Top 10 Famous Clothing Brands

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From celebrities to college students almost everyone in today’s  time is ‘brand conscious’, especially when it comes to clothes and accessories. So what is it about brands that make them so important? Maybe because with branded apparels you have the assurance that the clothes you are wearing are stylish and in trend. And if you have seen your favorite celebrity wear the same dress or suit, you may rest assured that it is the right choice. Products by famous brands are considered as high in value and quality. In fact most brands do make sure that their products are highly fashionable and of high quality so that they may not lose their customers to their rivals. The sad part is that apparels by most of these popular brands are too expensive.  Well planned marketing strategies, great advertisement, associating celebrities and high profile figures with the brand further add to the value of a brand.

To maintain their position in the market, these brands come up with new range of apparels and accessories frequently. Therefore, if you are buying it from a big brand, you cannot go wrong. If you believe in brand power, I am sure you must have your very own list of favorite brands and all your shopping sprees are limited to a few selected stores. In fact,  a lot of people choose to remain faithful to their brand. Here are the top ten clothing brands which are popular all over the world.

10.  GUESS


GUESS is an American clothing line founded in the year 1981 with headquarters at Los Angeles, California, U.S. It is one of the first companies which created designer jeans. GEUSS owns Marciano, a popular apparel and accessories line for women. This brand deals in perfumes, watches, jewelry and more. G by Guess is a mid-range lifestyle brand formed to attract younger customers. Its retails presence around the world is pretty good.    GUESS is present in around 80 countries. GUESS’s target market group includes men, women, teens and kids!

9. Calvin Klein

calvin klein

Calvin Klein is known for its intimate wear, sporty outfits, cosmetics, fragrances, apparels and home collection. It was started in the year 1968. This popular brand can be given the credit of revolutionizing men’s briefs. One of the major reasons why Calvin Klein became so popular is its highly effective advertising strategies. Lara Serves, Dutch supermodel is one among the famous people associated with this brand.  In the year 2003, Klein and Schwartz sold the company to Phillips Van Heusen.  This American brand has earned a name for itself in the world of fashion owning to it minimalist and unique range.

8. Zara


Founded in the year 1975, this highly popular clothing brand presently has more than 1700 stores all over the world. What makes this brand so popular is that it is quite updated on what’s hot and what’s and offers only the latest trends in clothing and accessories to its customers. New styles in a Zara store can be seen as frequently as twice a week, in limited quantities.  From opening stores in various countries around the world to selling apparels and accessories online, Zara is doing all what it takes to reach maximum number of potential customers.

7. Hugo Boss

hugo boss

Another much popular brand which offers unique and stylish range of apparels, Hugo Boss was founded in the year 1924 by German fashion designer Huge Boss. Presently, Hugo Boss has over 1000 stores present in over 110 countries. Boss Black, Boss Orange, HUGO, Boss Green, Boss Selection all come under Hugo Boss.  Out of these Boss Black offers the largest product range. The company is known for its versatile fashion especially when it comes to men’s suits line. Clothing, accessories and footwear, Hugo Boss offers everything which a stylish and fashionable person requires.

6. H &M

h &M

Think of classy, stylish, latest yet affordable fashion, think of H&M. with over 2,000 stores present in over 40 countries, it is one of the most popular clothing brand in the world. Owning to its collaboration with top notch fashion designers, H&M offers its customers stylish, ‘celebrity like’ clothing at affordable rates. Men, women, children, teens, H&M caters to everyone who wishes to look fashionable without making a dent in their budget.

5. Dolce & Gabbana

dolce and gabbana

This brand was established back in the year 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Watches, eyewear, clothing line, footwear, if you like to keep it stylish, this brand offers everything you need. Dolce & Gabbana is one among the most successful ‘ready to wear’ clothing brands in the world. Sopia Loren, Beckhams and Madonna are few of the many A list clients of Dolce and Gabbana.

4.  Versace


The next famous clothing brand in our list is the much known and much loved ‘Versace’. Versace was founded by Gianni Versace in Italy in the year 1978. If you are a fashion enthusiast (who happens to have a lot of money) Versace has everything you need be it clothes, cosmetics, accessories or perfume. Versace is known for its innovative, elegant fashion wear made with elaborate fabrics. It is quite popular among celebrities and high profile figures. Donatella Versace took over the company after the death of her brother Gianni Versace. Versace did not lose its charm even after this change in leadership. Its stores are present in a number of countries and city all over the world including fashions centers such as Milan and Ney York.



Prada is one of the most famous (and expensive) clothing brands in the world which offers apparels that are classy and comfortable. Established in the year 1913 by Mario Prada, an Italian fashion designer, Prada is known for producing some of the best designs in clothing, shoes, bags, hats, leather accessories and more.  The much popular 2006 movie titled “The Devil wears Prada” starring Meryl Streep has also greatly contributed to the popularity of this clothing brand! This fashionable yet sophisticated clothing brand is a personal favorite of a number of celebrities across the world.  Prada is the perfect brand for you in case you think sophisticated and exclusive apparels define you best and if you have the money to afford it!

2. Nike


Founded in the year 1964, Nike is a popular American multinational corporation which deals in footwear, apparels, accessories and more.   With over 700 stores present in 45 countries, Nike has established itself as a leading manufacturer of sportswear. So what is Nike’s key to success? Great advertisements strategies, innovation and blending trend with culture to name a few. The brand has associated itself with some of the leading athletes of the world. Nike has also earned a place for itself as a valuable apparel brand on Interbrand’s list of 100 most valuable brands.

1.Emporio Armani

emporio armani

Emporio Armani is an Italian fashion empire formed in the year 1975. Other than its well tailored menswear line, Armani is also known for producing a variety of highly fashionable apparels and accessories such as bags, knitwear, fragrances, sun glasses and more. Be it casual wear, formals or party wear, you can never go wrong with Armani! It has a simplistic yet elegant design approach. Ronaldo, Rihanna and Megan Fox are few of the many celebrities who love this brand.

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