the most healthy and fresh option that we have in our range of fast food is opting for a sub at Subway. It is the largest sandwich chain in the word and has above 40,000 outlets in over 102 countries all around the globe. Coming a long way from the small town in Connecticut, today it is a global name. It serves a variety of sandwiches with meat and vegetable fillings along with their special sauces. They have an array of breads to offer, making every sandwich great in its own way. Their footlong sub is the most popular item on their menu.

2. KFC


Chicken wings specialists KFC are famous all over the world today but they started humbly in Indiana. Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC are one of the biggest and most famous franchises of fast-food restaurants in the world. They mainly serve chicken burgers and hamburgers and also serve chicken wings, fried chicken etc. The zinger burger is their most selling item and it is a huge burger with a meat patty, lettuce and mayonnaise. It has over 18,000 outlets in over 102 countries.

1. McDonalds


No prizes for guessing the number one fast food joint in the world. What could it be, if not McDonalds. The world McDonalds is now synonymous with the word burger. They have over 35,000 outlets all over the world. McDonalds mainly sells burgers but now, they also sell french fries, nuggets, a breakfast menu, desserts, milkshakes etc. They have introduced many meals and schemes which attract a lot of people. The Happy Meal especially, is loved by all children. It is now a household name and famous with people of all ages around the globe. It is now apparent that with the increase in love for fast-food, these chains will only keep getting bigger and hopefully, better!

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