Top 10 Effective Ways to Refresh Yourself

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Getting bored? Or Tired with huge workload? Or trying to figure out what to do when there’s so many things to do? This kind of things happens to almost everyone. Boredom occurs when we our brain get tired of doing the same task again and again. We should refresh our brain and mind to get our work done. While in college when I start studying for my Semester exams, seeing that huge book with never-ending syllabus; I used to get nervous and scared, thinking when will I complete this damn thing? After studying for a few hours I used to get bored and tired. Obviously! We don’t study for the complete semester, and to complete that all in one day, you need lots of energy. So that time I used to use a few techniques to refresh myself. Here are those techniques to refresh you.

10) Watch a Movie

watcha movie

One of my friends watches a movie and studies at together. Not simultaneously but after few hours of study, he starts his laptop and continue the movie for some time. And then again continues with the movie. I wonder how he does manage these two critical things together. After a little fatigue we must fool our brain by distracting it from the actual same kind of boring work. The movie would be a good idea here. Select a comedy or animated movie, the one where you don’t need to use your brain. Or watch TV for some time. Refresh yourself and again get back to the work!

9) Ride out

ride out

Yeah, take your bike and come on the roads. Preferably select silent and empty road. Just drive slowly, feel those cool breezes coming in your way. Ride by the marine drive if possible or go with a garden. Sometimes getting out of those four walls helps a lot. Boredom comes from the same place too. Try different places for that matter. Ride for a few kilometers and then take a U turn and come home again. Have some cold water or orange juice and get back to your work. You will really feel relieved and bliss.

8) Short Walk

Short walk

A short walk to the nearest park or just roam here and there on your terrace. It always helps. Look at the sky; hope for high hopes. If your friend lives nearby call her and both of you go for a walk. Visit the nearest garden or just go to some street food cart and have some of those. 😉 Have fun! You are on the break from your work. Don’t think of that now. This is just a break to keep your brain in pause mode; making it feel healthy, and if you think about your work during your break; how can your brain take a rest? So better stop thinking and start walking!

7) Gossip


Who loves gossips?? Girls! A common and obvious answer. But let me tell you something, everyone loves gossips; men keep it limited but once they meet their old friends they talk for the whole night. You might have seen this. You can do your chit-chat in between your work, in your brakes too. And this thing is here in this list for a reason, that gossiping helps in speeding up our brain’s neural activities. That’s why it is recommended to gossip 😉 to refresh yourself!

6) Call an old friend

call a friend

When I am very tensed, I go out of my home, go to any silent and calm place and dial my old friend’s number. I talk to him. We talk for hours. He shares his life events with me and I make him believe that only my life is the most miserable one. We laugh! We cry and we feel good!! Call one of your friends at random, whom you haven’t met for years. Talk with him. Ask him how he is. These small acts refreshes our mind. Try it once! :-)

5) Take a Nap

take a nap

Some of the most recent research suggests that a bad night’s sleep can stress the body as well as the mind. One such study, suggests that missing sleep throws the body’s metabolism off kilter. How can you avoid your sleep for the sake of your work? It is dangerous! Do you know anything about power nap. Yes, a nap that boosts your brain and its power so that it can function in good manner. Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness 100%.

4) Nurture your Hobby


Spend a few moments with your hobby. If you are fond of gaming, work on a crossword puzzle or any game you enjoy. I had a friend who liked to play Tetris (computer game) and found it relaxing and fun to take a Tetris break. (Careful it is just 10 or 15 minutes. It is easy to get caught up in the game and forget to get back to your tasks! lol 😀 ) Play a musical instrument if you play one or just put on your favorite CD or radio station and sing. Quietly sip a cup of tea or other warm beverage.  I love to do this, particularly in December, when its damn cold outside. If you love writing, try juggling with words you will feel relaxed. Remember one thing, when there’s no one with you and you feel lonely, your hobby is always there for you. Try nurturing your hobby, to refresh your body and brain!

3) Take a shower

take a shower

It is my favorite one. I love to take showers. While taking shower, I listen to my favorite playlist on my mp3 player. Night showers are relaxing and they help ease your mind, resulting in lovely dreams of ice cream rivers and trains that travel to the North Pole. i have a friend who take shower for 4 times a day. Morning-afternoon-evening-night; I wonder how can he spend so much of his time in the bathroom? Lol ; -D A hot shower helps you relax your mind and keep you calm!

2) Meditate


Yes! Meditation is a great tool to keep your mind cool. It is the technique by which old saints had used to control their subconscious mind. No! I am not asking you to control your subconscious mind, I am just asking you to sit on the floor, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Feel that oxygen reaching to your lungs. Feel its movement inside your body. Release freely the impure carbon Di-oxide outside. Doing this for 10 to 20 times, refreshes you. Try this once, it will improve retarding your fatigue. You will feel fresh and alive.

1) Listen music

listen music

They say, music is the soul of our mind. Have you ever noticed, the song you hear first time in the morning, is the song you keep humming all the day. Why is it so? The reason is that our mind is fresh and in good mood in the morning, and remembrance is at its peak in the early morning. When we feel sad and down, we listen to some refreshing song to cheer ourselves up. And in the next moment we forget all the tension. I know it’s not that easy but music brings peace and refreshes us. Listen ‘Blowin in the wind’ by Bob Dylan; it is very soothing and relaxed song.

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