Top 10 Exquisite Cheeses in the World

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If we were to make a quick analysis whereas the geography of cheese is concerned, we would discover that there are great cheese varieties all over the world. The truth is that cheese has been a popular food for hundreds of years, with some of the existent varieties being reserved for those with a refined sense of taste. Here are the most exquisite cheeses in the world.

#10 Brie (Brie, France)


This cheese is one of the most known cheeses in the world, being often recognized due to the white mold covering it. The delicious flavor is given by this actual mold covering it and you will see that the flavors depend extremely much on the ingredients used in the making process.

#9 American Cheddar (USA)


American Cheddar is one of the cheeses that ages well, each moment of aging bringing it closer to a sharper flavor. There are fruity notes to discover and the most incredible texture, especially you decide to choose a well aged cheese.

#8 Montcabrer (Spain)



This is the type of cheese reserved more for connoisseurs rather than for newbies. At a first taste, it reminds one of cheeses made from cow’s milk but, as soon as you take another bite, you will discover the lactic and buttery flavors. Montcabrer is a scrumptious cheese made from goat’s milk and it is perfect for anyone who is looking to discover a new, unmistakable taste.

#7 Feta (Greece)



Feta is a one-of-a-kind types of cheeses, its most important flavors being given by the fact that it is pickled. As with the cheese presented above, it can be hard to taste genuine feta cheese and most probably you will have to go to Greece in order to do that. However, the genuine feta cheese is made from sheep’s milk and it can be extremely delicious, thanks to the sweet taste offered by the milk and the added saltiness.

#6 Mozzarella di Bufala (Naples, Italy)


Perhaps one of the most faked cheese in the world, the genuine mozzarella comes from the Naples region in Italy. This type of cheese is rare and special, so you will want to taste the real thing at least once in your life. Keep in mind that you will be able to tell the genuine mozzarella from one that is not of such a high quality, once you taste it. Italian-made mozzarella has a unique melting texture, dubbed by a delicious lactic flavor.

#5 Camembert de Normandie (France)




The reputation of the Camembert cheese cannot be underestimated, as this is a cheese that is both simple and delicious. Being part of the cheese category that ripen softly, Camembert has unique flavors to offer. Plus, it is made from milk of the highest quality that is possible. In just one bite, you will feel flavors of mushrooms, peas and garlic, surrounded by the sweet taste of mold and milk.

#4 Gorgonzola (Lombardy, Italy)




When you say Gorgonzola, you say creamy and sweet. This is one of the premier blue cheese, with a history dating back to the middle ages. At that time, it was made only during the migration period; however, today, it is made all around the year. The unique butterscotch note is what makes Gorgonzola so delicious, the well aged varieties being even more popular, with their natural or spicy flavors to offer.

#3 Gruyere (Fribourg, Switzerland)



This is the best alpine cheese you have ever tasted, its fame being 100% true. When tasting Gruyere, you will discover a unique texture and a flavor intensity that cannot be compared to anything else. At first taste, it will remind you of a drier cheese but soon you will come across fruity, nutty and buttery notes. Moreover, well aged Gruyere has delicious tiny bits, these being a quality obtained through the protein crystallization over time.

#2 Roquefort (Les Causses, France)


One of the most popular French blue cheeses, Roquefort is also appreciated because of its history. It seems that Charles the Great, the King of the Franks, was the one to taste the delicious cheese and extend a primitive patent to its makers. Roquefort is rich in flavor and it has a spicy, fruity note. Once you taste it, you will fall in love with the soft paste, the delicious mold and the perfect blend of saltiness. It’s not for nothing that it is considered one of the most delicious cheeses in the world.

#1 Parmigiano Regiano (Parma, Italy)



This is a cheese with a unique recipe and a very interesting history. Throughout time, the make process has been constantly refined, being today one of the most sophisticated in the world. The flavors of butter, nuts and fruits dance in just a bite of parmigiano, whether you decide to use it in order to add flavor to a dish, you eat it alone or use it as a condiment. This is indeed the ruler of all cheeses out there.

These are the top ten cheese in the world and each one of them is simply delicious. Allow yourself for an explosion of senses with these amazing cheeses of the world.



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