Top 10 Famous Attractions in South Africa

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South Africa is a very popular tourist destination with an approximate of 210 000 tourists arriving per year.  Amongst all of the main attractions are the diverse and picture perfect culture, the game reserves and other natural spectacles. South Africa is currently the third most bio diverse country in the world and you’ll see why. Here are the top 10 attractions to visit in South Africa

10) Sun City Resort

sun city

Locally famous  as Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure, Sun City Resort is your gateway to luxury and has a  casino and resort which is situated  about two hours’ drive from Johannesburg. The gigantic  complex consists of  four hotels, two  golf courses,  casinos, a cultural village and a popular crocodile sanctuary

9) Wild Coast

wild coastwild coastwild coast

The Wild Coast is South Africa’s most remote stretches of shoreline which stretches all the way from the Eastern Cape to Port Edward in the north and the southern border of KwaZulu-Natal. This place can boast about having one of the most gorgeous coastal scenic view in the world. It manages to provide breathtaking views of the coastline, cliffs, bays, beaches, hills, valleys etc. This is absolute heaven for hikers and horse riding enthusiasts. It is most popular for serving as the heartland for the Xhosa people. It holds ancient forests that are filled with a variety of exotic trees, birds and animals. Bird watchers are in for a treat as they are exposed to over 320 different species of birds. The Wild Coast is also perfect for hiking with is 4×4 trails. There exists various tales about the shipwrecks that have taken place at The Wild Coast which you could probably spot when you indulge in water activities such as snorkeling, sea diving etc.

8) Blyde River

The Blyde River you will give you an amazing view of the mountains and the God’s Window and Wonder View enables you to gaze at the magnitude of the scenery. Many attractions such as The Pinnacle’ rising out of the deep and the ‘Three Rondavels’ will leave you feeling speechless. The ‘Three Rondavels’ also provides you with a good view of the Swadini Dam which marks the end of this reserve. At the meeting point of Blyde River and Treur River exists something known as the ‘Bourke’s Luck Potholes’ that has taken a cylindrical like shape with encircling water. This is an absolute treat for lovers of Mother Nature, geology enthusiasts and biologists who are going to find heaven within here. Claiming to have one of the largest man-made forestry plantations in the world. It also encompasses a rich variety of plant species supporting various types of fauna. If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to spot rare animals such as the grey rhebuck, oribi and other rodents and reptiles.

7) Robben Island

Robben Island is an isolated piece of land located in Table Bay which is approximately 6km west of Bloubergstrand, and is at an elevation of 30m above sea level. In older times this island was used as a prison where people who were banished and exiled from their places for approximately 400 years. You can get a tour of prison cells where Nelson Mandela, Dutch and British soldiers, African and Muslim leaders, women etc. were imprisoned and faced brutal and inhumane treatment. The place was also used as a military base during the Second World War and also as a hospital to cure various war related and other diseases of those times. You will also get to see some limestone quarries where the prisoners were treated as slaves and forced to do manual labor. This place also holds a plethora of animals such as the springbok, fallow deer, bontebok, the endangered African Oystercatchers, almost extinct Cape Jackass Penguins etc.

6) Durban Beachfront

Often compared to Miami Beach, Durban’s beaches are always throbbing with energy and activity throughout the day. Known for its popular beach culture, these beaches are lively are extremely clean and safe despite the constant crowd. Popularly called the Golden Mile, they are vast stretches of soft, golden sands reflecting the subtropical sunshine along its beaches that are spread across the South and North Coast. A wonderful view can be obtained from surrounding buildings and infrastructure that adds to the popularity of the area. It receives the most number of tourists during the winter season. The various attractions around the beach are namely  the promenade ,  Ushaka Marine World , Snake Park , Bay of Plenty , Entertainment World ,  Battery beach, , North Beach etc. Apart from these there exists, .Amusement arcades, flea markets, restaurants, fast food joints etc.

5) Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve and most popular tourist spot in South Africa. This park contains of a plethora of mammals which includes the Big Five (lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros). Forest, plains and hills are common sights within the park which is also ideal for bird spotting The Park has an excellent infrastructure and innumerable facilities like places to stay within the park in convenient tents or luxurious lodges. Being one of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, it is said to be stretched over an expanse of approximately 20,720 square kilometers. Giving you an opportunity to camp out under the stars, this park is a must visit when on is touring South Africa.

4) Johannesburg

Johannesburg in South Africa is undoubtedly the second largest city in Africa, with a population of over 3 million people who also lovingly call the place as Joburg, or Jozi. It enables visitors to discover the city for various purposes such as in search of  cultural experience, an adrenaline rush or simply the need to  relax and unwind This place consists of contrasting offerings such as high end retail shops for the   upmarket northern suburbs as well as flea market  and other local markets which are  markets those are  popular for its  souvenirs and traditional African Art.People also seek the retirement villages situated here which are perfect owing to the suitable climatic , cultural and economic conditions . Other attractions that you can find are the Apartheid Museum, The Cradle of Humankind. The Sterkfontein fossil site, Mandela Museum and The Museum Africa which contains various exhibits of rock art.  Johannesburg also provides ground for various international business, art, music, culture and sports events. Especially sports enthusiasts can choose their pick from a variety of sports with abundance of golf, rugby, football and cricket stadiums.

3) Garden route

garden route
At the foot of South Africa lies a breathtaking 150-mile band between Indian Ocean and the inland mountains. It is a  paradise filled with  sands , flora , fauna and  a variety of exotic animals such as  elephants , whales , dolphins , seals etc. .This popular, scenic stretch of the southern coast of South Africa stretches all the way from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape. Popularly called “The Activity Route” or “The Adrenaline Route” , it has a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities from hiking to mountain biking or  bungee jumping to skydiving, you name tithe typical Mediterranean climate where there are moderately hot summers and mild to chilly winters is because of the fact that it is wedged  between the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma Mountains. The Various bays that exist along the Garden Route act as nurseries to the endangered species of the Southern Right Whale.

2) Wine lands

The abundantly fertile wine lands are situated amidst   mountains, villages, aesthetically pleasing monuments, bountiful orchards and lush green scenery. The place boasts of exquisite winemakers who are responsible for the fine selections of Sherries, brandies, white wines etc. There exists wine tasting tours designed for various tourists so that they can breathe in the complete essence of the area. Apart from consisting of various buildings created by Dutch architects , The Wine lands which are situated east of Cape Town provide some brilliant photo ops .There are numerous hotels, resorts and bed breakfast motels  available that provide a very comfortable stay

1) Cape town & Peninsula

cape town

Wedged between the magnanimous ocean and the stooping mountain lies Cape Town which is the oldest city in South Africa with a cultural heritage dating for more than 300 years. Almost the entire Cape Town is an attraction by itself including the Table Mountain which can be accessed through a cable car or by walking up the trails that are scattered across. The  Victoria & Alfred Waterfront offers tourists  a unique and unforgettable shopping  experience along the  harbor. Day and night this place is flocked by tourists who are there for its  shops, restaurants, and a variety of entertainment for those who flock through it by day and night. Visitors can have a look a further offshore, visitors can take a boat ride to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and several other political prisoners fought against the apartheid government, the old prison complex, as well as the local museum. Spoilt with choice by having access to adventurous activities such as mountain biking, sea kayaking, paragliding from the “Lion’s head” etc.  Live music, art shows, museums, plays, opera, ballet, symphony concerts across the year only add to the essence of the city. What makes this place unique is its community-based cycle workshop, weaving center and tourist train that links Cape Town and Simon’s Town.

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